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The last few pages contain a treatise on the pathology and treatment of various convulsive affections. The last words of the MS. are ‘Concerning the cure of the convulsion vitio uteri, see Galen Lib. vi. “de locis affectis,"

cap. 3.'


67, 68,

Dd. II. 35, 36, 37. 69

Three middle-sized folios, on paper, from 25 to 30 lines in a page. The first volume contains 338 leaves, the second 341, and the third 472, including blanks.

THE LECTURES OF CAROLUS RUYNUS AT BOLOGNA Civil Law, delivered in the years 1517, 1518, 1519, 1520, 1521, and taken down by a pupil Hieronymus Fons, in whose handwriting the volumes appear to be. Vol. I. (fol. 1 a), begins :

Rubrica ff. soluto matrimonio, lecta ac repetitio per excellentissimum dominum Carolum Ruynum Regiensem. In civitate Bononiæ anno 1518. Ends (fol. 323, b):

secus in repe. rei legate sz Bar Ind. 1. in repetendis.

Dicere solemus quod omnes homines natura scire desiderant, hoc autem de facili adimplere poterimus deo parente atque pro

In the foot of p. 1,‘Es al S. Doctor Bernardo Constantin mro. escuela y provisor de Cadiz.'

On the 1st fly-leaf, ‘Compre este libro y otros tres de la misma lect. de Carolo Ruyno. 3. de Abril de 1562 por diez & seis reales. :De cosme Constantin que fua heredero del doctor Berdo. Constantin in escuela y provisor 9 fue de Cadiz. P. Nunez.

Vol. II. (fol. 1 a), 'Lectura exmi. & q. monarchi dni Caroli Ruini Regini Bononiæ anno 1519.

Quoniam, ut ait ille philosophus omnes homines natura scire deside rant ideo omni studio curandum est, &c.

At foot of page, este libro es al doctor Berd. Constantin mro escuela y provisa de Cadiz

Fol. 336, a, 'Finita est hec repetitio dñi Caroli Ruyni regiensis Jur. utri. monarchi in Gymnasio Patavino. Finis.' Vol. III. fol. 1.

Sequitur Ruba. lex po. 2et 3o. de lega. po. recollecta per me Hieronimum Font. sub. dño Carolo Ruyno Regien. preceptori meo Bononiæ año dni 1520 tertia die mensis novembris melius fidelius quam potui. Begins:

Et primo venio ad glo. rubæ que dividitur in duas partes.'
At the foot,

' Es ab s. doctor Berdo. Constantin mro scuela y provisor de Cadiz.'

Fol. 467,b. Itaque huc et non amplius legit dominus Carolus Ruynus de isto propter calores immensos Ideo ne mireris si lectura est imperfecta 1521. xvni. Julii udxxi.'

Respecting the author see the Supplement to the Biographie Universelle.


Dd. 11. 38.
See Catalogue of Oriental MSS.


Dd. 1. 39.

A folio, on paper, containing the two following tracts.

1. An abstract of certain observations, notes and other things in the parliament holden at Westminster, beginninge the 27 of October beinge Symon and Judes daie 1601. 43 Elizabeth, and ended the 19 of December 1601 aforesaid with the manner of proceedings &c. collected by Heyward Townsend of Lincolnse Inne.' This is the title at the top of a leaf marked 2.

Printed in ‘Historical Collections, by H. Townsend, London, 1680' (pp. 173–336). There is added, in the MS., a memorandum relating to the behaviour of the Commons on the Queen's leaving : after which follows a Catalogue of the several Acts passed in this Parliament.

2. "A true relatione of every dayes proceeding in Parliament since the beginning thereof being tuesday the xxth of January 1628.

Written on different paper and in a different hand from the preceding.

There is a tractDiurnal occurrences &c. Jan. 20—March 10, 1628, 4to. London, 1641. (Brit. Mus. 12. F. g. 12).

See also Parl. Hist. 11. 435–492.
Begins (p. 1):

Upon the said Twentieth day of January being the first day of the
Parliament [i. e. of the session] nothing was done but only the settling of
the committees.
Ends (p. 130) with the form of dissolution by the Lord Keeper after

the King's speech on March 10th. 72

Dd. II. 40. A folio, on paper, 88 leaves, in good preservation. Containing various EXTRACT

CTS FROM THE PATENT AND CLOSE Rolls of Escheats, Inquisitiones post mortem, and similar documents.

Amongst them are several lists of the feoffs and lands of Edmund Earl of Cornwall, (temp. Edw. I.), and Edward Duke of Cornwall, (temp. Edw. II.)

[blocks in formation]

A folio, on paper, containing 118 leaves ; it is bound up with MS. 72, and is in the same handwriting throughout.

•SUNDRIE RARE IMPROVED REMEDIES, for the safe curing of moste kinde of diseases, collected out of the learned workes of the best Phisitions, in these later times, who were famous either in the chief Universities, or in the courts of the Emperor and other Princes, or in great Citties, faithfully digested by the most learned and most diligent JOHANNES GEORGIUS SCHENCKIUS of Grafenburge into 7 centuries; the greatest number whereof are translated by Drue Burton, for his owne and his friends' use.'

