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This is GLOSSARY of 34 leaves, irregularly alphabetical ; the words being chiefly Low Latin, interpreted partly in Latin, partly in French, with notes and verses illustrative of the differences in quantity, e.g.,

Abatis, fournier indeclinable; Abatis ad cænam dat equis Abbatis


Again :

Tela manu jacere mihi non placet immo jacere
Si non vis lapidem jacere dimitte jacere

Uxoris tenere gremio, mammasque tenere.
In the margin the pages are enumerated in regular order of some work
from which this has been abridged.

II. The next 46 leaves contain the Skeleton of a GREEK Lexicon, compiled apparently from several MS. Lexica with the class number in their proper library appended, as for instance, εκ του λεξικού των βοτανων κατά στοιχείον ηu. DcccxLV.

There are references also to Hypatus de partibus corporis humani.

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A small quarto, on paper, of 192 leaves.

The MS. appears to be in three different hands, written at various times in the first half of the xvıth century, the first and third hands may possibly be the same.

f. 1 contains a partial index of the contents.

ff. 2--6. Notes of Sermons by Dr Fenton (St Stephen's, Walbrook), in 1st hand.

ff. 7-9, 26, 78, are blank.
ff. 10–12. Notes of Sermons by Dr Fenton, in 1st hand.
ff. 13, 14. Notes of Sermon by Dr Westfield, in a 2nd hand.

ff. 15–18. Notes of Sermons by Dr Fenton, in 1st hand.
ff. 19, 20. Notes of Sermons by Dr Westfield, in 2nd hand,
ff. 21– 25. Notes of Sermons by Dr Fenton, in 1st hand.
ff. 27–43. Other notes of Sermons by Dr Fenton, in a 3rd hand,
ff. 44–77. Sermons by Dr Fenton, in 1st hand.

ff. 79—86 contain a Sermon by Dr Duppa, on Ps. xlii. 6, preached before Charles I. at Newport, Oct. 25th, 1648, and printed* ; in 3rd hand.

ff. 87-95 contain a Sermon by Dr Curle, Bp of Norwich (Luke xv. 10), in 3rd hand.

ff. 96–105 contain a Sermon by Archbishop Usher, Lord Primate of Ireland, on 1 Cor. xiv. 33, in 3rd hand. No Sermon on this text is found in the published Works, Ed. Dublin, 1847.


• In the Library E. v. 45.



ff. 106–112 contain a Sermon by Dr Potter, in 3rd hand.
ff. 113—122 contain a Sermon by Dr Wren, in 3rd hand.

ff. 123–138 coutain notes of Sermons by Dr Shute (July, 1642), in 3rd hand.

ff. 139–141 contain notes of Sermons, in 2nd hand.

ff. 142–147 contain notes of Discourses relating to the Romish Controversy, in lst hand.

ff. 148—162. Notes of Sermon by Mr Caril of Lincoln's Inn, in 3rd hand.

ff. 163–166. Notes of Sermons by Mr Jackson, first by 3rd hand, second by 2nd hand.

ff. 166–182. Notes of Sermons by Mr Shute, in 2nd hand.

ff. 183, 184 b. 'Dr Miclethwait his answere to a frend that desired to be Resolved About Bowinge before the Holy Table or Altar,' in 3rd hand.

ff. 185 contains Notes of a Sermon, in 2nd hand.

ff. 186 contains a determination by Dr Fenton of the question, Wheither a man may marry his Cosin-Germain's daughter.

ff. 186, 187 contain ‘A statement of the grounds whereupon Divines have condemned The Payntinge of the face for a Sinne afore God'

ff 188, 189 contain Notes of a Sermon by Dr Felton upon Dr Fenton's funeral (with note, R. Fenton died 1615, aged 50).

ff. 190–192. Notes of Sermons, in 2nd hand. 271

Dd. v. 32.
A quarto, on paper, of 238 leaves, written in xviith century.

*Controversiæ christianæ fidei inter veræ religionis professores et adversarios.' Thirty-two questions controverted between Protestants and the Church of Rome are here discussed, in English, at some length, with references to Bellarmine, Calvin, Field, and others.


Dd. v. 33. A small quarto, on paper, of 82 leaves ; the handwriting of the xvuth century.

The MS. is irregularly paged.

It contains various questions, with short determinations upon them, in Latin, in the manner of the Schoolmen. ff. 1-22.

Questiones Sophisticæ.' ff. 23–37.

Questiones Prædicabiles.' ff. 38–44.

Quæstiones Anteprædicamentales.' ff. 45–77.

'Quæstiones Prædicamentales.' ff. 78–82.

Quæstiones Postprædicamentales.'


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Dd. v. 34–43.
See Catalogue of Oriental MSS.



