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Isle of Jersey; the king thanks them for their good behaviour, is ready for an expedition beyond sea with his forces, and after the expedition will take proper means for garrisoning his castles.

434. p. 17). To the inhabitants of Guernsey, to the same purport.

435. To the Captal de Buche and constable of Aquitaine, on the affairs of Aquitaine.

436. To..... on the same subject.

437. p. 172. To the Duke of Britanny, that he had sent at his desire Thomas de Percy, to whom he might shew the important affairs he wished to lay before the king : that as to the commission to enquire into the infractions of the Truce with France, the king had issued it, not to the prejudice of the Duke, but to satisfy the conditions of the truce.

438. p. 173. To Thomas de Percy, desiring him to repair to the Duke of Britanny.

439. To the King of Scotland on the affairs of the marches.

440. p. 174. To Henry Lescrop, to repair, as one of the king's deputies, to the marches of Scotland.

441. To the King of Navarre, to release two citizens of Bayonne and their goods arrested by way of reprisals for goods of the subjects of Navarre seized in England, promising that on complaint made to the king's courts, they should have ample justice.

442. To the lieutenant and other officers in Aquitaine, a protection to William de Saint George, his castles, &c. in Aquitaine.

443. p. 175. To the King of Navarre, will enter into the treaty for putting an end to the schism in the church of Rome, desires a safe conduct for two bishops, two barons or two bannerets, and two clerks to be sent to Bayonne within three weeks of the approaching Easter: will make the King of Navarre a party to any peace or truce made with France: and will forbid his subjects in Aquitaine to serve against the King of Navarre.



444. p. 176. To the Sheriff of Southampton, to surcease execution of all writs of assize or nisi prius in the Isle of Wight, whilst the inhabitants are employed in guarding against an invasion from France.

445. To the King of Scotland, had received his letters by Sir Robert de Erskin, and sent unto him Sir Thomas de Musgrave and John Appleby, dean of St Paul's.

446. p. 177. To the Abbat and convent of the Holy Cross, at Bourdeaux, recommending John Spencer to have the corrody in the place of John de Kirkby, deceased.

447. To the duke of Luxemburg, thanking him for his treatment of the Embassadors returning from Germany, and praying him to extend the like kindness to others now sent thither.

448. To the Duchess of Luxemburg, on the same subject.

449. p. 178. To the Mayor, Consuls, Burgesses, and good people of Bourdeaux, thanking them for their defence of the city, and exhorting them to a continuance of the same:-he would shortly send certain ordinances to the comfort of them and his other subjects.

450. Probably to the same, thanking them for their loyalty, he would shortly send le Sir de Neville, as his lieutenant, with such ordinances and powers as should be to their comfort.

451. Richard II. to Lyon King of Armenia, excusing himself from sending him a safe conduct to come and mediate a peace between England and France, because the French King was then preparing to invade England.

Here, says Nasmith, ends the Original Register, or Book of Precedents; on the next thirty pages are written in a different and more modern hand, “ Forms of Latin Letters,” which are still more defective than the preceding collection ; for not only are they without dates and express persons and places by their bare initials, but they also frequently omit the names of those by whom they were written, and of the parties to whom they were addressed. They were probably collected by some ecclesiastic or lawyer employed under the Corporation of London, in whose name the

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greater part of them appear to me to have been written; and they exhibit the functions and duties of a Corporation in former times, which have long since gone into disuse. They then corresponded with other corporate bodies as well without the realm as within ; with the former they expostulated for wrongs done to any of their fellow citizens, and even threatened reprisals, if redress was withheld: they granted testimonials of the innocence of persons accused or defamed, of the payment of debts, and of various other matters; and they warmly expressed their resentment where their letters testimonial had been treated with disrespect. In the margin are short rubrics to each letter; these, says Nasmith, I have copied, and added such further particulars as I could gather from a perusal of the letters.

452. p. 181. “Litera missa ad episcopum Lincoln. pro reformatione et correctione certæ transgressionis in sua diocesi enormiter factæ;" in qua narrantur injuriæ a priore et conventu S. Frideswidæ cuidam canonico ejusdem domus illatæ.

453. p. 182. “Regracio” scholaris cujusdam pauperculi in academia degentis ad quendam episcopum "pro collatis beneficiis et exhibitione eleemosinæ intuitu caritatis."

454. Epistola supplicatoria “pro promovendo unum ad aliquod officium in subvencionem suæ paupertatis.'

455. p. 183. “Pro injuriis mercatoribus illatis reformandis."

