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91. To the pope, requesting him to confirm the tresorship of the church of Wells to Thomas Lynton, dean of the King's Chapel.

92. p. 44. In favor of Henry de Reyburtz, chaplain to the Queen.

93. Of Robert Thunnilby.

94. For the translation of Bernard Salomons to the abbey of the Holy Cross.

95. p. 45. To Cardinal Delenson, that he would further the preceding request.

96. Recommending Helias Thillelmi his chaplain.

97. To the pope, for indulgences to the abbey of Waltham. See $ 78.

98. p. 46. Recommending Robert Withened, provincial prior of the order of St Mary of Mount Carmel, for the next vacant bishoprick.

99. To the Cardinals on the same subject.

100. p. 47. To the pope, requesting him to confirm John Stacy in the prebend of Masham, in the church of York, conferred on him by the king.

101. Wenceslaus, king of the Romans and of Bohemia, to Richard, king of England, acquainting him with his welfare, &c.

102. p. 48. To the King, probably from some Cardinal, requesting that the money the king had sent to Florence for raising troops to oppose the French, might be paid into the pope's hands.

103. p. 49. Restitution of the vessels and cargoes of the Genoese taken by his admirals.

Next follow Warrants to the Chancellor.

104. p. 49. For restitution of the temporalities to William Welles, abbat elect of St Maries York.

This document commences 'Henricus &c. Cancellario,' and ends, ‘Dat. &c. apud Westmonasterium primo die Martii Anno regni nri primo.' On this page and the next the grants commence, ‘R. Canc. suo.'

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105. For a grant of lands in Ireland to James de B., Earl of Ormon,

106 p. 50. A tenement in St Margaret Patyns, London, to John Audeler.

107. For a Licence to William Bardolf to exchange the manor of Walton at Stane, in the county of Hertford, with Robert Bardolf, for the manor of Stow Bardolf, in the county of Norfolk.

108. p. 51. For a grant to Robert De Assheton of the wardship of Edmund, the son and heir of Emmeline, sometime wife of Thomas Hogshawe, daughter of Sir Edmund de Clivedon, deceased.

This and subsequent grants commence 'Ricardus, &c.'

109. Of the custody of the castles, manors, &c. of Humfrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, deceased, to Thomas, Earl of Buckingham, who married Eleanor during the minority of Mary the other daughter and coheiress of the said Humfrey.

110. p. 52. To Gilbert de Umfravill, Earl Danegas, and Matilda his wife, daughter and heir of Thomas de Luci, of free chace and free warren, in the soil and herbage of Allandale in Cumberland.

111. To John de Beverle, of view of free pledge, in the manor of B. in Stafford.

112. For a licence to the chancellor to enclose and embattle his manor of Bolton in Wencelowdale, and to give lands, &c. of 20 marks yearly to the abbat and convent of St Agatha, near Rugemont.

113. p. 53. For a confirmation of the grant of 50 marks yearly to the Friers Preachers at Oxford.

These are followed by royal and other Letters.

114. p. 53. To a Prince of Poland, or Germany, on a treaty concluded with the Hanztowns.

115. To the consuls of the cities of Prussia and Lubec on the same subject.

116. p. 54. To the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order,



complaining that the goods and merchandize vi English subjects had been unjustly seized in Prussia.

117. Thanking him for a present of Falcons.

118. To the Burgomasters, Consuls, and Citizens of Lubec and Stade, that the king had detained a ship of theirs for having carried certain of his seamen placed in it by his admiral to Sluce, in Flanders, where some of them were slain, and others imprisoned

119. p. 55. A Letter of Credence, but the name of the prince to whom directed is wanting.

120. A Letter requesting a safe conduct for John, Bishop of Bangor, Walnred, Monk of Durham, Sir William de Burton, knight, and Master John de S., doctor of laws, ambassadors to

the pope.

121. To Reymund Berenger, high master of the order of St John of Jerusalem, that the king had refused Robert de Hales, prior of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem, his licence to attend the general councill of the order at Avignon, because his presence was necessary to the defence of the kingdom of England.

122. p. 56. To the great preceptor and knights of the said order on the same subject.

123, 124. To excuse the attendance of the prior of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in Ireland.

125. p. 57. To Brocard de Fennystrange, a letter of compliment. 126. To

in a similar style. 127. p. 58. To the King of Portugal, thanking him for his letters brought by Sir John Fernard, desires he would give credence to the answer which Sir John carried back.

128. To the King of Norway, recommending William Norbourgh, a minorite, advanced by the pope to a bishoprick in Norway.


129. Thanking him for the favor shewn to the English merchanto trading in Norway, and desiring the continuance of the


130. To Omander Fynnesson, knight, (probably a minister of the king of Norway) on the same subject.

131. To the Merchants of the Hanse Towns residing at Northborne in Norway, on their injurious treatment of the English Merchants trading in Norway, and desiring redress.

132. p. 60. To Wenzelas, King of the Romans and of Bohemia, to give credence to Sir Simon de Burley, Robert de Bray broke, bachelor of laws and secretarium nostrum specialem,'

· and Sir Bernard van Zeiles, the king's ambassadors.

133. To the King of Arragon, a letter of credence.

134. To William, dno Juliacensi nepoti nostro, that the king had received the letters in favor of his sister, the Lady Dowager of Kent, and would continue to treat that lady favorably.

135. p. 61. To the Merchants of the Hanse Towns at the fair of Stone, in recommendation of the English Merchants resorting thither.

136. To the Magistrates and Consuls of Lubec on the same subject.

137. To Barnaban, lord of Milan, vicar-general of the empire, desiring a safe conduct for Sir N. de Dagworth and Master John Moubray, LL.D., the king's ambassadors to the court of Rome.

This letter commences, ‘Ricardus, &c.'

138. General Letter of Credence for Sir John de Haukewode and Sir Nicholas Dagworth, and Master Walter de S., Doctor of Laws, the king's ambassadors to the parts of Germany and Italy.

139. p. 62. To the King of Portugal, a letter of compliment.

After some blank pages follow in a different handwriting, which continues to p. 108,

140. p. 69. To Sir John de Hales, prior of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England,—the king having commanded a general array for the defence of the kingdom, and William Piron, commander of Glebethe, and James de Wyncetre, commander of Yevele, being absent -, to entrust the said commanderies to John Dingley, a brother of the said order.

The letter begins, “ Rychard par la grace de dieu Roy dengleterre.'

141. p. 70. Summons to council and to treat about an expedition against the enemy.

142. Order to equip a ship against the enemy. 143. Of array for the defence of the kingdom. 144. To march to the sea coast.

145. p. 71. Letters of safe conduct to the messenger sent by the Cardinal of Canterbury to the see of Rome.

146. Grant of timber out of the forests of Aquitaine to the mayor, burgesses, and inhabitants of Rochelle for the repair of their fortifications. 147. p. 72.

72. For John Popyn to take masons, and other workmen for the repair of the king's Manor of Woodstock.

148. Licence to Symkyn Symeon to hunt wild beasts in his woods near Grafton in the king's forest of Rockingham.

149. The King's engagement for the repayment of 10,000 marks borrowed of Richard earl of Arundel.

150. p. 73. Letter to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Cornwall, that as Orgovic archdeacon of Cornwall was employed in the exchequer, and therefore unable to visit the archdeaconry, they would pay the procurations to his commissioners.

151. Another to the same purpose.

152. Of thanks to the commander and other officers for their good conduct in an engagement in the marches of Arde and Guines ; and directing that the Count of St Pol, and other Prisoners, be not ransomed till further orders.

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