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57. Carta prefati Andre de uno gardino concesso eidem Willelmo et Hesteline.

58. Quieta clamatio Willelmi Lutipati de 23 selionibus prefato Willelmo de Colevil.

59. Quieta clamatio Mathei de Bosco de terra Willelmi fratris sui Willelmo de Colevill.

60. Conventio indentata inter Simonem filium Gilberti de Muston et Willelmum de Colevill de 4 selionibus per excambium.

61. Carta Hugonis filii Ricardi de uno selione concesso præfato Willelmo.

62. Carta Henrici Colevill de uno tofto in Normanton concesso prefatis Willelmo et Hesteline.

63. Carta prefati Willelmi de 1 bovata terre cum tofto et crofto concessa Thome filio suo.

64. Donatio Rogeri de Colevill seu de Manerio de Mustone cum pertinentibus suis concessa prefato Rogero.

65. Perquisitio Walteri de Colevill de 1 mesuagio et tota terra prefati Rogeri in Mustone.

66. Carta Ricardi filii Rogeri (de Muston] de 15 selionibus (in Muston] concessis predicto Waltero per excambium.

67. Carta Ricardi clerici de Mustone de septem selionibus concessis predicto Waltero.

68. Carta Roberti Butillier de 1 virgata terre et 2 toftis concessis Ysolde filie sue.

69. Carta ejusdem Isolde de prefatis tenementis suis concessis Rogero de Colevill.

70. Carta Willelmi Lutipati de 7 selionibus concessis prefato Rogero.

71. Quieta clamatio Willelmi Pincerne de 2 bovatis terre et catallis Hugonis filii Ede eidem Rogero.

72. Perquisitio Henrici de Colevile de 5 selionibus [in Normanton] de Nicholao rectore de Botilleford per excambium.

73. Carta Luce filii sacerdotis de 10 selionibus concessis prefato Henrico per excambium.

Some leaves wanting here.

74. [Fragment of a deed granting the Manors of Muston and Normanton to the Canons, and founding a chantry in the chapel on the north side of the Abbey, for the souls of some members of the family of Colevill, in the year 45 Edw. III.]

75. Litera attornacia ad liberandam seisinam predictis Abbati et conventui de predictis Maneriis [de Muston et Normanton]. (45 Edw. III.]

76. Quieta clamatio Ade Lymbergh de predictis maneriis prefatis abbati et conventui. [45 Edw. III.]

77. Carta Anketilli [de Saucey] de dimidiate Neubolt. R. filio Osmundi.

78. Carta Roberti filii Osmundi de donacione medietatis Neubolt ecclesie de Osolveston.

79. Carta prefati Roberti de donacione predicta.

80. Carta prefati Ricardi de Neubolt de predictis tenementis (1 messuagio et 4 acris 1 roda terre in Newbolt Marfeld et Osolveston) concessis Henrico vicario de Osolveston.

81. Carta Edwardi [III.] regis concessa prefato Henrico ad assignanda predicta tenementa monasterio de Osolveston.

82. Carta supradicti Henrici de predictis tenementis quondam Ricardi de Neubolt in Neubolt et Mardfeld concessis ecclesie de Osolveston.

83. Quieta clamatio prefati Henrici de 1 acra et dim. terre in campo de Osolveston concessis ecclesie predicte.

84. Quieta clamatio Nicholai Burdet de supradictis messuagiis et virgata terre concessis ecclesie predicte.

85. Dimissio Johannis de Conventre [de Neubolt] de capitali messuagio et 3 virgatis terre ibidem Petro de Cotesmor. [31 Edw. III.]

86. De fine levato in curia Domini Regis inter Johannem Raveneston de Schepeshed et Willelmum filium Walteri de Melton de Manerio de Neubolt cum pendentibus. [Anno 1287].

A few leaves wanting. Part of a deed of Simon de la Saucey commences fol. 41.

87. Quieta clamatio predicti Simonis [de Saucy] de predictis in liberam puram et perpetuam elemosinam.

88. Carta Roberti filii predicti Simonis de confirmatione omnium predictorum et concessione 2 selionum et terra pro stagno.

89. Demissio prefati Roberti de tota terra sua in Neubolt predicti Abbati ad terminum 4 annorum.

90. Demissio Willelmi filii Wakelini [de Sesse] custodis heredis Rogeri predicti de tota terra sua in Neubolt (usque ad plenam etatem dicti heredis].

91. Confirmatio Simonis filii Roberti Saucey de omnibus donationibus predictis in liberam puram et perpetuam elemosinam.

92. Bulla Innocencii Pape de capella ibidem [de Neubolt]. 93. De cantaria servanda ibidem ad terminum vite J. de Coventrie, &c.

94. Concordia inter Abbatem de Osolveston et R. Burdet et W. de Norton clericos pro facta 20 virgatarum terre in Norton et Stretton et 6 in Galby.

95. Carta Johannis filii Roberti [de Norton] de uno tofto cum grangia concesso Willelmo Ordriz rectori ibidem.

96. [Deed of Richard son of the above Robert concerning the same toft).

97. Carta prefati W. rectoris de predicto tofto concesso ecclesie de Norton.


98. Carta prefati Johannis filii Roberti de predicta parte tofti concessa ecclesie prenominate.

99. Carta Simonis filii prefati Roberti de eodem tofto concessa ut prius.

100. Confirmacio Roberti de Norton de terris et tenementis concessis ecclesie predicte per Robertum avunculum suum.

101. De finali concordia inter abbatem de Osolveston et Willelmum rectorem [de Norton] super pensione sex ecclesia de Norton solvenda).