Dd. v. 44.
An octavo, on paper, 40 leaves, in a handwriting of the
xviith century.

A CATALOGUE of a Scientific Library of Works on Common
LAW, MEDICINE, SURGERY, Alchemy, Magic, and Botany.

On the first leaf is written: 'Hic Catalogus consummatus erit super
undecim diem Septembris in anno Domini 1633 per me Johannem Derkin
servum ad tres illos magistros, primum ad Stephanum Potte, tum ad Lau-
rentium Sadler, postquam ad Franciscum Hill, et denique rursum ad
Laurentium Sadler, qui nunc horum librorum in hoc Catalogo est pos-


Dd. v. 45.
A paper book, in small quarto, of nearly 200 leaves, written
about 1630.


This title is on a fly-leaf, at the beginning, on which is also · Vol. 123.' The books are catalogued alphabetically, in classes, of which the largest consists of 'Libri theologici : the other classes consist of ‘Libri Medici,' ‘Libri Juris,' and · Libri Artium.' The size, place, and date of each edition are given. The leaves were written only on one side, and on the blank pages entries were made from time to time. See No. 293.

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A book in quarto, of 43 leaves, of parchment and

of parchment and paper, written
soon after 1420.

• Willelmus Kyngesmylle.., DE FORMA ET COMPOSITIONE CAR-
TARUM et aliorum munimentorum... ad modum et vsum modern-
This title is extracted from the author's introduction, which begins (f. 1):

Quia pium et necessarium est tam plures clericlos [sic] quam alios
ydoneos in composicione et cognicione cartarum et aliorum munimen-
torum minime eruditos qui huiusmodi artificium proponunt exercere
secundum legem et regni Angliæ consuetudinem informare Ego

On f. 41 b is given, after other forms, 'Testamentum in extremis,' beginning : 'In dei nomine. Amen. vltimo die mensis Junij Anno dni millmo cccomo xxmo Ego Wills Kyngysmylle de Oxon...'

This is followed by a codicil, dated 'XXVI° die Decembris Anno dni, &c. hiis testibus ;' and an Inventory of goods taken after his death, and dated 'vicesimo die mensis Decembris Ao dni millimo cccomo &c.' which appears to be imperfect.

On a scrap of parchment at the beginning is a copy of 'Inquicicio coram Justic' pacis dni Regis,' dated 'Oxon. die lune infra Octob. Pasch. Ao regis henrici VIC post conquestum octauo...' On the back of this piece, in a hand of about the same period as the rest, is,

Est | ori | West | occi | Borias | North | Sowth | petit

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A small quarto, on paper, consisting of 55 leaves, unpaged, each page consisting of about 20 lines : written in a very late hand, probably of the xviith century; without title or author's

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Ends :

Hi octo modi his versiculis comprehenduntur.

1. Affectum; 2. quantum; 3. vestitum ; 4. dic velut aurum. 6. Membrum; 6. contentum ; 7. possessio ; 8. vir mulierem. Plures forsan modi istis possunt addi, sed hi quos recensuimus sunt vulgares

et præcipui. The whole work is a collection of mere skeletons, which it would be useless to describe further.


Dd. v. 48.
See Catalogue of Oriental MSS.





Dd. v. 49.
1. A paper book, in quarto.

A Just

74 ff. with 8 leaves of Index.

Contains forms of warrants, indentures, recognizances, liçences, commitments, &c.

2. 13 pages of a copy-book, apparently belonging to · LetTITIA Walsall,'

3. A copy of ORDERS AGREED UPON FOR THE HOUSE OF CORRECTION at Acle, the 10th of May, 1611.'

On the last page occurs the name of 'Anthony Parmenter,' in whose

handwriting the book appears to be. 289

Dd. v. 50.
A paper book, in quarto.

Contains notes of Readings delivered during the years 16021610, by Ley, Crue, Hubbert, Bawtry, Hitchcocke, Trefuze, Prowd, Denham, Delabere, Moore, Methwold, Diggs, Tucker, and Waltham.

Also 12 leaves of notes from law cases in the reigns of Ed. VI. and Eliz. 290

Dd. v. 51. Two paper books, in quarto, in the same handwriting ; one paged from 109 to 196, the other from 198 to 228.

In binding, the latter has been placed first. Notes of READINGS by Tanfield, Warde, Mallett (1626).

At p. 150, · My relacon to the Benche of M" Mallets Readings.'

Also of readings by Bartlett, Franckline, Clarke, Jermyn (1629), Lane, Cowpers, Townsende, Pepis, Bears, and Palmer (1639).

At p. 154, My relacon to the Benche of M" Bartletts readings.'

At the end are some blank leaves, and an address to the Reader (Turner?) at the close of his lectures.

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