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farm, to the abbat and convent of our Lady of Grace, near the
Tower of London.
264. p. 118.

118. To Alexander, Abp. of York, to grant Westwood in B., containing 400 acres, to the burgesses of the town of B. in fee farm.

265. To W. de Mulsho, clerk, to grant the manor of Mulsho in Berks to any persons of holy church that he pleases, religious or others.

266. To William Wightman, of the custody of the lands of J. de Merkeshale, during the minority of the heir, and of the marriage of the heir.

267. p. 119. For the remission of £4 yearly from the rent reserved in a grant to Margaret, countess of Norfolk, and Anne, relict of John de Hastings, Earl of Pembroke, of the custody of two thirds of the lands of the said Earl during the minority of the heir.

268. To J. Stegein, of the custody of 1 messuage, 80 acres of land, 7 acres of meadow, 53s. 7d. yearly rent in the county of Derby, late John Frenchevilles of Ballurton, deceased, during the minority of his heir, and of the marriage of the said heir.

269. To John Pasy, of the custody and marriage of the heir of John Huggeford.

270. p. 120. To William Gambon, of the custody of the manor of Netherall in Hynton, in the county of Cambridge, until the full age of the heir of R. de Thorp.

271. To R. Forster, of the custody of the manor of W., and of 1 messuage in Thornele, in the county of Oxford, and of the manor of Normenhale in Bucks, and of the third of the manor of Yatington in Berks, during the minority of the heir.

272. To Robert de Assheton, of the custody of the manor and park of Sudbury, during the minority of the heir of Edward le Despenser, p. 120.

273. p. 121. To Richard Breton and Richard H., of the custody of the lands of John P. during the minority of his heir, and of the marriage of the said heir.

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274. To Sir Hugh de Hastyng, knight, of a market and two fairs in Elsyng in Norfolk.

275. To the Abbat and Convent of Bordesley, of free warren in all their demesne lands and woods in the counties of Warwick and Worcester.

276. p. 122. To Juliana, widow of Roger B., and to Thomas, Henry, and Ralf, heirs to the said Roger, accorợing to the custom of gavelkind in Kent, of a market and fair in the manor of G.

277. stere.

To Peter Cantrell, of a corrody in the priory of Min

278. To Richard de Donington, prior of Bermondsey, of the custody of the said priory there, with the other alien priories seized into the king's hands on account of the war with France.

279. To Roger Ratescroft, clerk, of the annual pension which the Bishop of London owes by reason of his new creation.

280. p. 123. To Bartholomew Fitzwilliam Langriche, clerk, of the annual pension which the abbat of Waltham Holy Cross


281. For a licence to Elizabeth, widow of David de S., Earl D’Athell, to marry whom she pleases.

282. To John, Bp of Lincoln, to absent himself from parliament on account of his age and infirmities.

283, 284. For a safe conduct for shipping.

285. p. 124. To the Abbat of the Holy Cross and his successors, that they shall not without their consent be made collectors or assessors of Tenths, Fifteenths, Subsidies, &c.

286. Of a corrody in the priory of St Andrew, Northampton.

287. For a general release to John Beauchamp, receiver of the chamber.

288. To Hugh, Earl of Stafford, and Ralf his son, to hunt and fish in the king's parks, forests, &c.

289. p. 125. To the Abbat of Waltham Holy Cross, to hunt • le gossil' and other vermine in the king's forests of Essex, taking care to frighten as little as possible the wilde beasts or game, 'la sanongere,' but if, when so hunting, any wild beast should come before him, the abbat is permitted to run his dogs, ses livrers,' and take it, provided he does not exceed the number of two in the year.

290. To the keeper of the Forest of Shirwood. • Exoneratio forestarii de animalibus per ipsum datis.'

291. To Richard Stury, for his house at Bernewell, of a load of “fuyal,' to be taken weekly during life in the bailiwick of Choe, in the forest of Rokingham.

292. To Henry, Bp of Worcester, to fell his wood in the forest of Feckenham belonging to his manor of Hamburg, near Wyche, and to sell the same to the value of 200 marks.

