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206. p. 94. Letter touching a purchase made of an executor, two executors having made different sales of the same property, the king desires one of the purchasers to release his bargain.

207. To the abbat of Ramsey, desiring him to keep twelve of the king's running dogs.

208. To the abbat of Crowland, desiring him to keep for the king a servant and twelve dogs.

209. To the abbat of Osneye, desiring him to keep a servant and a greyhound bitch with her puppies, till the puppies should be able to run.

210. p. 95. To the prior of Bath with a like request.

211. To the abbat of Osney, desiring him to keep a lad and a bitch big with whelp, till she should have littered and her puppies be able to run.

212. To an ecclesiastic, desiring him to send two dogs, puppies, which the king had heard he intended to give him. · Deux cheaux techelez, afin que nous les puissions faire nurrir et chastier pur estre deux nos bercelets pur nostre deduit.'

213. To Robert de Wythyford, to desist from aggrieving and harassing the abbess and convent of Shaftesbury by informations against them before the Bp of Salisbury their ordinary.

214. p. 96. To the prior and canons regular of

to repair the damage done to the town of Waynfleet by the ditches dug (out of their fee) into a certain sewer, or drain, separating their lands in Thorn, and the lands of the town parcell of the manor of Dalby belonging to the daughter and heir of Orraby, then the king's ward, 'et en la garde [de] nre bien amée Alice Perreres.'

215. To Sir Hugh Zouch, knight, that he desist from threatening Nicholas Brakele because he had brought an action of trespass against Robert Gore, servant of Sir Hugh.

216. p. 97. To Sir Adam de Clifton, knight, that he desist from harassing the tenants of the town of great Massingham,

217. To the minister of the brethren of the order of Minors, of Dorchester, that he correct John Gery, brother of the order, for having excited the cottagers and tenants of the abbat of Middelton against their lord.

218. To the Mayor and Recorder of London, to do right to Henry de Dodyngton, chaplain of a chantry in the city, as to many rents wrongfully withheld.

219. p. 98. To Thomas de Malton, that he permit John Avable and Katherine his wife to have again the lands &c. in Malden of which he had wrongfully dispossessed them.

220. To John Atte Hethe, complaining that he had suborned the jury on the inquest taken after the death of John Typtot, so that the truth concerning the king's right could not be found.

221. To the Mayor of London, that surety of peace be granted to William Harding, the king's messenger, of John Baldoch, one of the Mayor's sergeants.

222. To the Abbess of Shaftesbury, to pay the arrears of the pension of 100s. which at her creation she had by the king's command granted to John Irelond.

223. p. 99. To the Abbat of Colchester, enforcing the payment of the arrears of a like pension to John Marchall.

224. To the abbat and convent of Goldelyns, that they certify into the office of the privy seal what belonged to a corrody in the king's gift in the said abbey.

225. To the Chancellor, for a grant under the great seal to John le Hen, of corrody, in the priory of Thetford, which Richard de Otyngham, outlawed for felony, held for life, and which fell therefore to the king's gift.

226. p. 100. Recommending Warter Pertriche to be made free of the city of London.

227. For an exchange to be made between Thomas Draper, sub-dean and penitentiary of the church of Exeter, and John de


Podderton, parson of the church of Hathlegh in the diocese of Wynchester. 228. To

recommending Robert de Newton, esquire of the chamber, to be her husband.

229. Summons to a nobleman to accompany the king beyond sea with all his retinue (but without horse) victualled for four months.

230. Recommending a monk to his superior.
231. p. 101. Robert Brown to be admitted to his freedom

in the city of London.

232. p. 101. John Wasteneys, a frier minor, inceptor in divinity at Oxford.

233. To the Good People of Hadley in Suffolk, that they should not overrate William de Merston, and Alexander his servant, by reason of the lands they held in Hadley, towards the building of the barge which the town was to find for the king's service.

234. To the Collectors of the Tenth and Fifteenth in the county of Hereford for the relief of Richard of Roudon by them over-assessed.

