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120. Waldensian Documents: Morland, P.

1. The Epistle of Scipio Lentulus to a friend of his concerning the persecution of the Evangelical Churches in the Valleys in the year 1561. .

A translation with the initial words of the Latin original is given by Morland, B. 11. ch. 1. Art. III.

2. A large and solid Justification of a certain Book written in French, 1655, concerning the Persecution of the Evangelical Churches in the Valleys of Piemont, entituled, 'La Relation veritable Justifiée, ou Refutation d'un escrit imprimé à Turin, &c.'

3. Brevis refutatio dissertationis de jure expellendi religionem evangelicam ex Italia et Sabaudia.

4. The Duke of Virtenberg's Letter to the Duke of Savoy in behalf of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys, the 14 of July, 1655.

5. The Prince Elector Palatine's Letter to the Duke of Savoy upon the same subject, the 14 July, 1655.

6. The Grievances of the Treaty concluded at Pignerol, which were delivered into the hands of Monsieur de Bais, to present to his Majesty of France.

See the translation in Morland, B. iv. ch. viii. pp. 682–8.

7. Copies of the several gratulatory letters, which were sent in the names of the poor Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Piemont, immediately upon the conclusion of the treaty at Pignerol, 14 Aug. 1655; namely, to the Cardinal, to His Highness the Lord Protector, the States General, and the Evangelical Cantons of Switzerland.

The last is in Italian, the others in French.

8. Copies of several sharp letters from Ambassador Servient, Monsieur de Bais, &c. to the poor people of the Valleys, to make them accept and rest contented with the treaty at Pignerol, together with their respective answers. They occupy nearly 30 leaves, on the first of which is Chap. 1.

The first is dated 'A Turin le 30 xbre, 1655,' the last, ‘De S. Jean ce 29 Juin, 1656.'

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9. The Reasons of the poor Protestants of the Valleys, offered to Ambassador Servient, the 21 of April, 1656, why they ought not to be debarred the priviledge of entertaining foreign ministers.

This appears to be a certified copy of an original document in the French language.


The following are copies, in Italian, with the exception of 1, 2, 4 and 13 in French.

1. H.R. H. Order concerning the Tax due from his Protestant subjects for the year 1655, after which follows a copy of the Injunction; the first bearing date the 26 of April, 1656, and the other the 6 of October, 1656.

2. The poor people's Reply of the 5 of September, 1657, to the Marquess of La Pianezza's. Answer to one of theirs, sent them by Mr. de la Londe, bearing date the 2 of August, 1657.

3. The humble Remonstrance of the poor Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Lucerna, &c. to Madame Royale, the 20 of August, 1657, concerning the grievances of the Treaty at Pignerol.

4. An humble Remonstrance of the poor people of the Valleys of Piemont professing the reformed religion, which they put into the hands of M. de la Londe, to present to His Majesty of France, in August 1657, concerning the grievances of the Treaty at Pignerol.

5. The humble Reply of the poor Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Lucerna, &c. to a paper sent them from Madame Royale, through the hands of Monsieur de la Londe upon the 2 of August, 1657, bearing date the 5 of October, 1657.

6. The humble Supplication of the poor people of the Valleys to the Duke of Savoy, together with the Duke's answer at Turin, the 6 of October, 1657.

7. An order of Andrea Gastaldo, in the month of December, 1657, summoning those of the poor people who refused to sell their possessions, to appear before him at Lucerna, under pain of being proceeded against as contumacious, &c.

8. An order of Andrea Gastaldo, the 20 of December, 1657, summoning the poor people to Turin for having public exercises of their religion at San Giovanni.

9. The poor people's Letter to Ambassador Servient, the 28 of December, 1657.

10. The poor people's Supplication to H. R. H. of the 28 December, 1657.

11. The poor people's Supplication to H. R. H., together with his said R. H. answer thereunto, given at Turin the 25 of January, 1658.

12. The poor people's Request, the 26 of October, 1657.

13. A Letter from the four Ambassadors of the Evangelical Cantons to Ambassador Servient, Count Teuchi, and the Baron de Greisy, in favour of the poor Evangelical Churches of the Valleys the 30 of November, 1657.

