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A paper- book in folio containing 125 pages of writing in English.

•SUNDRIE RARE REMEDIES, AND Receipts, with Histories also, translated out of Zacutus Lusitanus his 3 Books de Praxi medica admiranda, lent me by M' Sam. Peck my worthy friend, & Phisition at Chelmsford.'

There are 18 pages marked with the letters of the alphahet, coming immediately before the Recipes. Of these the first contains an account of the treatment and successful issue of a case of Pruritus taken from the works of Amatus Lusitanus, the two next are occupied with a description of the preparation of the ‘China Roote' and its great use in various diseases, from the same author. The four next pages contain ' A perfect Alphabeticall Index of all the rare Receipts, Cures, and Histories, conteyned in this written Booke, translated by D. B., oute of the Learned Dr Zacutus Lusitanus his Workes, viz. oute of his 3 Books de Praxi medica admiranda and 4 other books of his de Medicorum Principum Historiâ. The first number directs to the page; and the second to the figures in the Margent.' The remaining eleven contain accounts of various cures from the works of Amatus Lusitanus.

The first Recipe recommends the decoction of vipers as a remedy for Porrigo Capitis, and contains an account of the cure of a young courtier by this medicine, when numerous other remedies had proved of no avail. It is subscribed · Zacutus Lusitanus de Praxi medica admiranda obser. 2. pag. 3.' The last page of the MS., which is marked 141, is really only the 125th page, and contains the account of “The cure of clamy phleagme congested in the cavitie or hollownes of the stomach' The last words are 'for in regard she was a rich woman, she had p!tions & costly medicaments, and with these things she did excellently well, without using Bath waters or

527 ought else. This is subscribed Amat. Lusit. Cent. 4 p. 1628

Dd. u. 11.


See Catalogue of Oriental MSS.


Dd. III. 12. A folio, on paper, bound up with the two preceding MSS., and containing, according to a note on the old cover,

· Letters from S' Henr. Spelman, M. Tho. Adams, S* Symon Dewis, &c. to M' WHEELOCKE, relating to severall of their donations.'

They are all original letters, retaining frequently the seal and the address.

1. Four original letters.

1. In Alippo the 29th of August, 1624. Thomas Davies to Abp Usher. Printed No. LXIX. in Richard Parr's Collection of Abp Usher's Letters. Fol. 1686. 2. Gedan. 21 Maii, 1632. Petrus Kirstenius Gulielmo Bedwello.

He had had thoughts of transferring to England his family and Arabic types with some MSS., but the hope of peace induced him to remain in Germany.

3. Tottenham this xī of viüber. Wilhelm Bedwell to M? Abraham Wheelock, one of the fellowes of Clare-hall.

Renews his promise to bestow his Alcoran upon the University Library.

4. Tottenham. ciɔIJCXXX. Janu. 4. The same to the same, Keeper of the University Library.

II. Thirty-six original letters, from Sir Henry Spelman to Mr Abraham Wheelock. 1. Barbacan, 30 Jun. 1637. Henry Spelman to the Arabic Lecturer.

Thanks for the loan of a MS. of Gildas and Simeon Dunelm. de Lindis. farn. Eccles. (Probably No. 1149).

2. Barbacan, 4 Aug. 1637. The same to the same at his house neare Queens Colledge.

Thanks for transcript of some part of Ælfric's Saxon Canons...asks him to compare the places in the Nicene Councell' touching the marriage of Priests, &c.

Printed by Sir H. Ellis, Letters of Eminent Literary Men, No. LIV. from the copy by Baker, who may be pardoned for having read Sigencus.

3. London, 22 Sept. 1637. Thanks for transcripts. The matter of the Canons is what I now chiefly aim at.'

4. Barbacan, 12 Oct. 1637. Touching the laws of K. Edmund already published by Lambard. The MS. in Benet Colledge Library.

5. 4 Nov. Asks him to translate the Canons.

6. Barbacan, 8 Dec. Thanks for your Saxon labours. Asks him to obtain thro' Dr Cumber the loan from Trinity College Library of a fair MS. book touching the Abbey of Glastenbury.

On the back are some rough potes (by Wheelock), touching the Fourth Commandment.

7. Dec. 22. About the provision for the Saxon Lecture ... desires a Catalogue of all the Saxon MSS. in the kingdom.

8. Jan. 24. Asks for anything that may follow certain words in the 70th Section of the Canons and Poems.

9. 2 Feb. 1637. Hopes to see him and for a transcript of the rest of the MS.

10. 6 April 1638. “This letter,' as Wheelock has written at the top, ‘shewes that Sir Hr. Sp. first comended me to my Lord of Ely.'

11. 4 Maij. Wishes to borrow from the University Library & MS. nu. 256 to compare with 'a very faire and ancient interlinear LatineSaxonicum Psaltar and some leaves of another' in his possession.

12. 8 Jun. Wishes to see the Saxon Psalter soon: the printing going on.

13. 31 Aug. Sickness prevalent. Bp of Norwich well disposed to him. • My Councells were finished a fortnighte since.' The Saxon Psalter delayed.

14. 5 Sept. 'As of the Saxon Psalter there is much variety in the MSS. so it semeth there is also in the Translation of the Gospells.'

15. 28 Sept. Mentions the Bp of Ely's favour: the design of a Lecture "for reviving the Saxon tongue:' is prepared to put forth a Saxon Grammar as the Bp had suggested: mentions his correspondence with Mde Laet of Leiden about the publication of a Dictionary...Sends Ælfric's MS. grammar.

Some lines have been carefully obliterated, which do not appear to be noticed in the copy (Harl. MS. 7041) printed by Sir H. Ellis, Letters, &c.

No. Lv.

