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The volume ends with a poem on Orpheus, which is almost the only Greek piece in the collection: the last lines are

την γάρ σοι κιθαρήν "Έβρον παρά δινηέντα

πρώτος έδωκε Πατήρ και αοιδού θυμόν Απόλλων. See Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum: the copy, however, there mentioned is dated Antv. 1592.

Nearly all the Latin Poems contained in this MS. are also printed in the Delitic Poetarum Scotorum. Vol. 1. pp. 142–207. Amst. 1637.


A list of the ecclesiastical benefices within the Norwich diocese, arranged in alphabetical order under the several archdeaconries, with the values according to the King's Books, as given in Bacon's Liber Regis, and containing, in the margin, the names of many of the patrons, whence the list

appears to have been written in the reign of Elizabeth. There are various corrections in another hand. It occupies 26 leaves.

11. A Representation concerning the manufacturing of Sal Armoniac, humbly desired to be laid before the ... Lords Commissioners for trade, by Dr Thomas Hoy, her Majesty's Professor of Physic, in Oxford. This, on 8 leaves written only on one side, begins :

It was some years since, that Dr Hoy received the first hints... Ending: as She in her princely wisdom and bounty shall think fit.

Th: Hoy. Dr Hoy was Professor 1698—1718.

12. Constitutiones ecclesiasticæ Regni Daniæ et Norw. 1629. This title is on p. 1. by the copier; p. 3 begins:

3 In nomine Dni Jesu Chri. Christianus IV. D, G, Daniæ. . .Rex etc. Omnibus notum facimus, quod quoniam Dei... At the end of Chap. 111. of the Constitutions is the date (p. 32):

Ex arce nra Hafniensi 27. Mart. 1629 sub nostro sigillo Christianus 4. In the date 1630 was first written.

13. De emendatione rerum humanarum CONSULTATIO CATHOLICA, ad genus humanam, ante alios vero ad eruditos Europæ.'

After this title on p. 1, and two texts, Jerem. xlix. 7, and Prov. xv. 23, on p. 2, is the heading (p. 3), 'Europæ lumina, Viri docti et pii, salvete,' and, ' Lex fuit Athenis...'

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It ends (p. 19):

et tamen homines sub cælo in tranquillitate continendi efficacem viam, ut leo et bestia mala non inveniantur amplius. (Ibid. v. 9) &c. &c.

14. De subveniendo afflictæ Germaniæ consultationis capita præcipua. Begins (p. 1):

Dei vox est, omnem humanam obligans conscientiam si videris bovem inimici... Ends (p. 24):

... non nostri aut virium nostrum sed solius misericordiæ et auxilii divini.

15. Sir Robert de Valois, knight and Bart, His Manifesto concerning his journey out of France into England, and his imprisonment at Bruxelles, 1657.

Sir Robert was a spy for the exiled King in England, where he was imprisoned by Cromwell, and falling under suspicion on his return to Bruxelles, was there confined by the King's order. His relation, which is particular and curious, begins (p. 1):

The unfortunate and unjust persecution I have... Ends (p. 35):

..and deprive me of the means to discover their perfidious practices. 16. a. pp. 5, 6. A particular of such things, as are excepted out of Queen Elizabeth's grant to the gentry, and are not granted back to the Dean and Chapter (of Chester), nor to the Gentry. 22° Eliz

6. pp. 6-18. b

. 6—18. A particular of the things granted by Queen Elizabeth to the Dean and Chapter of Chester.

See Ormerod’s Cheshire, 1. pp. 240—2.

17. Collection of Notes and Extracts from documents relating to the early history of IVestminster Abbey.

See Dugdale, Monast. 1. p. 1.

18. a. Proofe that the Vniversity of Cambridge hath Ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

According to a statement below the title, this was transcribed out of one of M' Moore's MSS in Caius Coll. Library. No. 26. a,' [now No. 197. (5).] It is on two leaves, between which is in the same handwriting :

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b. pp. 3–14. A Minister Plea upon an indictment at ye Quarter sessions, for reading Common Prayer.

It is addressed ‘To the Rt worshipful the Justices of Peace for ye county of Cambridge,' and appears to have been made in 1647 or 1648.

19. Small quarto, on paper, 7 leaves.

*A letter of Thomas Gataker to a friend concerning his spiritual state.' Begins (f. 2 a):

Good Cosen, according to your right pious desire, as soone as I had any respite from my publik employmente... Ends (f. 7 a):

to l's blessing, which alone able to make them effectual unto you, I leave you to him, and rest In him your loving Cosen and hearty wel-wishing ffrend

Thomas GATAKER. 20. A perfect survey of the English tongue, as best it may be referred to the rules of the Latines collected by Lillye.'

