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22. Confirmation of the church of S. and 100 acres of pasture in S. to the prior and convent of St Katharine without Lincoln.

See the first reference by Tanner to Pat. 1. Ed. III. 23. p. 10. Of sundry lands to the abbat and convent of N. The MS. is here again defective. 24. p. 11. Licence granted to J. de W., to alienate the

. manor of C. to W. de B. and J. his wife for their joint lives.

25. To the master and brethren of the hospital of St John the Baptist in Brig. to take 4 messuages and 2 acres of land

in B.

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See Dugdale, vi. 662.

26. To the abbat and convent of R., to take lands, &c. to the yearly value of £20.

27. p. 12. To Richard Barton, to give to them a messuage and land in N.

28. To them to take other lands. A leaf or more wanting : on pp. 13—18, are Grants, as before.

29. p. 13. To the abbat and convent of C., to give 8 acres of land adjoining the dwelling-house of the vicar of B., to him and his successors.

30. To the abbat and convent of Battle, to take 1 messuage and 1 carucate of land in B.

31. To B. de T., to found in his manor of B., in Kent, a house of canons regular, and to endow the same with 24 acres of land.

32. To the Bp of Hereford, to unite a prebendship in the said church to the deanery.

33. p. 14. To the prior and convent of B., to impropriate the church of P.

34. To R. de S., to give the advowson of D. to the abbat and convent of N., and, &c.

35. Writ ad quo damnum for founding a chantry.

p. 16 to p. 28, are warrants to the chancellor for letters patent to be passed the great seal, viz. for Licences.

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36. p. 17. To William de Gournay, to enfeoff Sir William de Beauchamp, of Warwick, Sir John Fitzwaryn, and Sir Bernard Brocas, in the manor of Cory Malet. 37.

To William Vavasour, to enfeoff Henry Muls and Robert de Meltoun in the manor of Wickle, in Northampton, and to them to grant the said manor to William and Alice Mikelfeld.

38. To Joan, sometime wife of W., to enfeoff Richard Arundell and others in the manors of C. and L., and three knights' fees in C. and K., and to the said feoffees to grant the said manors and knights' fees to the said Joan, for the term of her life, with remainder to Sir John Darrundell in fee.

39. To Alice Perers, to enfeoff John de Berners, citizen of London, and others in the manors of Wendour in Bucks, and Easthenney in Berks, and to W. and G. to enfeoff the said John, &c. in the manors of M. in Southampton, and of N. in Berks. 40. p. 18. To R. de G., to enfeoff John de C. and S. his

wife in the manor of S.

41. To enfeoff in order to make a settlement in tail.
42. p. 19. To the abbess and convent of S. to enfeoff.
43. To enfeoff in lands held of the queen.

44. p. 20. To Sir John Darrundell, to enclose and fortify (firmare, kernellare et turrillare) his house at Becheworth in Surrey, and to enpark Horteswode and 360 acres of land adjoining

45. To the warden of the hospital of N. in the county of W., to enclose the said hospital.

46. To William, son of Sir William Kerdeston, to finish the fortifying his house at Claxtoun in Norfolk, begun by his father.

47. To the Bp of Exeter, to erect a fortress in his manor of Chudele, in Devon or elsewhere, on the lands of his see.

See Dugdale, 11. 524 : in note c this is quoted, from Tanner, as Pat. 3. Ric. II. p. 1, m. 36 vel 37. This appears to be continued on p. 21, where is a portion of a date, 'x Julij anno &c.' On p. 21 (marked 11 in the folio enumeration), “Ricardus' first appears as the initial word in place of Rex. See note before, $ 261.

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48. p. 21. For a grant to Thomas Henry, clerk, of the pre

. bend of Nowell in the church of Suthwell, vacant by the death of John de Nowell.

49. For a presentation of Robert de B. to the church of Kukelemyngton in the diocese of Carlisle.

50. Of William Dale to the church of Bykenor Englysh, in the diocese of Lichfield and Coventry.

51. For a confirmation of the Archdeaconry of York to John Theorun, of the prebend of Wystow to Robert de Manfeld, and of the prebend of Driffelde to John de Daventre, to which they had been severally collated by the Abp of York.

52. For a presentation of Robert de F. to the church of Ivingho in the diocese of Lincoln.

53. p. 22. Of Geoffrey de Westwick to the church of St Mary's, Cales. 54. Of Edward de C. to the church of Ivingho.