102. Alia concordia inter abbatem et Willelmum de eadem pensione. 103. Extracte de Ragman [de terris Abbatiæ].

104. Inquisitio facta de libertatibus predicte Abbatie in pleno comitatu [13 Hen. III.]

105. Litere domini Edwardi Regis pro predictis libertatibus servandis eidem Abbatie.

106. Ordinatio Vicarie ibidem.

The words inserted between brackets [] are not in the original, but are added to make the titles clearer.

21. A large octavo, written on vellum, in Norman French, in the handwriting of about the xvth century.

• Statuta Regni a primo anno regis Henrici Quinti ad vigesimum tertium Henrici Sexti.'

It is divided into two parts; the 1st, containing the Statutes of Henry V. is in good preservation, consisting of 21 folios of about 40 lines each, and written on both sides. The writing is clear and legible.

Four blank folios intervene between this and the 2nd part, which comprises the Statutes of Henry VI.'s reign, in the same language and hand; it contains 63 folios, with the same number of lines in each, written on both sides ; all but the last 8 folios are in good preservation, the last two pages are illegible.

The Manuscript is merely a transcript of the Statutes.

[blocks in formation]

1-5. PRÆLECTIONES Mosis AMYRALDI PROFESSORIS, in diversos locos SS. habitæ.'

1. A 12mo, on paper, 60 leaves.
'In c. 24. Evang. S. Matth.'

The last 6 leaves are in French, containing notes from various sources: the rest in Latin.

2. A small folio, on paper, 24 leaves.

Expositio cap. 12. Evang. S. Matth.' Also, ' In Marc. c. 9, 0. 48. Prælectio.'

3. A small folio, on paper, 15 leaves. On f. 4 b, is the date Jan. 1661.

· Prælectio in Apocal. cap. 22. v. 1,' and other passages.

4. A small folio, on paper, 20 leaves. On f. 36, is the date 'Inchoatæ die Maij. 25o. anno 1660.'

* Prælectiones in capp. i. ii. Ep. ad Romanos.'
5. A small folio, on paper, 24 leaves.
* Explicatio divo. locorum in prima ad Corinth. Epistola.'

All these appear to be in the same handwriting; in Dd. x. 40 other sermons on Rom. iii. iv. occur, copied by the same hand.

6. On paper, in folio, in a modern hand.

a. pp. 4. 'Iter Britanniarum Antonini cum conjecturis de nominibus hodiernis quorundam locorum.' b. pp.

5–13. Roberti Talbot Annotationes in eam partem Itinerarii Antonini quæ ad Britanniam pertinet.'

On p. 16 is the endorsement, ‘Notæ......imperfectæ et depravatæ.' The MS. terminates in a note on Durobrivas. See Leland's Itinerary by Hearne, Vol. 111. Oxf. 1744: and the edition of the Itinerarium by G. Parthey and M. Pinder. Berlin, 1848.

7. A quarto, on parchment, of 8 leaves, in good preservation, except the first and last pages, which are much defaced.

A fragment of the CARTULARY OF THE PRIORY OF COMBwell, in Kent.

There are no distinct titles to the several articles, and very little to point out the divisions between them; nor is there any rubrication. Its contents, which are as follows, have not been printed, but are mentioned in Ellis's ed. of Dugd. Monast, iv. 413.

1. Deed of Geoffry de Bailloel granting 12 pence in East Flottendene.

2. Deed of Walter de Palindenne granting 8 pence to Willelm son of Peter de Risdenne.

3. Release for the above made by the above Willelm to the canons of Combwell.

4. Grant of 5 pence in Guthorst by Roger de Leibourne. 5. Grant of 3 pence in the same by Robert de Landregg. 6. Grant of 4 pence in the same by Walter de Cruce.

7. Grant of 8 pence in the same by Eylnoch the smith. 8. Grant of 4 pence by Gunnilda de Patindenne. 9. Grant of 8 pence in Guthorst by Stephen Poteman. 10. Grant of 4 pence in the same by Elias de la Hamme. 11. Grant of all his land in Lullingstone by Willelm de Ros. 12. Grant of 12 pence in Lullingstone by Geoffry de Ros. 13. Deed concerning the above by Alured Piner. 14. Grant of 5 pounds in Merworthe and 12 pence at Clive by Eustace.

15. Confirmation of the above grant of his father Eustace by Roger de Merworthe.

16. Confirmation of the same by John de Merworthe.

17. Deed of Alan de Reding concerning land in Hottewell Lane at Canterbury and land at Bromlege and Littlehaye.

18. Deed of Nicholas son of Alulf Foleth concerning land and a wood called Littlehey.

19 and 20. Deeds of Walter and Robert Ros, granting a rent of sixpence and one acre of land at Sandherst.

21. Deed of John, son of John Palmer, of Sandherst, conveying a rent of 2 shillings due by him for 4 acres of land, given by Walter Ros to the Canons.

22. Deed of Thomas de Northebroc, son of Hugh, concerning 2 acres and a virgate of land at Chart.

8. An octavo, on paper, 22 leaves.

Concio de miraculo o. panum, habita Oxoniis, regnante Henrico VIII.'

The names of Henry VIII. and Queen Katherine occur in a bidding prayer, which precedes the discourse. On the outer leaf,

Nomina eorum pro quibus debet orare quilibet graduatus Universitatis Oxoniensis.

Pro animabus
Humfridi ducis Glocestriensis.
Ioannis Rev. Pat. Archiepisc. Cantuar.
Thome Rev. Pat. London. Episc.
Richardi Lychfylde Archidiac. Myddelsex.
Regis Henrici Septimi.
Domine Margaret Comitisse de Rychmond.

Thome Wollsey Cardinalis. Ebor. Archiepisc. Pro his omnibus ante Deum sublatis puris manibus et mentibus divinam gratiam et subsidium imploremus.

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