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The endorsement by the larger hand is, 'Antonius Albi. 1486. recite seulemēt ce que le barbe luy dit en confession. R. d'une corde qu'on mettoit au col des mourans.'


On paper, of various sizes, and written by two or three different hands, in the volume H are contained the following MSS.

Before those mentioned by Morland and Nasmith is a book similar to No. 112. ], written by the same hand, but previously, as a collation of the texts and marginal notes seems to indicate. This is followed by

1. Divers ample and very remarkable processes and cruel Inquisitions against those of Fraissinere and other places in the years 1487, 1483, 1489, 1492 and 1494.'

a. On paper', of the same size as No. 112. § 2 and subsequent portions, and in a hand of the same date.

Processus Inquisitionalis agitatus coram Rmo in xpo patre et dno domino Johe dei et aplice sedis gra Archiepiscopo et principe Ebredunen. Inter

Dominum Promotorem heretice prauitatis Sancte fidei ex vna agentem. Et

Audinum Crispini als Valoy de fraxineria hitatorem Sancti Andree Diffamatum de secta Valden. partibus ex altera. Begins (p. 1):

In nomine domini nri Ihu xpi. Amen. Anno a nat. dni millesimo quadringentesimo octuagesimo sexto Et die lune que fuit Intitulata et numerata vndecima mensis decembris.......

The top of the leaf has been cut off in the binding, and only slight traces remain of the word ‘Jesus;' in the margin of the first page is '4',' and below it 'fregit carceres,' and by the same hand on the next page is the note resp ing Audinus Crispini, 'etatis xxiiijor annorum vel circa.'

On f. v. the account of the first Interrogation is concluded with the names of the witnesses (Petro Sabine...officiali Ebredunen... Desiderio Martini, Desiderio Forget, et Spn' Rouerij Capnis testibus), and the signature of Nicolaus Paris.

'Examinatio secunda Audini Crispini de Sancto Andrea' is dated in the preamble (f. v. b) ‘1487. 30 Januarij.'

The account (f. vi. 6—f. vu.) of the next interrogation begins, ' Deinde anno quo supra et die Sabbati quinta mensis Maij...'

The date of the next (f. viii.) is the 10th of May.

On the 15th of May, after the first examination (f. ix. b) he is sent to the torture, after which is ‘alia examinatio seu Repeticio predicti Odini Crispini;'

" It may be noted that the watermark is the same as of No. 112. $ 4. f, g.

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and again (f. x.b), 'post vesperas,' when he is again sentenced to the torture, the examination under torture is renewed, the account ending on f. xii. b.

The summary (ff. xi. 6-xv.) of his tenets deduced from the preceding interrogations is without the signature of N. Paris.

‘Alia Repeticio dicto (sic) Odini Crispini,' is dated (f. xv.b) 'die Martis vicesima sexta mensis Jugnij',' and ends on f. xvi. After the usual signature, in the same handwriting as the foregoing, is 'concordat hmoi copia cum proprio originali. N. Paris.'

In the margin, by one hand, are notes both in Latin and French, with pointers, and lines under some words.

Eight leaves follow, which are blank, except that the last is endorsed *1486. 1487., and by the same hand as the marginal notes but larger, • Proces contre les Vaudoys:' beneath, in a smaller and apparently another hand,

* Audiinus Crispini alias Valoy.
Jehan Archeveq3 poursuivant.

N° 6.' Compare with the above account that given by Dr Todd (Brit. Mag. XX. 190) of an imperfect transcript at Dublin. (No. IX. § x.)

b. Three leaves, (12 inches by 84) which have suffered from having been folded and exposed to damp before they were curtailed by the binder.

