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15. pp. 184-188. « Προς Πέτρον αλλούστριον...' Begins

"Εδειξεν ως αληθώς ... Ends

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16. pp. 188--195. “Περί κοινού και ιδίου. Begins

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17. pp. 195-206. Παρασημείωσις της γενομένης ζητήσεως κ. τ.λ.) Begins

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18. pp. 206–210. Προς Μαρίνον' Begins

Σκοπόν θέμενος ...
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Αλλά τούτοις...
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Αλλά μηδείς...
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Νούν μέντοι...
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22. Pp. 214, 215. “Προς τους λέγοντας ότι κ.τ.λ.) Begins

πρώτον μεν ... Ends

... κατηγορείται. Ed. Combéfis, 11. pp. 31, 32.

23. pp. 215-218. “Τόμος δογματικός κ. τ.λ. Begins

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Ουσία και φύσις... Ends

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Αυτός θεοτίμητε...
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“ Begins

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28. pp. 227-239. Περί του τίνων σύμβολα...' Begins

Πώς σοφώτερος ...
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29. pp

Pp. 239-241. “Ερμηνεία εις τον νθ' ψαλμόν. Begins

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[blocks in formation]

32. pp. 253-261. “Αιρετικού φρονούντος. Begins

Πού γέγραπται...
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33. pp. 261-264. Διάλεξης Μακεδονιαστού, κ. τ.λ. Begins

Σώμα ανθρωπίνου ...
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PP. :

264-267. «'Απολλιναριαστού. Begins

θεού ενεργήσαντος... Ed. Combéfis, 11. pp. 472–484.

35. pp. 267, 268. “Τί το καταληπτικόν κ. τ.λ.) Begins

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36. pp. 268-283. “Το πανευφήμω Πατρικίω.' Begins

Επειδή σε ... Ends

... το φμε'.


This has been printed by Petavius in his Uranologion, Paris, 1630, pp. 313–357. Another section of the same work follows, pp. 283–296 of the MS. with various tables and calendars. The text begins

Κρατούμεν τας από Θωθ ημέρας...
and ends

...περί ημάς γάρ έστιν η σελήνη. .
37. Pp. 297–305. Λόγος ασκητικός κ. τ.λ.)

' Άδελφός ήρώτησε...
Ed. Combéfis, 1. pp. 367–393.

38. Pp. 305-324. Προς 'Ελπίδιον.

Ιδού προς το ...
Ed. Combéfis, 1. pp. 394—458.

39. Pp. 324—378. “Περί θεολογίας.

Eis eros avapxos ...
Ed. Comb. 1. pp. 461–634.

The MS. has been bound up with a few leaves containing portions of Jerome's Commentary on Zephaniah and Haggai, in double columns, apparently of xiv th century.

There are some notes on a paper fly-leaf as to the date of the MS., from a catalogue of emperors which it contains, which however only proves it not to have been written earlier than 921 A.D.


Dd. II. 23.
A folio, on paper, 16 leaves, in good preservation.

•A BREEFE OF THE STATE OF THE HONORES MANNORES AND LANDES WITHIN THE QueenEs Jointure which are demizeable, with the annual rente of each Honore and Manore, together with the name of the Stewarde, Bayliffe and feodaries.'

It is a report to Queen Henrietta Maria’s Lord High Steward, made apparently shortly after the year 1631.


Dd. II. 24. A paper book, in folio, bound up with MS. 55, contains 336 pages, written in the xvuth century.


1. "Rotulus Parliamenti de anno quinto Edwardi secundi.

pp. 1-28.


gaps in this copy are more numerous than in that printed in Rolls of Parliament, Vol. 1. pp. 281–6.

2. * Rotulus Parliamenti tenti apud Westm in Octav. Sci Hillar. Anno regni Regis Edvi Scdi Octavo,' is the title on p. 29.

Printed Ibid. pp. 287–333.
3. "Parl. 8 and 9 E. 2,' is the running title after p. 209 to

p. 270.

Printed Ibid. pp. 334-349.

*Parl. 9 E. 2,' is the running title on pp. 274–332, after the title on p. 273, beginning Memoranda de Parliamento ... tento apud Lincoln... On the last three pages are many gaps.

Printed Ibid. pp. 350_364.

5. “Parl. 19 E. 2,' is the running title to the last three pages, after the title on p. 333, beginning 'Ex rotulo claus ...'

Printed Ibid. p. 430.

At the end, on p. 336, is written in red ink,'exaiatur,' and so on p. 209; on pp. 28, and 270, 332, 'exaiatur quoad:' whence it would appear that this MS. was collated for the printed edition of the Rolls of Parliament. (See Vol. 1. p. 481).

[blocks in formation]

A folio, on paper, containing about 130 pages, bound


with the three following numbers.

1. “A Remonstrance delivered his Matie in writinge after the Inhibition .... not to proceede in the examininge his right to Impose without the assent of Parliament.'

This is that presented by the Lower House in 1610, and printed with the two following articles under the title 'The Rights of the People concerning Impositions...... By a late eminent Judge of this Nation.' 12mo. London, 1658. The treatise was also ordered by the House of Commons, 20 Maii 1641, to be published.

2. •The Question is, whether the Kinge without assent of Parliament, may set Impositions upon the wares and goods of Merchants exported and ymported, out of, and into the Realme.'

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