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$8 4 and 6 are not mentioned, apparently, in any list of Wandalbert's known works. Trithemius speaks of his being the author of many works, which he himself had never seen.

The name 'J. B. Hautin' occurs f. 16.


Dd. XII. 55.
A 12mo, on paper, of 89 pages, in good preservation. It
contains the notes of some genealogist of the xvuth century, con-
sisting of the PEDIGREES of very many of the PrinceLY FAMILIES
of France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, also of the Royal Families
of England and Scotland.

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each page.


Dd. XII. 56.
A 12mo, on parchment, containing ff. 200, with 13 lines in

Date, the xvth century.

The Hours begin as usual f. 1, but after Sext some leaves are lost, and
ff. 66—82 are occupied with various psalms and prayers. In f. 82b the
‘Officium defunctorum' begins, and in f. 115, \ Benedictiones ante prandium
in cena domini,' 'a beneson devant manger,' &c. and then the 15 psalms,
7 psalms and litany, afterwards hymns and prayers to the Trinity, 'Comme-
morationes sanctorum,' &c. The MS. ends, f. 199, with the prayer, ‘Infir-
mitatem nostram quesumus domine,' &c.

To f. 110 is sewn a piece of another parchment leaf, on which a short
hymn, beginning, 'Christe Jesu bone cunctorum conditor alme,' and versicles,
are written; f. 130 is blank, with the exception of the initial letter, the rest
having been obliterated.

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Dd. XII. 57.
A duodecimo, on paper, of 146 leaves, written in the xviith
On the first page is ' Collectanea quædam e variis authorum sententiis.

Thomas Brathwait 1642.'
1. A Common-place Book containing extracts relating chiefly
to the Romish Controversy.

2. ff. 28–37. A Litany in behalf of a person at the point
of death.
Begins :

O Lord it is a great presumption...

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3. ff. 60-77. Oratio' habita apud Oxon". in Coll: Reg: pro grad. Mag: Maii 6to. A. D. 1647.'

4. ff. 97—102. A Sermon on Rom. xiii. 12.
5. ff. 137–146. An Index to the contents of the MS.

The names, James Castley, Francis Gibson, Thomas Eames, are also found on the fly-leaf at the beginning, and on the first two leaves.

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A small octavo, on paper, of the xviith century, legibly written, containing 120 pages of writing, partly paged, and a quantity of blank leaves at the end: the number of lines in each page about 40, more or less.

1. ANNOTATIONES Ex Tolero,' fol. 1. Begins :

De scientiarum et artium divisione, Omnis scientia ab Aristotele 2 Meta. cap. 1. in speculativam et practicam distinguitur. Cardinal Tolet's Commentaries on Aristotle's Logic were published in 1596. See the Bodleian Catalogue.

2. Ex Keckermanno de Voce,' fol. 44 b.

Consists of an abstract of the first 17 chapters of Keckermann's 1st book
of Systema Logicum (Opera, tom. i. pp. 553—625. Ed. Col. All. 1614)
The last words of the MS. are,

Forma certa et specifica est determinata certæ materiæ.
At one end of the book is written the name Nathaniell Hind.'


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A small paper book, in 12mo, which according to Nasmith was formerly bound in green velvet, and was given to this library by Edward Cannon, M.A., Fellow of King's College. It is now in boards, and contains on 100 pages,


This is an autograph by King Edward VI, and is dedicated to his uncle the Duke of Somerset, with the date, ‘De mon palais de Ouestinester cez Londres ce penultime iour d'Aoust, 1549'. The dedication begins, ' Apres avoir considéré (trescher et bien aymé oncle) combien ceux desplaisent à Dieu, qui despendent tout leur temps en folies et vanitéz de ce monde...' See Athenæ Britan. p. 118, 12mo, 1716.


Dd. XII. 60.
A duodecimo, on paper, of 130 leaves, of which 69 are blank.
A collection of MEDICAL RECEIPTS.

The book is begun at both ends. The name of Edward Webb as the owner is inscribed on a fly-leaf. 1657.

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An octavo, on vellum, of 123 leaves; of the xunth century.
The book begins :

[P]unctus est illud cujus pars non est.

Continet totus liber iste cccc lxv proposita et propositiones et xv porismata, præter anxiomata singulis libris præmissa; proposita quidem infinitivis propositiones vero indicativis explicans. Deo Gratias.