122. WALDENSIAN DOCUMENTS: Morland, R. On small quarto paper, in two handwritings are,

Vrthel Spruch der Catholischen Sätz und Schiel richtern beyder Stätten Fryburg und Soluthurn.

b. Sentence des Arbitres & Juges Catholiques des deux villes Frybourg & Soleure.

These transcripts are by the same hand, and are dated 1657.

2. Historia breue e vera de gt affari de i Valdesi delle Valli. This occupies 22 pages, carefully written.

A brief Confession of Faith, &c., mentioned by Morland, is not now in the volume, and was not catalogued by Nasmith,

WALDENSIAN DOCUMENTS. The volume marked S. is wanting, and was not catalogued by Nasmith.

1. a.

123. WaldenSian Documents: Morland, T.

The volume marked T. described by Sir Samuel Morland as containing the rest of the original pieces mentioned in his history, is now bound up with the two preceding numbers, and contains a fragment of a History of the Waldenses, on the first leaf


of which is · Chap. 2. Le commencement de la derniere persecution assavoir la publication de l'ordre de Gastaldo et la fuite des fideles au caur de l'hyuer.'

The pages numbered 1–36 at the corners are better written than the last six pages not so numbered. There is also another enumeration from 10–50; there is finally a certificate as to the authenticity of the documents quoted which is signed by D. Leger and other pastors, and in this the former numbers are referred to.

This folio volume, bound up with the next, contains,

1. A brief but exact Relation in English, of the occasion and grounds of the late war in Switzerland between the Protestant and the Catholic Cantons, bearing date the 14 of December, 1655. On two leaves.

2. A large History written in the French tongue, of all passages and transactions between the Evangelical and Catholic Cantons of Switzerland, in relation to the Nicodemites, or poor exiles of the Cantons of Switz, compiled with much pains and industry by Samuel Morland, Esq., during his abode at Geneva ; the which history consists of the following parts or branches : 1, The beginning of the troubles in Switzerland, in the year 1655, upon account of religion, with their several assemblies upon that occasion. 2, The Rupture. 3, The effects of the said

25 Feb. Rupture. 4, The peace concluded at Baden the


7 March It contains Copies, printed and in manuscript, of many documents. 125. WALDENSIAN DOCUMENTS. Morland, W.

In this volume are contained the following authentic High Dutch MSS. for the Justification of the abovesaid History concerning the differences in Switzerland about the poor Exiles of Switz, &c., all signed (as in No. 116, § 2) by Mr Andrew Schmidt, Under Secretary of Zuric,

1. Their Citation in September, 1655.

2. The Nicodemites Letter to those of Switz, written from Zuric the 15 of September, 1655.

3. A Letter from the Canton of Zuric to those of Switz, in favour of the said Nicodemites, the 15 of September, 1655.

4. A Letter from the Nicodemites of Art to the Canton of Switz, the 24 of September, 1655.

5. A Letter from the Canton of Zuric to that of Switz, the 24 of September, 1655.

6. The Answer of the Canton of Switz to that of Zuric, 27 Sep. 1655.

7. A Letter from Zuric to that of Switz and the other four Catholic Cantons, the 28 September, 1655.

8. A brief description of those persons who were cruelly executed and put to death for the truth at Switz in Nov. in the

year 1655.

9. A Letter from the Canton of Bern to those of Switz, the 13 October, 1655.

10. The proposition sent in writing to those of Switz by the hands of the Deputies of the Evangelical Cantons.

11. The Answer of the Council of Switz to the abovesaid Proposition of the Evangelical Cantons.

12. The Answer of those of Switz to Messieurs de Bern, the 27 October, 1655.

13. A Deposition of Articles of those of Art touching their Confession of Faith.

The Articles are enumerated in Morland's Catalogue.

14. Copie of the Memorial of the Nicodemites of Switz touching their coming out of Babylon in the year 1652.

WALDENSIAN DOCUMENTS. The Black Box marked X. is not in the Library: its contents are described in Morland's Catalogue.


Dd. III. 39. A middle-sized folio, on paper, 72 leaves, about 30 lines in a page, legibly written, circ. 1600.

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