There are 12 pages previous to the 'Remedies, of which the first 4 contain a treatise on Dysuria extracted from the works of Lazarus Riverius, the next 7 contain ‘A perfect Alphabeticall Index or Table for the readie finding of the several remedies (for moste kinde of diseases) conteyned in this Booke,' and the 12th page contains a treatise on certain Urinary Affections, with an account of the treatment and cure of a case of Diabetes by Lazarus Riverius. Upon the top of the first page of the Remedies is the 'Title' as above, and also a marginal note to the effect that 'Many things more are added out of the very same learned Authors which are not in Schenckius and out of the learned phisition Lazarus Riverius.' The first Remedy is for Weakness of sight,' and is as follows, “The Root Valerian is a principall helpe for weakness of the Sight, and for that cause Cattes are so much delighted in it: it is subscribed Hier. Tragus: schen : p. 35. At the end of the MS. are found several pages containing regulations with regard to diet. They are subscribed, Ant. Fumanellus de Senum regimine pag. 16.

[blocks in formation]

A middle-size folio, on paper, containing in all 108 leaves.

1. Reports of Hilary Term, 15 Jas. I. in King's Bench and Pasch. et Trin. 16 Jas. I. Folios numbered 1 to 41.

2. Reports in B. R. in Mich. and Hill. 20 Jas. I. Folios numbered 1 to 58.

This volume contains a good many cases not reported in Croke.
The first case is that of Mawett and Samuel. A case of arbitration:

Deux submitt eux memes al Arbitre M'. Dancer de touts suits quarrells et demands.

The last case 16 Trin. Jac. ends :

il agree que le rejoinder fut vitious per default d'un travers et il done 3 rules concernant Traverses. The first case Mich. 20 Jac. begins :

Nota que in le case de Serjeant Hitcham et Sir Robert Nauton, &c. The last ends :

uncore pur ceo que le pl. ne mre qu'il ad eigne tytle Judgement.

[blocks in formation]

A folio, on paper, containing
Collections from · Mountaine his Essayes.' pp. 1–29.
Collections from The Historye of Scanderbegge.' pp. 30–2.
Collections from Charron, de Sapientiâ.' pp. 33–46.
Collections from · Sleiden's Comentaries. pp. 47–72.
Collections out of Perkins.'


Collections out of the Vocall Forist.' pp. 107–111.
Collections out of Donne's Lettres.' pp. 112-118.

Excerpta ex Marcelli Paling : Signis Yodiacis. pp. 119–122. About 10 blank leaves follow, stained by damp like the rest of the book. Beneath the book-plate on the fly-leaf may be distinguished ‘E. Revell.'

[blocks in formation]

A small folio, on paper, 106 leaves, many of which are blank. Writing at both ends of the volume.

Note Book Of A Law Student, containing

1. A Summary of Civil Law arranged tabularly, occupying 56 leaves.

2. Miscellaneous notes from the Christian fathers and upon matters religious and ecclesiastical, occupying 11 leaves.

At the other end of the book, two leaves in a hand scarcely legible. On the third begins a treatise De diversis regulis juris antiqui, which is left unfinished.

Then follow 24 leaves of scribbled notes on various theological and ecclesiastical matters.

On the first leaf is the name of William Howson.'

3. The remainder of the MS. contains a collection of Theological notes, irregularly written from both ends, on 33 leaves : besides which there are 14 leaves blank. Two pages of similar matter occur in the middle of 1. The first page is headed MISCELLANEA.


Dd. II. 45. A folio, on paper, forming the first two-thirds of a Volume, entitled Tractatus MS. Dd. 11. 46–45,' containing 163 pages, as marked in the MS., but some are blank.

VARIOUS REMEDIES FOR DISEAses, and several dissertations as to the pathology and treatment of different diseases, taken by Drue Burton from various authors.

There are 4 pages preceding the first of the Remedies, of which three are occupied by an Alphabetical Index of the contents of the MS. and the fourth contains eighteen 'Wholesome Rules for health,' from Dr. Hidron. Donzellinus, Consil. 229, 676, &c., and also one from Sinnertus, Tom. III. p. 294. L. 10.

The first recipe is ‘To make the belly lose or soluble that is costif or bounde,' subscribed Crato, Lib. 4. pag. 60.

At p. 145 there is a break off in the MS., the last few lines having reference to the treatment of Quartan Fever, by Dr Balthazar Scheiderus. Consil. 260, p. 778 and 779. At p. 159 of MS. there commence some remedies entirely directed to the cure of the Plague, and are taken from Mindererus, with the exception of one from the ‘Pharmacopea Augustana,' p. 560, extolling the virtues of Ginger, and one for making purgative pills, which was 'imparted to me by Mr. W. Eugler.' On the last leaf of the MS. are some observations on the properties of different spices, &c. which have no signature.


Dd. II. 46.
A folio, on paper, of 70 leaves, roughly but legibly written.

1. A collection of Readings, cases and arguments upon the Statute of Pluralities and Advousons (13 Eliz.); mostly in English, in parts in law French, end of the xvi th century (circa 1700). Begins :

The Statute is large and consists of many particulars which doe concearne the clergy. Ends:

And that D. by this commendam had good power to hold his first benefice within this statute.

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