Cest l'extraicte faicte du contenu au proces fait et demene deuant Mess's Mons' linquisteur aplicque et official de ceste cite in pns et assistans contre Steue Raoux de fraxinieres. The endorsement, in the same large hand as that on a, is :

"Vidi | Stephanu Ruffi de fraisinieres.' After ‘No. 16,' which has been altered to No. 17, is, in a small hand,

‘On na autre response de cestui cy examine | par Albertus de Capitaneis, sinon que sen rafferte a dieu;' and, ‘Cest Albertus...auoir persequiute les Vaudoys en l'anne 1488. A leaf has been torn out before

C. 1488. Minutte de diverses responses de ceux de fraiciniere vbi ne verbum quidem de paillardise.

This endorsement is in the same large hand, and, beneath, 'N° 7' are, in the smaller, 'Sous ce messieur Jehan Archevesque d Ambrun.' 'Veyleti inquisiteur. A pen has been drawn across these; the pen through the second also subscribed, ‘Laugeri inquisiteur.'

The whole is much less carefully written than a, the latter portion very hastily: but the marginal marks are similar. The watermark on the paper is the same as that of a. d. 1489. Proces contre Pierre Valet (sic) de Freicinieres.

Confisq. ses biens le liurant au bras seculier.

Maii is in a marginal note by a later hand, but from the dates the month must be June.

The watermark is a spearhead through a ducal crown.


The two lines of the above endorsement are in different hands : in another is 'No 8; (the 8 has been written over 7, by the same pen which has been drawn through 6 by the side). On the back is also ‘Cum Pma:' this was also on f. 1, but has been partly torn off with the corner of the leaf: in the margin of f. 1 remain ‘f. aplica.’andó 2o. 1489.' in one hand, and, apparently in the two hands of the endorsement, are ' Petrus Valoy'' Liuré au bras seculier.'

The account of the examination is in Latin, concluding (f. vi.), ...testibus Et me notario Gebaud.' The MS. continues, "Demum vero sequitur tenor processus in vulgari sermone translatus...,' and concludes (f. vii. b), Die ultima Marcii ante Palanu. N. Gebaud.'

The paper' is nearly the same size as in § 1 a, the handwriting is different. Compare Dr Todd's notice of No IX. $ xv. and xvi. ubi supra.

e. Proces contre deux barbes asavoir francois de gerundino, dict barbe Martin, et Pierre de Jacob, dict barbe Jean : aux responses des quels ont esté adioustées des calomnies sur le faict de Paillardise et d'Idolatrie comme appert par le somptum des dites Responses en breuet y joint, le quel le Gressier a estendu a son plaisir.'

This first portion of the endorsement (on f. xır.) is in the large hand, the portion after 'N°9' in the smaller: there are, besides, endorsements in Latin by two or three other hands. On the top of f. 1 is ‘Ihus,' and in the margin ‘1o.' '1492:' the other notes generally in Latins.

The first portion (ff.1.--v11.) is printed by Allix (ubi supra, pp. 307–317.) The latter part concludes (f. xn.), 'Extracta fuit hmoi copia a proprio originali et concordat N Paris. Compare Dr Todd's account of No. IX. $ xvii.

f. Contra peyronetam Relictam Adam Petri Beraudi als fornerii loci belli Respecty.

This is on the first cover; 'vis. 3°.' and, 'Ihus marie filius' being above; and below, in the large hand, 'A Valence l'an 1494,' and, in a somewhat smaller hand, ‘Existimo fidelit' scriptas responsiones.'

The whole is printed in Allix (ubi supra, pp. 318-331). That which he prints (p. 318) under the title, “Sumptum ex ore Peyronettæ,' is on a slip of papera inserted before f. 1, and endorsed, by the large hand, 'Nota hanc chartulam,' with the heading, 'Icy se voit come on receuoit en bref les responses et puis on les estendoit a plaiser.' Marginal notes as in e are chiefly in Latin. See Dr Todd's account of No. IX. $$ xvIII. and xix. The same endorsement is on fas on g xix.

2. A Bull of Pope Alexander, bearing date the first of April in the year 1501, for absolution of the Waldenses, &c. to encourage them to revolt and abjure their Religion.

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I The watermark resembles a bunch of currants.
? The watermark is a stag's head,
3 With the same watermark as the rest, viz. a gauntlet.