Of Matthew de Bolton to the vicarage of St Nicholas, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

56. For a grant of a chantry in the said church to Peter Augryme, chaplain.

57. Of the free Chapel of Salbourn, in the parish of Staundon, to Robert de Lincoln.

58. Of a prebend in the Church of Sarum to Thomas de Sudbury.

59. For a confirmation of the prebend of Norton, in the church of Lincoln, of the prebend of the altar of St Peter, in the church of Beverley, and of the prebend of Northwell, in the church of Suthwell, to Richard de Chestrefeld.

p. 23. Of the prebend of Perton, in the church of Tettenbale, to Thomas Dufford.

61. For revocation of a confirmation of the deanery of St Asaph's, granted to Howel ap Madock.

62. For restitution of the temporalities of the see of Artferlen, in Ireland, to William Bishop elect.


63. p. 24. Conge d'Elire to the dean and chapter of Bangor.

64. The Royal assent to the election of Henri de Wakefield archdeacon of Northampton to the see of Ely.

65. For declaring the royal assent to the election of William de Gratton to be abbat of St John's in Colchester.

66. For a grant of the custody of the alien priory of Stoke by Clare to the prior of the same under the yearly rent of £60.

67. p. 25. Alien priory of Bermondsey to Richard Dointon, prior of the same, under the yearly rent of £40.

68. For a pardon to John Uphulle, clerk, for a contempt and forfeiture incurred by prosecuting a suit without the realm.

69. p. 26. For revocation of a grant of restitution of dower to Margery, the wife of John de la Feld.

70. For a grant of vier of free pledge in the manor of Peneriche, to John de Beverle.

71. p. 27. For a pardon to John Uphulle, and restitution of his lands and goods.

72. To the escaetor of the county of Chester for an inquisition to be taken of the lands of Adam de Bostock, deceased.

73. For livery of the lands of John the son and heir of Richard Bray, being of full age. 74. General pardon granted to John Sonde.

75. p. 28. To Richard Bers, forester, of many transgressions by him committed in the forests.

76. For licence to William la Zouche, of H., to enclose a road for enlarging his park.

After four blank leaves, follow, from p. 37 to p. 49, copies of royal Letters (sub signeto nostro) to the pope and to secular princes, with others intermixed. Where the pope has been styled Beatissime pater,' a pen has been drawn through the words : see at the end of No. 10, 11. $ 1.

77. p. 37. To the pope, requesting he would recall his reservation of a prebend in the church of Lichfeld, and of another in the church of Welles, surreptitiously obtained by William de Yoxhale.


78. Requesting indulgences to those who should contribute to the rebuilding of the church of the abbey of Waltham.

79. p. 38. For the canonization of Thomas de la Hale, a monk of St Martius, Dover, martized by the enemy when they plundered and burnt the monastery.

80. p. 39. Recommending William de Kanderbergh for the bishoprick of Tornay.

81. To a cardinal, desiring him to further the above request.

82. p. 40. To the pope, desiring he would impose silence on Hugh de Fereby, who was prosecuting a suit against Henry de Snaith for a prebend in the church of Beverly, contrary to the agreement made between pope Gregory and King Edward III.

83. To appropriate to the college of Cobham a church given them by their founder, Sir John de Cobeham.

84. p. 41. Soliciting the promotion of John de Fordham, keeper of the privy seal, William de Pakyngton, treasurer of the household, and Reginald de Hulton, controller of the household, to benefices vacated by the cardinals in rebellion.

85. To Cardinal Alencon, desiring his furtherance of the king's request to the pope.

86. To the pope, that he would grant to John de Seremerston, a dispensation for irregularity and inability.

87. p. 42. That he would grant to the warden and chaplains of the chantry at Greystok the impropriation of the church of Greystock, given them by Ralph, baron of Greystok.

88. Thanking him for the promotion of Raymund de Requerus, abbat of the Holy Cross in Bourdeaux, to the archbishoprick of Bourdeaux, and of Bernard Salomons, to the said abbey of the Holy Cross.

89. Recommending Gerald de Menta for a bishoprick in Aquitaine.

90. p. 43. Edward III, to Pope Gregory, thanking him for the favor shewn to his ambassadors, and about a conference to be held by commissioners on both sides.

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