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The 1st leaf has been mutilated by the removal of a vignette, which occupied the top of the first column. At the end of p. 595, col. 2, are the words:


Edita a fratre Nicolao de Lyra ordinis fratrum minorum,
Its contents are the same as those of Vol. iv.

[blocks in formation]

A large folio, on parchment, finely written, xvth century, with illuminated capitals, 167 leaves, about 90 lines in a page.

Sextus Liber DECRETALIUM, cum glossa JOHANNIS AnDREÆ.'

The initial letter has been cut out. On the first page is the following shield:

'Or, a fleur de lis gules, in a bordure of France.'


Dd. VII. 13. A folio, on parchment, handwriting of the end of the xvth century, 198 leaves.

Nine books of the PANDECTS of JUSTINIAN, viz. 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 48, 49, and 50. Cum apparatu.'

The initial illuminated letters are everywhere cut out and defaced ; book 48 wants the first four chapters and part of the fifth.

[blocks in formation]

A folio, on parchment, written in the xv th century; comprised originally 420 written leaves and some blank leaves, much torn and defaced at both ends, and ff. 166—171 (inclusive) are wanting

The titles are derived from the MS. itself.

1. La chartre des franchises et la chartre de la foret. fol. 1. 2. An alphabetical index to the contents of the book. fol. 2.

3. The Constitutiones Provinciales' of Stephen, Archbishop of Canterbury, published at Oxford in 1222, with the Constitutiones Legatinæ of Otho and Othobon, cardinal legates from Pope Greg. IX. in 1236. fol. 4.

fol. 7.

4. Summa bona ad cassanda omnimoda brevia, sive exceptiones contra brevia.

5. Alia summa cassanda. fol. 8.

6. La commissione de le Rey Edward fiz le Rey Edward graunta a sun barnarge de Engleterre pour apesee le descord qe fust entre eus par Perres de Gavastone, e les ordenances fetes par meymes le barnarge e confermez par le rey: l'an de sun coronement quynt. fol. 12.

7. Bracton de legibus et consuetudinibus Angliæ. fol. 205.

The leaves of this treatise appear to have been loose, and to have been bound up without arrangement.

8. Statutum contra clericos. fol. 205.
9. Statuta contra oppressiones curie Romane. fol. 205 b.

10. Statutum Edwardi regis de reaforestacione post absolucionem. fol. 206 6.

11. Transcriptum literarum Baronagii Anglie ad papam de regno Scotiæ. fol. 207.

12. Sententia lata super Petrum de Gavestone quondam comitem Cornubie et super ejus complices et fautores. fol. 207.

13. Hosbondrie. (By · Walter de Henley.' See Dd. vii. 6. $ 54.)

14. Summa que vocatur officium Justiciarium. fol. 208 6.
15. Summa que vocatur Placita Corone. fol. 211.
16. Narrationes placitorum. fol. 216.
17. Summa que vocatur Cadit assisa.' fol. 306.

18. Summa que vocatur Fet a saver de devysyon de checun play e de queul de primes est a dire. fol. 3086.

19. Summa judicandi essonia sive Hengham. fol. 315 b.

20. Summa que dicitur cuin sit necessarium sive Parva Hengham. fol. 318.

21. Summa que dicitur Magnam Hincham sive Hingham de recto. fol. 320.

22. Summa que vocatur Parvum Hincham. fol. 328.
23. Narrationes Placitorum. fol. 332.

24. Casus Placitorum. fol. 337.

25. La Nature coment len deyt counter en checun breue de suys nome. fol. 373.

26. Placita. fol. 375 6.

[blocks in formation]

A folio, on parchment, of 162 leaves, double columns, of 36 lines each. Of the beginning of the xunth century.


This is Wood, 8th Abbot of St Martin de Bello, who died 1175. v. Leland, Collect. and Fabric. Bibl. Latin. Vol. v. p. 155. Patav. 1754.

