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The discussion begins (p. 6):

Three things have been debated in this Parliament that have much concerned the right of the whole nation... Ends (p. 131):

I will end with the sayinge of that true honest Councellor Phillip Commines in his 5 booke the 18 chapter. That it is more honourable... ...and I have priuelidges soe to doe.

3. “After the Kinges right to Impose had been throughly examined in Parliament ... this hereafter was given concerning Impositions.' It begins (p. 128):

The pollicye and constitution of this your ma' kingdome......
Ends (p. 131):

...who will be thereby no less discouraged than disabled to supplie
yo' matie when occasion shall serue.
See under the first article.

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A folio, on parchment, formerly bound in wood, but now between the same covers as MSS. 57 and 59 and 60.

On a fly-leaf is the title,


1. Fundatio comunarum Cantariorum et choristarum inter Collegium et M. Jacobum Denton indentata.' f. 1.

Dated 17 April, 1520. 11 H. VIII.

2. 'Indentura inter Collegium ex vna parte et Cantarios ac Choristas huius Collegii ex altera parte.' f. 2.

This Indenture made the 18 April, 11 H. VIII. is in English.

3. The implementys geven vnto the new Comonys by M. James Denton. ...' f. 4 b.

This is an inventory of the furniture of The Hall, The Pantrye, The Kechyn, The Cooks Chamber, The Storehouse, with the cost of the several articles, together with “The cost and charge of the newe byldyng.' and *The beying of howses and lands.' The accompt is dated 3rd September, 1520.

4. What suffrages the said M. James Denton desireth to be observed and kept of the Chauntrey prests and Choresters.' f. 8.

At the bottom of the page is, 'God saue Maister James Denton Channon of Wyndesore.

5. “Here folowyth the chargs and costs made by the saide M. James Denton from the iiij day September (1520)' f. 8 6.

At the bottom of the page (8 b), 'Et sit laus deo, diue virgini Marie, divo Georgio, et sto Edwardo.'

6. Statuta et ordinaciones per Cantarios infra castrum de Wyndesore degentes auctoritate Decani et Capituli huius Collegii edita et facta.' f. 96.

These statutes, with the exception of the last ordinance, are in English; they are dated 20 October, 1522, and signed by Ja. Denton and four canons, chauntry priests.

The above six Articles have each the signature of Ja. Denton, besides various marginal notes in his handwriting.

7. The Will of the said James Denton made 1 Aug. 18, Hen. VIII. with the signatures of himself and six witnesses. f. 14.

Then follow in another hand,

8. • Decreta quædam et statuta, quæ edita sunt unanimi consensu et consilio omnium sacellanorum seu cantaristaram, ... et per decanum et capitulum rata et approbata. ...' f. 16.

At the end of the 20th Statute on f. 19 b is, 'Post Lectionem statutorum dicat De profundis.'

On the inside of the original cover at the beginning is, ‘Superscriptio in valuis Sacellanorum et Choristarum. Ædes pro sacellanorum et choristarum conviviis, extructa anno dñi 1519.'

At the top of the same page in another handwriting is, 'At Mr Glovers howse in dishestaffe lane at the signe of the blue boare for Mr Willson canon of Windesor.'


Dd. II. 27. A folio, on paper, bound up with the preceding, and containing Lists of printed Books, all of which were published before 1607.

The first list is of Theological Works, and is imperfect, commencing with the letter B. (p. 1).

On p. 37 begins an alphabetical list of Libri Juris utriusque.'

On p. 63, ‘Libri Medici.' On p. 77, ‘Libri Chemici.'

On p. 79, Libri Philosophici ac Historici,' of which the list terminates (p. 101) with the letter P.

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A folio, on paper, consisting of 35 leaves ; it is bound up with MSS. 57, 58, 59, and is in the same handwriting throughout.

A COLLECTION OF Medical Recipes for various affections, with remarks and advice as to regimen and diet, each recipe bearing a reference to Nicholaus Florentinus.

