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A parchment book, bound up with 583 and 584, consisting of 80 pages, written in the xvith century, and containing

Statuta clarissimi Ordinis Aurei Velleris e Gallico in latinum versa ; subjunctis additionibus et declarationibus nonnullis

per ejusdem ordinis supremos et proceres successive editis.'

This title is on p. 13, the first 12 pages being occupied by an index. The initial letter of every paragraph is of gold, on a red, blue, or green ground. The last additiones’ are those of the chapter held at Tours in 1531.

For an account of the Order and references see Helyot, Histoire des Ordres Monast. Relig. et Milit. P. vi. Ch. Liv. (t. viii. pp. 343–50. 4to. Paris. 1719).


Dd. x. 27.
A small folio, on paper, of the xviith century, mostly blank.

A LAW COMMON-Place Book.


Dd. x. 28. A parchment book, in small quarto, of 112 leaves, written by various hands.

1. ff. 1-4. • Magna Carta de libertatibus Anglie.'
and ff. 4-5. · Carta de Foresta.'

2. ff. 5–10. The same as § 1, in French.
3. f. 10. La confirmacion le rey Edward.'
The date is ' A Londres. le x iour Ooctobre (sic) lan de nostre regne xxv.'
4. f. 11. • Mentencia cartarum.'
It begins :
En le nom......

Com nostre seigneur le rey......
5. f. 116-13. a. La Lettre du fiz le Roy.'
After the salutation, begins :

Com nos chiers et feans...' At the end is the date, ‘ Done a Londres le disme ior de Octobre lan del regne le Rey Edward xxv.'

This letter and the following are noticed by Brady, History, fc. III. p. 60, and the king's letter referring to them is printed in the Appendix, N. 34.

6. • La Lettre du Conseyl.'
After the names of the councillors, it begins:

Com seit fait entendant au fiz nostre seign' le Rey...
At the end is the date, ‘ Done Llondres le an de grace m. cc. lxxxxvij. et
du regne le Rey Edward xxv.'

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6. f. 136. 'Bulla papalis super reuocacoe ordinacionum extortarum tempore R. E. fil. R. H. et sentenciarum super his prolatarum. Begins :

Clemens...Epo Couuent'r et Lich... Regalis deuocois integritas...! Printed in Rymer, Fædera, 1. 978. (Ed. 1821).

7. f. 146. Composicio facta inter Archm Oxonie et vniuersitatem eiusdem.' Begins :

Med quod die lune prox' post festum sce Scolastice virginis anno dni inillio cccmo. xlvto... The copy is imperfect, ending:

... subsint tum dci Rectores The leaf that was marked 15 has been cut out.

8. f. 16. Memoranda of ten commissions for the collection of Tenths and other taxes, received by the Prior and Convent of St Katharine at Lincoln in the years 1291-1307.

9. Nous Robt...arcevesque de Canterbur'...evesque countes et barons... ordinoms...' The above is from the preamble, which begins (f. 17):

Pur coe qe par mauueis counseil et desceyuaunt nre seign' le Roi.... After the ordinance, ending descretion des ditz assignez,' is the first line of a royal letter, ' Edward, &c. ... saluz sachez, with a blank space on f. 24.

Printed in the form of Letters Patent in Brady, History, fc. Vol. . Appendix N. 52. pp. 36—48.

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10. • Taxaciones ecciarum facte per dnm Norwye' in dioc' Linc'.'

This list on ff. 25–60 is divided according to archdeaconries: it appears to belong to what is called the Norwich Taxation which was made circa 1253: see the Preface to the edition of 'Taxatio Ecclesiastica circa 1291,' published folio, 1802. It is followed on f. 61 by

Nomina exemptorum in dioc. Linc.' and

Beneficia spectancia ad collacionem Epi Lincoln. in dioc. Lincoln.' The latter list is repeated with variations in a later hand on f. 62.

11. Copies of Papal Bulls and Episcopal Letters relating to the See of Lincoln.




There is an imperfect catalogue on f. 63, of the contents of ff. 64–77. It may be sufficient to state that in Nasmith’s catalogue, in manuscript, the particulars are distinctly given: that some of this collection are named in Tanner, Notit. Mon. Lincoln. xlix.; and the more important documents are to be found in Wilkins, Concilia, Wharton, Anglia Sacra.

12. ff. 77 6—86. Copies of the following documents : a. “Fundacio hospitalis de Mera.'

b. ‘Fundacio domus sce Trinitatis extra Northampton que dicitur domus sci Dauid.'

“Statuta dni Roberti Linc. Epi facta indicta domo.' The titles of them only are here given. See Anglia Sacra, 11. 325. d. Regula fratrum Hospitalis sci Johis Bedeford.'

Four documents relating to ‘Dauentre,' 1269—1290. f. Regula Hospitalis S. Joannis de Lutterworth. 1306. g. Regula Hospitalis 'Sci Leonardi Bedeford.' 1306.

h. ‘Carta Abbatis et conuentus de Grimesby concessa Willo Colbern.' 1303.

i. “Memorandum de processione facienda apud Sanctum Albanum.'

k. 'Obligacio fratrum (heremitarum) sci Augustini facta pro indempnitate eccie sci Jacobi de Grymesby.' 1307.

l and m. Two other documents by the Bishop of Lincoln relating to the same as k, and dated in 1307 at Buckden. 13. ff. 87–105. Repertorium de ordinacionibus vicariarum

* Lincoln. dyocesis factis temporibus dñi Hugonis de Welles et successorum suorum Lincoln. episcoporum.'