235. p. 102. To Thomas de la Bere, to desist from troubling the abbess of Shaftesbury.

236. To the Abbat and Convent of Bordesley, to restore to Henry Otterhunt the corridy granted to him by the king.

237. p. 103. Summons to appear before the Councill.

238. To the Keeper of the Forest of Shirwood, to deliver the prior and convent of Beauvale ten oaks fit for timber.

239. To the Keeper of the Forest of Dene, to deliver to Thomas Leveson four oaks fit for timber. 240. To

to settle a dispute which had arisen between John Boton, one of the king's falconers, and the people of the town of Norbury.

241. To Sir William Trussel, knight, and John Carles, esq., to desist from disturbing John Pris, in the possession of the church of Donyngton, in the diocese of Lichfield.

242. p. 104. To some ecclesiastic, thanking him for a present of three greyhounds, which the king sends back to him to keep, till he again wants them.

243. Order for passing from Dover to Calais Jeffrey de Stwecle, sent into Flanders by the king.

244. Letter of protection for the abbat and convent of Dore.

245. p. 105. To the Mayor and Bailiffs of the town of Southampton, to impress the ships and mariners in their port for the king's service.

246. To Robert de Crulle, clerk of the navy, to deliver a ship to certain persons in recompense of three ships of theirs burnt in the king's service before Rochelle. 247. To.

that they aid Richard Medeford, clerk, warden of Magdalen Hospital near the town of Berwickupon-Twede, in recovering the rent due from John Hornby. 248. To.

requiring him to have his company fit for the king's service according to his indenture.

249. To the Justices of the Peace for Cornwall, to hear the complaint of John Oisell, of Liskerred, against Sir Walter Pynhergard, knight, Thomas his brother, and others, for carrying away his goods, and to do him full justice.

250. p. 106. To the Mayor and Aldermen of London, to do justice in a claim of wardship.

251. To John Staple, Sergeant at Arms, and John Brice, to hasten the passage of the North fleet to the port of Plymouth for the embarkation of the Duke of Lancaster and his

army. 252. To the Keeper of the Forests of Bernewode, Sholtore, and Storvode, for delivery of two oaks fit for timber to Esmon Bardolp.

253. Letter of Credence for Sir Thomas Musgrave and

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John de Appulby, Dean of St Paul's, sent to the king's commissioners, treating of a truce with France.

254. p. 107. Letter of Protection for William de Coupelade, in his office of bailiff-errant in the county of Lincoln.

255. To William de Sleford, keeper of the works of the palace of Westminster and Tower of London, for the delivery of three great engines, and one trebuchet, “et sys cent pes pur ycelx,' to William de Armyn..

256. For the delivery of handmills to the King's 'sons, the King of Castile, and the Earl of Cambridge.

257. To the Judges to do full justice to the parties, and not to suffer Thomas de Twicham of Adesham, and Maud his wife, to be wronged in a cause. 258.


108. Another letter to the same purpose. 259. To David Craddock, justice of North Wales, or his deputy, and John Wodhouse, chamberlain there, for the confirmation of the abbat elect of Berdesey, and the restitution of his temporalities.

260. To the Duke of Lancaster, and Robert Tresilian, chief justice, empowering them and others, commissioners of oyer and terminer in the county of York, 'mettre a fyn persons' endited before them of treason and felony.

Several blank pages, after which are warrants, in the former handwriting, to the Chancellor for Grants to be passed the Great Seal, viz.

261. p. 117. To W. de S., parson of the church of St George of W. and others, to give the manor of W. in the county of Southampton, holden in capite of the king's manor of Hamstede Marshall, to the prior and convent of St Swithin's of W.

262. To Esmond de S., to give the advowson of D. to the prioress and convent of M.

263. To A. de B., parson of R., to grant certain tenements in the parish of St Martin's in the ‘vynetre de Londres,' in fee


The continuation of $ 47, given on p. 21, is also to be found at the top of p. 117.


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