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323. To the Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer, to discharge Nicholas de Heth of the sum of 50 marks due from him to the king, and to cancell his recognisance.

324. p. 135. To account with Sir William la Zouch of Haryngeworth, for the expenses of the voyage of him and his retinue to Cherburg in Normandy.

This is to the Chamberlains' also. The forms run to the Treasurer and Barons of the Ex. to discharge...:''the Tr. Ba. and Chamberlains of the Ex. to account...:' and the Tr. and Ch. of the Ex. to pay.....

325. To pay to the keeper of the kings lions in the Tower of London, the usual wages for a lion lately delivered to his keeping.

326. To discharge Rowling Thurbarn, late Sheriff of Surrey, of the sum of £77. 48. 7d. due from him, which the king had pardoned.

327. To account with William de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk, for the expenses of his voyage into France, according to the indenture made with the said Earl.


328. p. 136.

p. 136. To the same on the same subject. 329. To account with Robert de Assheton, one of the king's admirals, for the time that he and 7 knights, 198 squires men at arms, 109 armed men, and 187 archers were in the king's service, as well by sea as by land; allowing to the said admiral 43. per diem, to the said knights 28., to the esquires 12d., to the armed men 8d., and to the archers 6d., to the master of the barge 6d., and to the seamen 3d.

330. p. 137. To cause to be levied the fines and amerciaments set before the king's justices of oyer and terminer of certain trespasses committed against the abbess and convent of Tarente, and to pay the same to the said abbess and convent.

331. To the Sheriff of Dorset, to levy the said fines, and to pay them into the Exchequer.

332. p. 138. To the Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer, to discharge John Pury, sergeant of the scullery of the household, of the silver spoons and other plate lost from the said scullery, which the king had pardoned him.

333. To pay to John de Cobham the surplusage due to him on account.

334. To account with William Hanney, clerk, for his expenses in conveying and safe keeping the vessels of gold and silver and other ornaments of the king's chapel.

335. To abate to Richard de Lancastre in the arrears of the farm of the manor of Stoke Bardolf the sums due to him from the king.

336. To Henry de Wakefield, keeper of the wardrobe, to discharge John Pury of the plate, &c. as 332.

337. p. 139. To the Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer to the same purpose as 332.

338. To account with John de Derby for his expenses in surveying and safe keeping the vessels of gold and silver and other ornaments of the king's chapel.

339. p. 140. To John de Derby, clerk, to deliver to John de Sleford, keeper of the privy wardrobe in the Tower of London, all the guns, powder, and other harness belonging thereto.

340. To the Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer, to allow to Sir Nicholas de Louvain in the sums due to him from the king for the ransoms of Charles de Blois and Hugh Chatillon, his prisoners given up to the king.

341. To discharge Henry de Wakefield, keeper of the wardrobe, of certain sums to him impressed, which the king had pardoned him

342. To account with the Executors of the will of John de Streteley, who accompanied the prince in his expedition into Gascony.

343. With Guy de Briens, who, with his retinue, accompanied the king in his last expedition by sea.

344. p. 141. With Richard de Imworth, sergeant at arms, for his expenses in sundry voyages.


345. With Jeffrey de Stivecle, esq., the king's messenger, for his expenses in a voyage to Holland and other parts.

346. p. 142. With Roger de Beauchamp, for his expenses in the maintenance of the two sons of Charles de Blois.

347. To discharge Walter Blere, farmer of the manor of Preston, of the sum of £40 in the rent of the said manor, the wheat in the said manor having been almost wholly destroyed by a mildew.

348. To the same, to discharge the Sheriff of Southampton of certain rents of lands then by purchase in the king's hands.

349. p. 143. To allow to William Symme, farmer of the manor of Gare, £90 in consideration of the costs the said William had been at about the marsh and the mill there, and of a murrain in the stock, he being bound notwithstanding the said murrain to leave the same stock on the manor as he found there.

350. Concerning the appointment of a receiver of the rents of Humfrey de Bohun, late Earl of Hereford.

351. To account with Edmund, Earl of March, for the expenses of his journey to the Marches of Scotland to treat with the deputies of the king of Scots.