The first recipe is entitled 'To purge the evil matter that swimeth in the stomach by gentle vomitt,' and is subscribed, ‘Nichus Florentinus Tractat. 4 pag. 35. d.' The last, (p. 70 of MS.) ascribed to Gordonius, relates to the treatment of Singultus,' and contains several ingredients. It is subscribed, 'p. 81. c. d.'

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A small folio, of 151 leaves of parchment, written in double columns of 38 lines each. Apparently of the xin th century.

1. "Sancti Augustini Retractationum Libri duo.'
Jam diu est quod facere...

Opp. Paris. 1836. 1. col. 21.
2. 'Aurelii beati Augustini de Achademicis Libri tres.'
O utinam Romaniane ...

Opp. I. col. 421. 3. Liber beati Augustini de beata vita ad Manlium Theodorum.' Begins Si ad philosophie portum ...

Opp. 1. col. 497.
4. Ejusdem de Ordine Rerum Libri duo.'
Ordinem rerum Zenobi ...

Opp. I. col. 529.

5. "Libri duo Soliloquiorum Sancti Augustini.'
Volventi mihi ...

Opp. I. col. 597.
6. · Liber Sancti Augustini Episcopi de immortalitate anime.'
Si alicubi est disciplina ...

Opp. I. col. 649.
7. Liber Sancti Augustini Episcopi de quantitate anime.'
Quoniam video te Adeodatus habundare ...

Opp. 1. col. 677.
8. Liber beati Augustini Episcopi de Magistro.'
Augustinus. Quid tibi videmur efficere ...

Opp. I. col. 887. The proper portion of the Liber Retractationum is repeated by way of preface in front of each of the other seven treatises.


Dd. II. 30.
See Catalogue of Oriental MSS.

Dd. II. 31. 63

A small folio, on paper, 298 pages, of about 48 lines each ; handwriting of the xvith century.

1. Praxis FRANCISCI CLARKE, tam jus dicentibus quam aliis omnibus qui in Foro Ecclesiastico versantur apprime utilis,' is the title given by Thomas Bladen, who edited the work (Dublin, 1666). The arrangement of the Edition varies from that of the present MS.; e.g. - Tit. 347' of the latter corresponds with Tit. cccxxvin' of the printed copy. .

2. On p. 247 commences a shorter and distinct treatise entitled:


This is also printed, Lond. 1743.
Mark of ownership: 'Gulielmus Thomas, Jan. 27, 1634.






Dd. 11. 32.
A small folio, on paper, 85 leaves.

THE ART OF PREACHING. A treatise on the composition of a Sermon, being a translation from Mr Claude, Minister of Charanton in Paris. Translated by L. D. M.'

It only contains the first six chapters of the treatise, with a brief summary of the seventh chapter. Begins

There are five general parts in a sermon ...

... enter upon self-examination.
At the foot is added,

“Ther is to follow in another volumne a Translation of the contenuation, viz. the Eyght Ninth and Tenth Chapters.' See Dd. ix. 40.

The treatise has been several times printed both in French and English.

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A small folio, on paper, 189 leaves, written early in xvith century.

THE INSTRUCTION OF Novices. A translation from the Latin Formula Novitiorum ;' and divided into three books, the first of which is entitled, the instruction of novices,' the second, the reformation of the soul,' the third, “the perfecting in religion.' Wrytten by the hand of Thomas Prestins brother of Syon.'

Translated, with some omissions, from the Treatise of David de Augusta (De ordine minorum), vid. Bibl. Max. Patt. xxv. p. 869. Lug. Bat. 1677.


Dd. II. 34.
A folio, on paper, containing 161 leaves.

SUNDRY REMEDIES collected out the DR. DAN. SINNERTUS his workes, and put into English by D. B. for his owne pticular use.

The first 4 leaves contain the index, which is entitled, 'An Alphabeticall Index or Table to the medicines or Receipts following, collected out of Dr. Daniell Sinertus his workes, conteyned in 3 Tomes translated by Dru Burton, for the use of himself, and his Friends.' Upon the top of the first page of the Recipes is found the Title as above given. The first Recipe is for 'A cooling Aperient, and is subscribed, “Sinertus, Tom. j. pag. 774.'

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