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Begins :

Προοίμιον. Την εν τώ αστρολάβω της επιφανείας εξάπλωσιν, και
των εν αυτώ καταγεγραμμένων τας αιτίας ...
Ends :

•.. και πόσαις τούτου μοίραις διέστηκεν επιθάτερα. Τελος. το δε θες
δόξα αιωνιός.
Concerning this work and its author, see Fabricius, Bibl. Gr. Vol. x.
pp. 639, 650. Also See Morelli, Biblioth. Venet. p. 216.

This copy has belonged to Φεδερικός μορέλλος.

There is a preface by Maximus Murgunius, in the form of a dedication,
“τω εκλαμπροτάτω και μεγαλοπρεπεστάτω ανδρί κυρίω Ιακώβω τω Γερ-

οι μεν πολλοί των ανθρώπων οις η πάσα του βίου σπουδή...
Ending :

... έρρωμένως μοι διαβιώης ψυχή τε και σώματι πρέσβεων εκλαμπρό


Here follows, by the same author, a complimentary. Greek epigram, to
the same :

Hύγε φανοτάτου λαμπρόν σελας ήελίοιο...
...είνεκα σων αρετών, είνεκα σών χαρίτων.

Dd. XV, 28. 882

An oblong paper book, of which the pages are numbered from 107 to 212, besides a table of contents, neatly written, in 1666.

- «OFF THE ART OF DISCERNING Men, continued by James Boerey of the Inner Temple, esquire.'

On p. 212 is ‘Huc usque James Boerey, 1666.'


Dd. XV. 29.
A small square 24mo, on paper and parchment, of 236 leaves,
apparently of the xvth century.

1. ff. 1–48 a. A SUMMARY of the early part op Genesis,
followed by an Account of the natures, &c. of 42 ANIMALS,

In Spanish, as also $$ 2, 4, 5.

Dio cree lo cel e la terra...

... del Settenas.
2. f. 48 0–93. Lo tracta de la pecca. On Vices.

. . · li .' .
Begins :

Sant Johan reconita...





... Parolla de Dio, &c.
3. ff. 97-132. 'De imposicione Penitentie.'
Begins :
Sequitur videri


Ends :

. de peccatis dolere.
4. ff. 133–168. A treatise On Sins.
Begins :

Alcuus volon ligar...
Ends :

... Al besognos misericordia obrey3.
5. ff. 169-176. A treatise with the title · Herman.'
Begins :

Langlus dis a herman...

Canon eu la fossa.
6. ff. 178—188. De officio viri et uxoris.'
Begins :

Non tantum cives debent...

. Christum hoc faciat rex.
7. ff. 189—220. De Apostolis, de penitentia, &c.
Begins :

Post gloriosam Christi ascensionem...

.. effectum hec ille, Amen.
8. ff. 220—227. Tabula parabolarum, and various notes on
points of theology.

9. ff. 229--236.

Theological Notes in Spanish, imperfect. 884

Dd. xv. 30. A small square 24mo, on parchment, of 247 leaves, written in the xvth century. In Spanish, except § 1, which is Latin.

1. ff. 144. Six Psalms, with the beginning of St John's Gospel.

2. ff. 5–23. Glosa Pater Noster.'

O tu lo nostre payre...
3. ff. 23–38. Trecenas i. ii. iii. io.'

Frayre sabent..

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4. ff. 38–47. Doctor.' A Treatise on Confession.
Begins :

Isidori dis la confession...
5. ff. 48-55. Penas.' On Penance.
Begins :

Dio cree lome...
6. ff. 55–63. Li goy de Paradis.'
Begins :

Dio done anos loben...
7. ff. 63–78. La Pistola de li amie.'
Begins :

Atuit li fidel amie...
8. ff. 78—117. Poems, entitled Nouvel Confort,'Nouvel
Symon,' • Nobla leçon,” • Payre eternel,' · Barca.'