16. 5 Oct. He sends him 50s. 'Every quarter,' writes Wheelock in the margin, 'I receive of Sir Henrie Sp. 508. as a beginninge of this (Saxon) Lecture.' He also notes ‘My L. of Elie his offer,' and his own hoped for preferment.

17. 2 Nov. Sends him a presentation to the vicarage of Middleton, of which he designs an augmentation for our intended Lecture...a passage boate goeth from Cambridge to Lynn on Munday morninges.....recommends M' Thorowgood the parson of Grimston to be his bosome frend.

Printed by Sir H. Ellis, Letters, No. LVI.

18. 3 Nov. Mentions one for a curate of Middleton-encloses a letter about the Psalter borrowed of Trinity College.

8 Nov. Letters with the presentation to Middleton miscarried will enlarge the vicarage (worth £60) out of the Impropriation.

20. 15 Junij 1638. Has received the Saxon Psalter from Trinity College, and binds himself to return it.

21. 14 Jan. 1638. 'Pray bring Elfrics Saxon gramar with you.' Incumbe Saxonicis.


22. Maij. vlt. 1639. Hopes the Mr and Fellowes of Trinitie will not call for their Psalter before it be finished printing.

23. 28 Junij. Sends his translation of certain Saxon lawes: 'since you ar (by the grace of God) to be the Professor of that Lecture in your University,' 'give me your opinion thereof.'

24. 13 Sep. Is busy—About East Winch.—' will be no suter to any man'-Returns the MS. Psalter (on which he had put a clasp) to Trinity College, and sends ‘my British Councils and the Saxon Psalter published by my Sonne.' Sends back also‘your Pub. Library Psalter.'

25. 17 Sept. Will make the same present to the Publ. Library and to Benet as to Trinity College-introduces Samuel son of M' John de Laet.

See above, 15.

26. 20 Sept. Refers to the two preceding letters, and presents the books.

27. 28 Sept. 'I am mutch troubled wth the scandall layde vppon me and my sonne for misvsinge Trin. Colledge MS.' 'I pray entreate it may not be vnbounde till, &c.'

28. 29 Nov. His intent about 'our Lecture of Church and Saxon Antiqq.'-wishes to consult with the ViceChancellor.

29. 10 Jan. thankful for very curtuouse lres from the M' and Seniors of Trinity Colledge,' and accepts the library keeper's acknowledgment. Touchinge our businesse of the lecture.

30. 12 Mar. is growing better after 7 weekes languishinge.' nephew Harbt. Whitfelde.'

31. 20 Mar. 1639. The carrier has demanded much more than the usual groat for the papers.... need not be told of their value.

32. 24 Apr. 1640. About the rent now to be paid by Mr Collyns. remember your curat.' could have wished him to have visited Leiden about the Saxon Grammar and Dictionary. 'S* Symond Dewes thrusteth his sickle in amongst us...and will presently put forth Jocelins...leave him to himself.'...'use no such attribute to me in the direction of your lres as most learned, &c.'

33. 5 Junii. approves of the oration...will shew it to the ABp of Armagh.

34. 30 Oct. Enquires for his health after eight weeks silence, and ‘aboute the businesse of the Lecture what the heads of the howses advise.'

35. 9 Nov. Expresses his great comfort at having been brought forward by so many in the University as a Candidate in the late election of Burgesses.

36. 27 Nou. 1640. Thanks for 'farther paynes in my behalfe.'

The above letters generally commence 'Mr Wheelock,' but nos. 8, 11, 21, 25, 26, 28, 31, 32 have instead •S. P.'

III. 1. Barbacan, 6 April, 1638. John Spelman to Mr Abraham Wheelock. has no purpose to enquire into the antiquity of the University, yet wishes the clause in Camden's edition of Asser relating to Grimbold at Oxford to be compared with the MSS. 2. Tottenham, the 29 of June, 1632.

There are two letters of this date from John Clerke, the first written to a (married) friend (probably Wheelock), the second addressed to M. Olrye, Fellow and President of Clare Hall. In both he makes enquiry whether the University will print the Arabic Dictionary given by his father with all the types to print it withall: and if not he offers to present a printed copy: states that ‘Sir Killume Digbye would have given five hundred pounds for the booke and types.' 3. Barbacan, 8° Oct. 1641. Jo: Walden to M' Abraham Wheelock. Gives an account of the death of his master, Sir Henry Spelman. Printed in Ellis's Letters, &c. No. Lxv.

4. Reverendissimi Eliensis et D. Procancellarii Dris Cozini consilia in propositiones D. Henrici Spelunani, de prælectione Saxo-Britanica in Academia Cantabrigiensi stabilienda, &c.' is the endorsement (? by Wheelock). The ‘Order concerning the Saxon Lecture' is signed 'Jo: Cosin Procan:.

IV. Thirty-troo original letters addressed to Mr Abraham Wheelock : of these 27 are from Thomas Adams, the founder of the Arabic Professorship; they are dated from London, and extend from the 3rd February, 1631 to the 26th August, 1633. The first three are printed in Ellis's Letters of Eminent Literary Men, 1-LII; the 28th, London, March 20th, 1639, is from Thomas Adams, the son; 29th, from Thomas Adams, the father, is without date; 30th, London, 27th March, 1610 ; 31st, 21st January, 1640; and 32nd, 28th of March, 1634, are from the same.

V. The rest of the volume is made up of the following:

1. A short latin epistle from Thos Brockmann to M* Wheelock excusing his absence for a day on the score of illness. Without date.

2. A letter in German without date or address.

3. Three letters from Jo: Foorthe to MWheelock, Bachelor in Divinitie.

2. April 28. 1628. Enquires whether he might trust the bearer with the books named in letter b.

6. April 22. 1628. Being sick desires to send the Hebrew concordance, 'Schindlerus his Pentaglotton,' and another book.

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