This consists of two parts or treatises. The former is made up of 20 pages of ‘Dedications,' &c., and 8 pages of Grammar, divided into 4 books, ending on p. 35. Then, after a blank leaf, commences a much longer treatise, entitled, “ The tract of the parts of speech,' likewise in 4 books, besides an appendix, and ending, on p. 207, with an ode, 'Author ad Librum.' At the foot of the title is ‘Gilbert Crane.'

21. Oratio in laudem Thomæ Bodleii Equitis, Bibliothecæ apud Oxonienses Fundatoris, Ex nupera Donatione Reverendi D.D. Morrisij, Linguæ Hebraicæ Professoris, (1626-43), Habita in Scholis publicis Oxoniæ, Octavo die Novembris, 1684. C. H. S. T. B. The Oration begins (p. 1):

‘Cum genus humanum ingenii viribus dotibusq3 animi legitimum supra cætera animalia imperium obtineat; And ends on p. 11 :

‘Sic revera Academici evadetis et quod omni titulo majus est ipsi Bodleio similes.'


Dd. III. 84. A folio, on paper, of 105 pages, in good preservation. 1. "A collection of the DESCRIPTION AND DIVISION OF ALL





greatnes and large precinctes, shewing also the gouernmente in Mounstar ruled bie the same offices and keepte in obedience by the same lawes which are enacted by publique authoritie in Englande, the true coppie whereof being founde in the studie of one Sir Edwarde Waterhouse Knighte, who was made knighte for his good service and hade passed moste of the best places in office in Irelande, whose auncestors were surveyors of Irelande in the time of Edward the 4th king of Englande: Also a particular survey of all such his Majesties yerelie revenewes and rentes received dewe and answerable unto his highnes by the Lorde deputie of Irelande, with an estimate of the yerelie expences of the saide Lord deputie for the time beinge: Together likewise shewing the auntiente manner of Herauldrie and honorable order of the Offices of Armes whatsoever to be observed in times both of peace and warre and at coronatons citatons funeralls and all other solempnities and orders of the fielde for services to their prince and countrie.'

Written in the time of King James I. The heraldic part 'made and confirmed in the year of our Lord God 1568.'

2. On 48 pages of paper in folio, in a hand of the xvuth. century:

Balaam's Asse, or a free discourse touching the murmurs and fearefull discontents of the tyme directed to his then Majestie K. J., by way of humble advertisement.'

* Before his going into Scotland' has been added to the above title by a later hand, with the marginal note: “The author one Williams, an Inner of Court Gent. (sic) who, as I was informed by M' Terrill, was afterwards hanged.'

3. On pages numbered 5 to 22, written in a small hand of the xviith. century:

a. 'A Copie of Mr Scott's Booke called Vox Populi, or News from Spain, which may serve to forewarne both England and the United Provinces how far to trust to Spanish pretences, imprinted 1620.

This copy does not include the author's address 'to the reader,' nor the Second part of Vox Populi,' found in the second edition, printed it would seem in 1624, when the author was 45, according to the statement on his portrait. The first edition was in 1620. See Somers' Tracts, 11. 508.

6. "A briefe note concerning the horrible massacre in Frauce, 1572.' Begins on middle of the page numbered 16 :

'In that tragicall and cruell massaker in fraunce.' Ending on p. 19:

And thus much briefly touching that persecution and massaker in France.'

c. A copie of Mr Thomas Aldred's Letter (To my Lo. Marquess of Buckingham) advising against the Spanish matche in treaty for the then prince Charles, anno 1620.' It begins on p. 19:

nough to advise may seeme presumptuous, yet what is well intended, I am more then confident will neither... Ends on p. 22:

By him that is not ambitious because not worthie, nor yet afraid because not ashamed to be knowne vnto yo' Lordshipp in this business.

Thomas Aldred,
See also Catal. MSS. Univ. Coll. Oxon. No. CLII. 25.

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4. A small folio, on paper, 33 leaves, about 30 lines in page.

· Hieronymi Donati patricii Veneti de processione Spiritus sancti contra Græcum scisma.' Begins (f. 1 a):

Inter tot pestes animi quibus omni ex parte obsidetur humana fragilitas...

The treatise is imperfect, containing Books I. and II, but only one page of Book III. Ends (f. 33 b):

... sed ex synodali et catholico sensu intelligere atque interpretari valeatis.

171 B.


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5—8. A paper book, in good preservation, containing 270 folios, and 32 octavo pages, together with a few leaves of annotations on smaller paper



with it. It consists of a Latin treatise · De clandestinis Sponsalibus et Matrimoniis,' relating to the marriage of the Lady Katherine and the Earl of Hertford. Signed at p. 129 Genesius Iurisc:

Cal. Octobribus MDLXIII. The opinions and signatures of various lawyers of the time are given: two of whom, Franciscus Mantica and Tiberius Decianus, are celebrated ; one as having been raised to the Cardinalate by Clement VIII., the other as

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