The list is divided according to archdeaconries, and ends with the entries of the 'Archd. Oxon.' respecting ‘Godeshull' and 'Stangtone' Under the latter name is written 'Arch. Bucks.' as a correction See $ 10.

14. ff. 106–110. Ordinacio domus de Merton.'

From the date at the end this appears to be the second code of statutes (1267). See the Preface to and the Note on p. 37 of the Statutes of Merton College, Oxford, in Vol. I. of the Statutes of the Colleges of Oxford, 1853.

15. Stitched on to f. 110 is a document endorsed.

• Exoneratio ecclesiarum de Wobon et Stubton a pensionibus quas solebant solvere capitulo Lincoln. Et appropriatio ecclie de Hambledon eidem capitulo.'

The Bishop's letter is dated, Middelton juxta Oxon. Apr. 16. 1272. Pontif. 14.

16. ff. 111–2. A table of the contents of the volume.
The title of $ 6 has been supplied from this table.

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17. f. 112 b. “Bulla [Clementis VI.) pro reconce ecclie

. b lincolniensis.' Begins :

Deuocois tue precibus ... This is dated at Avignon 22 May, Pontif. 10. (1351), and is recited in a letter of the Bishop's dated Buckden, March 1st, 1354.

See the ‘Bulla Innocentii Sexti...' printed in Wilkins, Concilia, 11. p. 29.


Dd. x. 29.
A quarto, on vellum, containing ff. 439, in double columns,
with 44 lines in each column. Date, the xivth century.

On a fly-leaf at the beginning is a list of the books of the Bible; they
occur in the usual order, excepting that the Acts is after the Epistle to the

The usual prologues begin f. 1, and end f. 3, after which the leaf con-
taining the first three chapters of Genesis is lost: a leaf is also lost after
ff. 220, 301 and 355, this last containing the beginning of St Matthew.
After the last verse of the Revelation is the distich :

finito libro sit laus et gloria Christo

et nunc pro scripto reddatur cena magistro. The last four leaves contain a canon of the lessons, and other scribbling; and at the end is written, ' Iste liber constat Simoni Ffelbrycio heredibus et assignatis suis.'



Dd. x. 30. A small quarto, on paper, 13 leaves, about 20 lines in each page; handwriting of the xvuth century. It is bound up with the following MS. "A SURVEY OF THE Sciences in theire Vertues and Vanityes,

theire Fullnes and Defects' 'or, the Soule seeming by contemplation vanish'd from the Body, the Body suppos'd in search of the Soule.'

The dedication, addressed to the Reuerend and right worth D' John Oldesworth,' bears the name of ^ Rob. Dauenport.' The sciences' considered are Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Music, Arithmetic, Geometry, and Astronomy (the 'trivium’and quadrivium”). Begins (p. 7):

Where sweete freind shall I find you, gon in quest of true felicity? Ends (p. 25):

Obedience is no bondage where wee love.

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A parchment book, imperfect, formerly containing leaves with signatures in eights from A to Z and 2 symbols, with double columns of 30 lines each, written in the xivth century.

1. GALFREDUS MONUMETENSIS DE Gestis BRITONUM: imperfect. The MS. begins (f. B 1.) in Lib. 1. c. 15 of the editions (see No. 329):

hostes celeriter invasit. Audaciores pro inde surgentes... And breaks off in Lib. x. c. 12 (f. K. vii.):

... isti tunc libertatem quam illi eisdem demere [affectabant].
After an imperfect paragraph which ends with the date 'anno dñi mo.
xxvio.' there follows (f. O. 1.):

Robertus frater ducis ricardi iuuenis ...
And the narrative continues to a break (on f. O. vi.) after the words

...a duce normannorum Will’o superatus est.
The next column begins :

In diebus scissimi regis Edwardi et confessoris anno eiusdem penultimo Haroldus... The signatures between 0 and S are wanting.

The annals terminate 'Anno xlviiio regis Henrici' with the words (f. T. 11.):

.. sibi et suis emolumentum et regis nomen reseruans. Explicit. The chapters are indicated only by the initial letters. There are marginal notes in a somewhat later hand than the text.

2. Catalogus sive CHRONICA omnium pontificum et impera-
torum romanorum ... usque ad honorium tercium papam et ad
fredericum qui nunc ad imperium sublimatur.'
Begins (f. T. 11.):

Dominus nr ihc xpc primus et summus pontifex....
Ends (f. V. iv.):

Istius tempore christiani Damietam ceperunt, sed saraceni eam

postea recupauerunt.
The signature V is only in 4; and Y in 6.


After the ` Epistola Cornelii' as in the editions, (12mo Amsterd. 1630, and 8° Lond. 1825) the MS. begins (f. X. 1.):

Peleas rex peloponense (sic) essonem fratrem habuit... After the section, ending ‘Hucusque historia Daredis frigii,' which correspond to the final words of the editions, follows another, beginning, 'Quis


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