352. p. 144. To account with Sir Henry Lescop for the expenses of himself and retinue in accompanying the king in his expedition by sea.

353. To allow to William Newelyn, master canoner, out of the sums imprest to him £28. 11s., that is to say, £18. 11s. for a canon made by the said William, and by him delivered for the use of the Garison of Calais, and £10 of the king's gift.

354. To account with William de Stapulton, keeper of the castle of Loguravan, and to pay him after the rate of 250 marks per annum.

355. To discharge Adam Rous, surgeon, of 20 marks to him imprest for medicines for the king's use. 356. p. 145. To account with John de Wesenham, and to

p allow what may appear due to him.


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357. To allow Adam Pynkhurst, the keeper, his costs on the enclosure of the park of Asshehurst, and on the repairs of the lodge there.

358. A grant to the same of the keeping of the said park, with a salary of 3d. per diem.

359. To the Treasurer, Barons, and Chamberlains of the Exchequer, to account with John Hankyn, sergeant at arms, for the expenses of sundry journeys by him made for to impress vessels for the king's service, and for conveying sundry sums of money to Calais for victualling the garrison. 360.

p. 146. To John Bacon, keeper of the king's jewels and plate, to deliver to the ABp. of Canterbury certain plate as a security for the sum of 200 marks which the king had borrowed of the ABp.

361. To Henri de Wakefield, the keeper of the wardrobe, to account with John, King of Castile and Duke of Lancaster, for the expenses of his expedition into Aquitaine.

362. p. 147. To account with Thomelyn Spigonell, keeper of the king's great horses.

363. To allow to the same in his account certain horses which had died.

364. p. 148. To allow to William Strete, nre bouteller,' in his account a pipe of Gascony wine, and a tun of the same wine delivered to Master Adam, the surgeon, for medicines for the king's use.

365. To John de Sleford, keeper of the privy wardrobe in the Tower of London, to account with John de Derby for the expenses he had been at for powder and ball for the guns.

366. To Henry de Wakefield, keeper of the Wardrobe, to account with Robert Bardolf, keeper of the King's great horses, as well of the horses as of other things belonging to his office.

367. To John Sur de Nevill Seneschall de nre houstell,' or his lieutenant in the Marshalsea of the same, appointing Thomas de Honton, lawyer, to be clerk under him to hold pleas of the Marshalsca.

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368. To John Bacon, keeper, &c., to deliver certain pieces of plate to the Duke of Lancaster in part of payment.

369. p. 149. To Aleyn Stokes, keeper of the Great Wardrobe, to account with the king's sadler.

370. To Robert de Whitberg, the king's almoner, appointing Nicholas Herblot to be one of the king's bedemen, with the daily

pay of 3d.

371. To William de Mulsho, keeper of the Wardrobe, to pay 3d. daily to the same. 372. p. 150. To John Olneye, eschaetor in the counties of

. Bedford and Bucks, to deliver to Peter de la Botellarie the goods and chattels forfeited by Thomas Trillowe, an outlaw.

373. To Henri de Wakefield, keeper, &c., to allow William Strete, &c. (see $ 364), certain wines delivered by the king's order.

374. To Richard Rounhale, keeper of the King's Hall in the University of Cambridge, to remove thence all Scholars that were preferred, and all Scholars not residing, and all persons residing there and not belonging to the same.

375. p. 151. To Symon Neylond, keeper of the same, for Nicholas de Heth to be a Scholar there.

376. To William de Gunthorp, treasurer of Calais, to account with Roger de Beauchamp, captain of the town.

377. To the Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer, to allow to Helmyng Leget, constable of the Castle of Wyndesore, certain sums by him expended for hay, for support of the game in the Park of Lydecroft under the castle, and in the parks of Guldeford and Folye-John.

378. p. 152. To account with the same for his wages and those of his men at arms, armed men, archers and mariners under his command. See note to 324.

379. To discharge William Herland, the king's master carpenter, and John Spoule, his master mason, of the sum of £9. 6s. 8d. imprest to them by the keeper of the Great Wardrobe.

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