456. Literæ testimoniales majoris, ni fallor, et aldermannorum civitatis London “pro bona fama hominis male diffamati pro suspectione latrocinii," et ob eam causam in carcerem intrusi.

457. p. 184. “Cuidam principi pro favore adhibendo.”

458. Majoret Aldermanni London “ cuidam domino," nempe Venetiarum duci, “ad faciendam justiciam causæ per attornatum cujusdam prosequendæ.”

459. " De restitutione fienda unius navis cum certis bonis in eadem contentis” epistola, ut videtur, eorundem majoris et aldermannorum, qui minantur, justitia sibi negata, se ad alia exquirenda remedia fore compulsos.

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460. p. 185. Major et Aldermanni civitatis London. Burgo magistro scabino et consulibus oppidi Dordracensis, “ pro reformatione cujusdam contemptus contra certas literas testimoniales inhumaniter perpetrati,” literas civitatis London diffamavit et flocci fecit quidam J. W. in curia Dordracensi, rogant igitur, ut eundem J. W. castigent et lubrica ejus labia silentii munimento compescant. 461. p. 186. " Litera”

66 excusatoria

majori et consulibus civitatis Ollexben, pro frumento non deducendo extra regnum ” quia a rege prohibitum est, A.D. 1424.

462. “Litera pro damnis condignam emendam habere :" scilicet ut justa compensatio decernatur marinariis quibusdam ultra conventionem in portubus Normanniæ cum navibus suis detentis.

463. “ Litera” eorundem “excusatoria " Burgomagistro scabino et consulibus villæ Brugensis, “ de debito” in civitate London “soluto, et post solutionem injuste” apud Bruges ' repetita."

464. “Litera regratiatoria missa per episcopum London. civibus ejusdem civitatis." 465. p. 188. “Exhortatio facta cuidam episcopo ad con

p donandum cuidam pauperrimo viro in causa debiti,” nempe mercatori, qui vina Burdegalia in usum episcopi comparavit, et propter incautam emptionem, caristiam et invalitudinem vinorum, et diuturnas et inopinatas mercatorum moras in deliberatione vinorum, in penurion delapsus est.

466. Episcopi cujusdam ad alterum episcopum “pro favore adhibendo cuidam presbitero in adeptione offici sive beneficii ecclesiastici” prioratus scilicet sive prepositure collegii Kalendarum in Bristollia.

467. p. 189. Episcopi cujusdam (vide supra 465) excusatoria, quod non fuit causa destructionis certæ personæ ;" remittit tamen 30 nobilia auri de summa debiti.

468. Majoris et Aldermannorum civitatis London ad R. episcopum Londinensem, “quo modo filii languescunt in absentia patris spiritualis.

469. p. 190. “Ad patrem spiritualem pro certificatione valituræ ejus ad filios spiritualis intimanda :” eorundem ni fallor ad eundem episcopum.

470. Legatorum regis Franciæ ad legatos regis Angliæ, pro conventione fienda in tractatu pacis, et pro salvo conductu concedendo.

471. p. 192. Cujusdam oppidi subditione ducis Burgundiæ ad civitatem London “pro restitutione fienda de certis bonis injustæ captis, et emendis reddendis pro diversis transgressionibus.”

472. p. 193. Civitatis London “excusatoria de certis injuriis in civitate perpetratis et gubernatoribus ejusdem minime cognitis.”

473. “ Civitatis London ad relaxandam certam quantitatem vinorum injuste arrestatam."

474. Responsio regraciatoria ad patrem spiritualem pro litera filiis suis prius missa.”

475. p. 195. “ Litera excusatoria” Majoris etc. London. Ballivis et probis hominibus villæ G.“ de verbis reprehensibilibus in publico perhibitis in dishonoracionem unius communitatis :" testimonium perhibent major et aldermanni concivem suum nihil tale fuisse locutum.

476. “Propter manus adjutrices apponendas ad reedificationem scholæ theologiæ."

477. p. 196. Major etc. London. Burgomagistro scabinis et consulibus de Brile“ pro restitutione fienda de certis vinis violenter captis."

478. " Pro exhibitione scholaris intuitu elemosinæ," supplicatio scolaris ad magistrum.

479. p. 197. R. episcopi London. “missa” majori vicecomitibus et aldermannis ejusdem civitatis “de electione” Martini V “summi pontificis 480.

Responsio literæ precedentis.” 481. p. 199. “Ad promovendam causam alterius versus aliam personam condignam commendat scriptor epistolæ cuidam episcopo causam J. B. aldermanni Londinensis.


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