293. p. 126. To Esmond, Earl of Cambridge, to trim up once his oaks and other trees growing in the wood belonging to his manor of S. in the king's forest of Braidens, and to sell the cuttings.

294. To Denys Fauconer, of a corrody in the abbey of Bordesley.

295. For letters testimonial under the Great Seal to William Pyn and another, of their having done homage for their lands holden of the manor of Bradenash, parcell of the dutchy of Cornwall.

296. Of a writ de probanda etate to Sir William Coggeshall, knight.

297. For revocation of letters of protection granted to Robert Monk.

298. p. 127. Nomination of Marion Herney of Hurwold, to be a nun in the abbey of Grace-Dieu, in the county of Leicester, by virtue of the king's right on every vacancy of the abbey.

299. For the revocation of letters of protection granted to Roger David


300. Letter to the Chancellor, to proceed in a suit concerning two parts of the manors of Bok and Ribbesford, and the advowson of the church of Ribbesford, notwithstanding the king's letters of aid before obtained by one of the parties.

301. p. 128. To the Abbat and Convent of Evesham, to empark 300 acres of land and water in the manor of Ambresley, in the county of Worcester.

302. For the Chancellor to proceed in a suit between William Martin and John de Waltham, concerning certain messuages and lands in Tunbridge, notwithstanding, &c.

303. p. 129. Between Walter Fitzwalter and Bartholomew Stygyn, concerning a bank of land called Rysand, near Wilflets, and certain fisheries there, notwithstanding, &c.

304. The confirmation of Richard Brigghouse, chaplain in the commandery of St Anthony, to which he had been appointed by letters apostolic.

305. A pardon to William Dille for a trespass in the forest, and a grant of the forfeiture.

306. p. 130. Letter to the Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer, to allow to Walter W., farmer, of the Castle of Hadlee, his reasonable expenses in enclosing the park of Hadlee.

307. A general pardon to Aleyn de Heton, knight, and a grant of all forfeitures by him incurred.

308. To Andrew Cavendish, for all vessels by him taken at sea, during the war or truce, contrary to the king's protection.

309. p. 131. To Emma Baxstere, an accessory to a felon after the fact, whose execution had been respited on account of her pregnancy

310. To Walter Resqmen for purchasing of John Bridsted messuages and lands in Worcestershire and Herefordshire without the king's license.

311. Letter to the clerk of the Hanaper, to deliver to John de Beverle the king's grant of a warren in his manor of B. in Oxfordshire, without fee.

312. A pardon to Henry de C. of the forfeiture of all his goods and chattels, incurred by reason of an outlawry.

313. p. 132. A grant to the Mayor and Commonalty of York to levy for the next six years, twelve pence yearly of every twenty shillings of rent of tenements in the said city, to be employed in repairing the walls of the city.

311. To John Excester, batchelor of laws, of the place of a scholar in the King's Hall, at Cambridge, void by the resignation of John Brid.

315. To William La Zouch, of free chase in his demesne lands and woods of Weston and Eclesale in Warwick.

316. A pardon to John Daddingsole, Sir Richard Abberbury, Sir John Knyght, and Richard Bronus, for purchasing without the king's license the manor of Langeleye, one hide of land in Milton, and the bailiwick of the forest of Wichewode; and for license for them to settle the said premises on the said Sir Richard Abberbury for life, with remainder to G. son of Sir John Pelham.

317. p. 133. A confirmation of a grant made by Isabel, countess of Bedford, of the keeping of the great park of Brustwyk in Holderness, to Walter de T.

318. By William de Montagu, earl of Salisbury, to Master John Bray his phisician, of an annual pension of 100s. payable out of the manors of the said earl.

319. Pardon to Isabella, wife of Edward Conhard, for feloniously killing John Shepherd.

320. p. 134. Letter to the Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer, to surcease the demand of ten marcs for two hobelours, assessed on John de Carnes, deceased.

321. To the Coroner of the Marshalsey of the Houshold, a pardon to John Typet, baillif of the liberty of A Bp. of Canterbury in Southwark, of the escape of William Torton.

322. To a Lady of the Court to repair to Wallingford on occasion of the marriage between the earl of Cambridge, the king's son, and Isabella, daughter of Peter late king of Spain.

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