This volume contains a Latin translation from the Arabic of the Enun-
ciations, &c. of the Elements of Euclid, as far as the Vth proposition of the
15th book inclusive. There are figures supplied in the margin as far as to
the XVIIth proposition of the 3rd book : there are some also in the 9th.
These as well as many of the initial letters are executed in red oil-colour.
There are constructions and demonstrations for many of the enunciations,
in general terms, and preceding the enunciations. Here and there strictures
upon Euclid are inserted.
On the first fly-leaf is inscribed,

Abbas gherardus poelgheest venerandus in Egmont
Istum cum multis libris reparavit honeste

Anno Domini mo cccco lxyo,
In the last page, inserted between the text,

Iste liber pertinet ad claustrum sancti Adalberti levite Christi in Egmunda si quis alienaverit sit Anathema. Amen.

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A paper book, in quarto, of about 600 pages, written in the x vith century, containing

1. A short Description of England, with an explanation of some of the old names of counties, towns, &c., arranged alphabetically.

2. A Chronological Table, from the Creation to the year of our Lord 1600, with an Index of the Persons named therein.

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Dd. XII. 63.
A quarto, on paper, of 55 leaves, containing about 27 lines in

a page.


Written “per Joannem De la Vache, die Annunciationis
B. Mariæ, 1633 A.D.'

Doctrinæ Christianæ breve quoddam compendium...
Ends :

... in mala labuntur.
Another treatise by the same author, in similar handwriting and ink,
occurs Dd. xiv. 27. § 1.

It is bound up with the two following MSS.

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Dd. XII. 64.
A quarto, on paper, of 22 leaves (the last 16 paged), written
in the xviith century.

1. ff. 1-4. 'A Contemplation of the Golden Calfe.'
Begins :

Man naturally affectes variety...
Ends :

... of their God's honour.
At foot are the initials W. F.

2. ff. 6-22. Two Sermons, on Rom. v. 12, and Galat. vi. 1.
Dedicated to Mrs Katherine Ferrers, by S. Wadhus.
Begin :

This Chapter is a picture of ourselves ..

... enter into heaven thorow Jesus Christ. Amen.


Dd. XII. 65.
A small quarto, on paper, of 222 pages, in good preservation,

It contains HERALDIC COLLECTIONS, made at a date not earlier than 1625. It commences with folio 14, and its contents are

1. Of the privileges and dignities of a Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Baron, and their wives and children.-fol. 14.

2. • The placinge of all estates of men [and women] accordinge to their degrees.'—fol. 18.

3. The proceedinge to the Parlement at Westminster from the Pallace there called Whitt-hall.'-fol. 196.

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4. The placinge of great Officers accordinge to the Acte of Parlement made in anno 31 Henrici VIII.'—fol. 21.

5. • The number of morners at funeralls accordinge to the degree and estate of the defuncte.'--fol. 22.

6. “Liverys for Noblemen and Gentlemen at the interremente of every man according to his estate.'--fol. 22.

7. The order and manner of apparell for great estate of Women in time of mourninge.'—fol. 23.

8. • The ordinances, statutes and rules made by John Lo: Tiptofte, Earle of Worcester, Constable of England by the King's commaundemend at Winsor, 29 day of Maye anno sexto Edwardye quarti, to be obserued and kepte in all manner Justes of Peaces royall within this realme of England, reserving always to the Queene and to the Ladies present the attribution and gyfte of the prise after the manner and forme accustomed, to be attributed for their demeretes accordinge to the articles ensuinge.'—fol. 25.

9. "The sise of banners, standards, pennons, guidons, pensels, and streamers.'--fol. 27 b.

10. “The making of a Knight Bannerett in the feeld.'--fol. 29 b.

11. Figures for Ermines for the Queen, Peeresses, &c.fol. 31.

12. · The proceedinge to the funerall of a Great Estate.'— fol. 406. 13. For the funeralls of a marquess.'-fol. 42

· The Nobillitie placed accordynge to their degrees and after the auncientie of their creation, 1577.'—fol. 44.

15. For the funeralls of an Erle.'--fol. 45 b.

16. The proceadinge to the funeralls of an Erle to the Churche, somtymes on horsback and somtymes on foote.'—fol. 466.

17. • Lyveries for noble weemen at the entertaynment of any great estate.'--fol. 48.

18. "The discomoditie that may happen to an armye from lacke of ensignes.'—fol. 50.

19. Fee dewe to certayne of the King's servants of every newe dubbed Bachelor Knight.'—fol. 52.


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