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5. Covenant to levy a Fine. Begins (fol. 11,5):

This Indenture made the day of — in the yeare of ye raigne of our soveraigne Lord James ... Ends (fol. 12, a):

to the only use of ye said Sir Arthur Herrys his heyres and assignes, and to no other use intent or purpose.

6. Formes for presentations to Adoowsons.' Begins (fol. 13, a):

To all Christian people to whome thes presents shall come... Ends

In the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and fifty an twoe.

7. Lease of a house for 21 years. Begins (fol. 14, a) :

Edward Horwood and Martha his wife for divers good causes and considerations them moveinge ... Ends (fol. 16, a):

... the said John Pedley his executors and assignes. In Wittnes whereof, &c.


The plea of John Woodward gent one of the defendants to the bill of complaint of Edward Rookwood.' Begins (fol. 16,b):

The defendant sayeth that he ought not to make any answere... Ends:

... prayeth to be dismissed with his costs and charges in this behalf wrongfully sustayned.

9. Writ of Outlawry. Begins (fol. 16,b):

Jacobus dei gratia Anglie Francie et Hibernie rex... Imperfect.

10. "The replication of Robert Fryth gent complainant to the severall answers of Edmund Cooke Esgr. and Lambard Cooke gent. defendants.' Begins (fol. 17, a):

The said replyant doth and will justifye mayntayne and averr... Ends :

... and he humbly prayeth as in his bill he hath prayed.

11. The Plea and demurrer of Elizabeth Pert widdowe defendant to parte and her answeare to other parte of the bill of Complaint of John Buxton and Margarett his wife complainants.' Begins (fol. 17, a):

The said defendant by protestation... Ends:

In this behalf wrongfully and without cause susteyned.

12. Covenants proper to houses in London.' Begins (fol. 18, a):

That he the same William his executors, administrators, and assignes... Ends :

Give up to the said Humfrey Fairfax his executors or assignes.

13. Grant of Arms by Clarencieux King at Arms, dated 1612. Begins (fol. 19, a):

To all and singular as well nobles and gentles as others... Ends:

And of Scotland the six and fourtieth.

14. Agreement between merchants as to their shares in a mercantile adventure. Begins (fol. 21, a):

This Indenture made the fourtenth daye of December anno domini 1608. Ends :

... the daye and yeares first above written.

15. Lease of an impropriate parsonage for 3 years.
Begins (fol. 22, a):
This Indenture made the

day of

in the yeares of the raigne ... Ends :

anything herein conteyned to the contrary notwithstanding. In Witnes, &c.

16. Letter of Attorney to deliver seisin. Begins (fol. 22, a):

Knowe all men by these presents, &c. Ends :

In the yeare of the raigne, &c.

17. Grant of Land in reversion.
Begins (fol. 23, a):

Hec indentura facta quarto die Aprilis...
Ends (fol. 23, b):

Cum eorum pertinentiis universis.
18. Articles of agreement for building a ship.


Dd. 11. 16, 17, 18.
Three Volumes, small folio, on paper, of 230 leaves each.

Miscellaneous Notes, Rhymes, Cabbalistic FORMULÆ, &c., in English, Latin, Greek and Hebrew. The entire is a mass of nonsense, and the author can scarcely have been of sane mind.

51, 52

Dd. 11. 19, 20.
Two small folios, on paper, of 242 and 233 leaves respectively,
containing various poems in doggerel Latin and other Miscel-
LANEA, in the same handwriting and by the same author as the

three preceding.

Dd. 11. 21. A large folio, on paper, 312 leaves, about 45 lines in each page, well written in a hand of the xviith century.


Several names, apparently of owners, had been inscribed at the beginning of the volumes, but all were afterwards erased except those of Anthony Parkinson' and 'John Harrigates.'


Dd. 11. 22. A small folio, on parchment, of 189 leaves, a full page containing about 70 lines. The handwriting is small, and of the xiv th century. The MS. is continuously paged throughout.

The first page contains an index to the contents of the volume, in which the titles of the treatises occur in a different order from that of the MS. itself. References to the present paging have been inserted.


1. pp. 2-79. “Προς θαλάσσιον περί διαφόρων απόρων, κ. τ. λ.'

φυσικόν μεν τοίς λογικούς ...
Ed. Combéfis, Paris 1675, 1. pp. 1-300.
Scholia are written in the margin.

2. pp. 79-85. “Προς θωμαν περί διαφόρων απόρων,
κ. τ. λ.

Απλανούς θεωρίας έξ έμμελούς...
Printed pp. 46—70 of Appendix to Joannis Scoti Erigene de Divisione
Naturæ, Oxon. 1681.

3. pp. 85-152. προς Ιωάννην αρχιεπίσκοπος Κυζίκου περί διαφόρων απόρων του Θεολόγου” [i. e. Gregory of Nazianzum]. Begins

'Επαινούνται μεν και τυχόν δικαίως ... Ends

... και μόνην απαιτούντι παρ' ημών θυσίαν την είς αλλήλους φιλανθρωπίαν. τέλος των σχολίων, κ. τ.λ. Part of this treatise, viz. from the commencement to p. 95,

... αβρόχοις διόδευσαν ίχνεσιν, has been printed pp. 1–45 of the Appendix to Jo. Scotus as above. The remainder, viz. pp. 95–152, from

θεωρία της διά της θαλάττης διαβαθείσης δυνάμεως διά Μωσέως. Ούτω τάχα και Μωυσής έκεινος ο μέγας τη πληγή ... to the end, does not seem ever to have been printed.

4. p. 152. “Περί των δύο φύσεων του Κυρίου και σωτήρος ημών Ιησού Χριστού. Begins

“ο 'Αρειος τας τρεις υποστάσεις... Ed. Combéfis, 11. 76—78.

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5. pp. 152-154. Προς Ιωάννην ότι ασώματός έστιν η ψυχή. Begins

Το τίμιον της υμετέρας... Εd. Combefs, I. 238-243.


Pp. 154, 155. “Προς Ιορδάνην περί του μετά θάνατον έχειν την ψυχήν την οικείαν ενέργειαν. Begins

Τη δευτέρα του ενεστώτος... Εd. Combefs, ΙΙ. 243-247.

7. pp. 155, 156. “Προς ηγουμένην περί τινος ασκητρίας εξελθούσης της οικείας μονής.' Begins

Oι της αληθείας κήρυκες ... Εd. Combefs, π. 255-259.

8. Pp. 156-163. «Εις την προσευχήν του πάτερ ημών. Begins

Αυτόν εδεξάμην τον θεοφύλακτον... Εd. Combéis, 1. 344-366.

9. pp. 163-164. Περί της κατά Θεόν λύπης. Begins

χαίρω και ευφραίνομαι... Ed. Combéfis, 11. pp. 231-235.

10. pp. 164-166. Επιστολή άλλη. Begins

Ο κατά σάρκα πόθος...
Εd. Combéfis, 11. pp. 248-251.

11. Pp. 166, 167. “Προς θαλάσσιον πρεσβύτερον. Begins

Τρία κάθως φασίν...
Εd. Combefs, ΙΙ. pp. 251-253.

12. pp. 167-172. “Προς Γεώργιον έπαρχον κ. τ.λ. Begins

ουδείς ούτω του φωτός ... Ed. Combéfis, 11. pp. 201—218.

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