• Cum nos hodie te...' The endorsement is the same as the title given by Dr Todd in his account of No. IX. § vi.

3. A Bull of the same Pope Alexander, bearing date the fifth of April, 1501, for absolution of Usurers, &c.

*Ab eo qui....' The scribe has made some corrections. See Dr Todd, No. IX. § VII.

4. A Bull of the aforesaid Pope Alexander bearing date the seventh of October, 1501, for absolution of all sorts of crimes and sins, and particularly of that of Heresie.

‘Cum nos alias te...' See Dr Todd, No. IX. S vill. 5. An Edict of Louis King of France, bearing date the 12 of October, 1501, for the restitution of the goods of those of Fraissinere.

The endorsement consists of that and the title given by Dr Todd, No. IX. xxiv: the date of the text is 'xii. jour.'

6. Letters Patent obtained of Louis King of France by those of Fraissinere, bearing date the twelfth October, 1501.

The endorsement is the same as that given by Dr Todd, No. IX. $ XXIII. There are many marginal notes to this document and the following.

7. An Arrest du Grand Conseil of the 27 of May, 1502, in favour of those of Frassinere, Val Loyse, Argentiere, and other Inhabitants of Dauphine who turned Catholicks.

This has the same certificate and endorsement as No. IX. § xxv. After this follows (see No. IX. § xxvI.), A letter from the King on the same subject, dated 27 May, 1502. The endorsement is now scarcely legible.


Volumes 114-120 (I-P inclusive) are bound together. In the Volume I are contained the following MSS. on paper, 104 inches by 74. The documents 1-5, which alone are catalogued by Morland and Nasmith, are all copies written by the same hand, and are of the date (1656) of the certificates subscribed by Balcet and A. Javel: these certificates are written in the smaller hand and with the darker ink with which the descriptions of the seals have been added to the copies. The document 6 is by a different hand, of about the saine period as the others : at the top of every page (ff. 23—44) is the mark +.

1. The Agreement made between Henry the Fourth of France and the Evangelical Professors of the Valleys of Piemont, in the

year 1592.


This (ff. 1-10) includes the Letters Patent which with the foregoing Agreement are printed in Morland, Bk. 111. ch. 11. pp. 429—448. See also § 6.

2. A Petition of those of Val Perosa, presented to his Majesty of France, with the King's Answer thereunto, upon the sixth of June, 1630.

This (ff. 11–12) under the title. A Confirmation of the Privileges, &c.' is printed by Morland, pp. 449—455.

3. Several Articles of Capitulation accorded by the King of France to those of Val Perosa, bearing date the eleventh of April, 1630, to which are annexed his Majesties Letters Patents.

The latter (ff. 156—17) are dated Jan. 1633. The two following form part of the same collection.

4. The Kings Letters Patents in favour of the Evangelical Professors of Val Perosa, issued forth the tenth of March, 1648.

This is preceded (on ff. 176—19) by an 'Arrest du Conseil' of the same date. On f. 17 is the heading, ' Extraict des Registres du Conseil d'Estat.'

issued forth the 18 of August, 1653. The documents are similar to § 4. On f. 22 is a Certificate similar to those at the end of § 1 and § 2.

6. Lettres patentes du Roy, sur l’homage fait a sa Majeste par ceux qui se sont remis soubs l'obeissance d'iceluy en Piedmont.

This is the title on f. 23, which also Morland has prefixed to the contents of pp. 457–465. With the exception of the notary's signature, the documents are in fact the same as those previously printed, in an inverted order, on pp. 429–448. See above, $ 1.


115. WaldensIAN DOCUMENTS : Morland, K.

1. The Concessions of the Duke of Savoy to the Evangelical Professors of the Valleys of Piemont in the year 1561.

This document does not now form part of the volume.

Probably Nasmith, in entering it in his MS. Catalogue, blindly followed Morland's List.

2. The Concessions of the Duke of Savoy to the Evangelical Professors of the Valley of Piemont in the years 1602 and 1603.

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