A quest nouvel confort...
9. ff. 122—225. On the Commandments, followed by para-
graphs on various Virtues and Vices.

Begins :
Lo prumier Comandament...

10. ff. 225-247. Sermons.
Begins :

Mas yo die anos... The MS. is imperfect at both ends. On the first and last leaf is written 'Albert possesseur,' and at the foot of the first page 'A Mons'. Morland par son serviteur... 1636.'

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Dd. xv. 31. 885

A small oblong 24mo, on paper, of 101 leaves; written in the xvith century. In Spanish.

1. ff. 1–13. De la Confession.'
Begins :

Confessa di nostre peca ...
2. ff. 14–16. De la tremor del Segnor.'

La temor del segnor
3. ff. 17–53. Tribulacions,' in 7 chapters.
Begins :

Motas sou las tribulacions...

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4. ff. 53–63. A life of Job.'
Begins :

Baron era en la terra ...
5. ff. 63—101. A life of Tobias.'

Tobia fo del terp...
The MS. concludes with a fragment of' la noble leyçon, filling a page
and a half, the last words being,

... non po saber sa fin..

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A small oblong 24mo, on parchment, of 91 leaves ; written in the xvth or xvith century. In Spanish. Imperfect at both ends. 1. ff. 1–3. A fragment on Diseases.

Begins :

.mem de chascun ...
2. ff. 4–56. On Tribulation, from S. Isidore.

Las tribulacions da questa vita ...
3. ff. 57–61. On Man's State.
Begins :

Dio bat home...
4. ff. 62—70. On Sadness or Sorrow.
Begins :

Salamon dis non donar tristitia ...
5. ff. 70–86. On the means of Salvation.
Begins :

Atuit li fidel lûmes....
6. ff. 87—91. De Penitentia,' a fragment.

Begins :

Lo es cosa necessaria ...

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A square 24mo, on paper, of 97 leaves. On the first page is the date 1511.

1. ff. 1-40. A treatise on Latin Grammar.
Begins :

Interrogationem factam ...
Some leaves are occupied with other matter; e.g. 'Flores Legum :' and
three are blank.

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2. ff. 41-60. Extracts from Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Ecclesiasticus, with some at the end from S. Gregory.

3. ff. 61–68. A religious Poem. In Spanish.
It is headed ‘Mettra ceueche.'
This is followed by a fragment occupying one leaf, ‘Liber Arithmeticus.'

4. ff. 70–92. Miscellanea ; in Latin.

On the states of human life, virtues, vices, followed by Versus morales, ' Exhortation de bien vivre et bien mourir,' in French ; 'optima consilia,' &e.

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A small quarto, on parchment, of 119 leaves ; written in the xvth centary; in Spanish, Imperfect.

VERSIONS of various Books of SCRIPTURE, with a Gloss on the Gospels of St Matthew, St Luke, and St John, in the following order:

St James (a fragment, containing the last chapter); St Peter, - Ep. 1. and Ep. 11. as far as the beginning of chapter ii., then a Gloss on the above Gospels, beginning in the middle of the 7th chapter of St Matthew; 1st Epistle to the Corinthians, Epistles to the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Timothy, Titus; Hebrews, ch. xi.; Proverbs, ch. v. ; Wisdom, ch. v. ; Acts of the Apostles, down to ch. xxvi. 4.

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Dd. xv. 35.


A 12mo, on vellum, containing ff. 476, in double columns, with 52 lines in each column. Date, the xvth century.

Biblia VulgATA Sancti HIERONYMI. The first 4 leaves are blank; the usual prologues follow, and Genesis begins f. 8. The prologue to St Matthew follows the end of Maccabees in f. 351 without any break: the Revelation ends f. 440 b, and the rest of the volume is occupied by the index of names.

It was given to the University in June, 1817, by the Rev. Dr Seale, late Fellow and Tutor of Christ's College.


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