The first leaf has been mutilated and the initial letter cut out; the commencement, however, can be made out to have been

Incipit prologus Odonis super quinque libros Moysi. Operis subditi Materia Lex est quinque Voluminibus comprehensa...' The MS. seems to be complete as far as the end of Numbers, the last few lines being written on a fragment of a leaf at the end, concluding with 'que sunt super Jordanum e regione Jericho. Explicit.'

A copy exists in C.C.C. Library, No. LIV., but, like this, only extends over the first four Books, which seems to have been all that was finished.

[blocks in formation]

A folio, on parchment, of 148 leaves, in double columns, of 41 lines each. Of the same size and form as the preceding volume, which also it much resembles in the handwriting. Of the xuith or the beginning of the xiiith century.

This volume contains various extracts from the Works of
St Augustin.

1. ff. 1–114.
'Pars prima Florum in Epist. ad Rom.'
Begins :

Apostolus qui cum Saulus prius vocaretur...
Ends :

Sed sapiens immobilitate atque immutabilitate nature.
The passages are quoted with references to the various works of S. Aug.
from which they are taken.

2. f. 115 a.
*Symbolum dictatum a beato Augustino.'
Begins :

Credimus in unum deum patrem omnipotentem.

premia consecuturi regni coelorum. Amen. v. Opp.
3. ff. 115 a 2-121 61.

* Aurelii Augustini doctoris disputatio contra Felicianum hereticum,'

Attributed to Vigilius, v. Opp. Aug. Paris, 1837. viii. App. p. 609.

Extorsisti mihi, &c.

retribuere mercedem.
The rest of the volume is occupied with the two epistles of Prosper and
Hilarius to Augustine, followed by the two treatises, De Predestinatione
Sanctorum,' and 'De bono [dono] Perseverantie,' which are found in the
same order, Opp. Par. x. p. 1327-end.
Begins :

Domino beatissimo Pape ineffabiliter mirabili, &c.
Ends :

...dignanturque nosse quod scribo.

[blocks in formation]

A folio, on parchment, 300 ff. with three pages of index at the commencement. In good preservation, excepting the leaves at either end: handwriting, early in the xvth century.

Nine books of the Codex JUSTINIANUS, with marginal glosses.

On the last leaf, 'Hic liber constat Magistro Willimo Lorings.'

[blocks in formation]

A folio, on parchment, 277 leaves. In good preservation, but the first initial letter has been cut out. Writing of the xivth century.

1. •GREGORII DECRETALEs cum glossa,' 5 books. p. 1.


At p. 534, ‘Expliciunt glose ordinarie novarum constitucionum domini
Gregorii X. a domino Garsia juris civilis et canonici professore composite.
Anno domini 1282.'

[blocks in formation]

A folio, on parchment, 291 leaves : handwriting of the xivth century.

Expositio in libros novem prioris codicis.

On the last page: 'Hic sit finis non solum hujus libri sed etiam totius operis lecturæ hujus libri, quod ego Cynus de Sigisbuldis de Pysterio, posteris forte illius Sigisbuldi consularis viri de quo habetur mentio cum auxilio Dei adsumpsi, et quod continue persequendo infra biennium terminavi, currentibus a nativitate domini nostri Jesu Christi annis MCCCXIIII. die undecimo mensis Junii.'

The initial letter has been cut out, otherwise the volume is in good condition.

[blocks in formation]

A large folio, on parchment, finely written, in the xvith century; 370 leaves.

Three parts of DECRETA GRATIANI, cum apparatu.'

The initial letters have been cut out, and there are about 30 leaves wanting at the end of part 2; also 37 chapters at the commencement of part 1.

On the first page is written, ‘ Magister frater Johannes de Berchemstede senior,' and at f. 96,‘Ister liber decretorum cum prima parte dabitur duobus filiis Margarete de holme, si clericaliter me supervixerint.'


Dd. VII. 21.
A folio, on parchment, written in the xivth century, 345

"JUSTINIANI DIGESTUM Vetus cum apparatu.'
At fol. 345 :

Laus tibi sit Christe
Quoniam liber explicit iste.

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