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Postago Free in the United States. DAILY TRIBUNE, 1 year. $10 00 | WEEKLY TRIBUNE. SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE 1 year. 3 00 One copy, 1 year..

$2 00 Five copies, 1 year to one P. O... 14 00 Five copies, 1 year.

25 Ten copies, 1 year to one P. O., and 1 Ten copies, 1 year.

14 00 free copy. 28 00 Twenty copies, 1 year.,

25 00 Any number of copies above 20 at the same rate. Additions to clubs may be made at any time. Remit by P. 0. order in registered letter. Address simply



San extra copy of THE WEEKLY, or a copy of the Greeley For a Club of 10 Weeklies, Memorial Volume, in cloth, or any eight of THE TRIBUNE

? Novels.

THE SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE, or one extra W ZEKLI, For a Club of 20 Weeklies, and either Mr. Greeley's " Political Economy," or " What

I Know of Farming," $100 each at retail.

THE SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE. and any eight of THE For a Club of 30 Weeklies, TRIBUNE Novels; or Mr. Greeley's “ Recollections of a

Busy Life,” in sherp ($2 50 at retail), and the save Novels. or a Club of 50 Weeklies, { THE PA OG BOORI BTINE Some year, and either of the above

mentioned books, or the series of . [One Semi-Weekly will count as two Weeklies in the above. Double numbers of THE TRIBUNE Novels count as two.) - Tustead oleny Ave TRIBUNE Novels, we will send, ir preferred, pamphlet copies, ju good tipe, of THE TRIBUNE'S verbatim report of The Prophetic Conference, and THE TRIBUNE'S full exposure of The Cipher Teiegrams. The same, in sheet.form, in place

or any three TRIBUNE Novels. THE GREAT

GREAT PREMIUM. WEBSTER'S UNABRIDGED FREE, Last year THE TRIBUNE offered to five years' single subscribers the unprecedented gift of WEBSTER'S UNABRIDGED QUARTO PICTORIAL DICTIONARY, which retails in all bookstores for $12. The offer proved probably the greatest success in the history of newspaper premiums. TEN THOUSAND of theso nuge Dictionaries were aliserijuted, and not one single subscriber complained that he was dissatistied with his pre. miun. We have at last su ceeded in renewing the very favorable contract with the poblishers (which alone enabled us to offer this magnificent premium), until April 1, 1879. The pubiishers positively refuse to let it extend beyond that tim. We therefore urge all to avail theurselves of the offer at once, and to advise their friends and neighbors of the oppor tv. We are extending the terms of the offer, this year, a litele, as follows:

We will sena Webster': Unabridged Pictorial Quarto Dictionary (edition of 1879), bound in sheep, the latest and best edition, as a gift to any one remitting us $10 tor :1 singletiva, years'subscription, in advance,{THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE. $15 for a singl five years' subscription, in advance, or, $20 for ten one-year subscriptions to

{THE SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE. $30 for a slugle three years' subscription, in ad.}THE DAILY TRIBUNE.

We believe this to be the most valuable and liberal newspaper premium ever offered. We cannot make it any more liberal, and to avoid useless correspondence we give notice that the Dictionary will only be sent on exact compliance with the above terms. It is not offerer, under any circumstances, to persons remitting for clubs at regalar club rates.


A $210


THE TRIBUNE makes an offer to churches, musical societies and others, more amazing thau anything yet done in the history of newspaper premiums. For 200 subscriprione from one Post Office, or its immediate vicinity, to THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE, at the lowest club rate (*195 each), we will send, postage paid, the 200 papers, augressed to in. dividual subscribers, for one year, and will send also to the church or person forwardios the club the $210 Estry Organ, confessediy one of the best in the market-s'yie 0:01, ciouble reed. seven stops, viz.: diapason, melodia, viola, vox Jubilants, tremolo, 1 forte and 11 forte. Thus, for 200 subscriptions to THE WEEKLY TRIBUN'E at the lowest clale rate, the club receives $250 in newspapers, and $2101n one of the finest organe of its sizu made in America.

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Abst. of Public Laws..16-18 Imports and Exports of National Bank and Cur.
Party Platforms, 1879.18-22 the United States... .32-33 rency Tables...... 36-39
Populat'n of New York Iron Shipbuilding since Sav. Banks Tables... 38-39-41
Cuties and Towns...


34 Internal Reve'e Tables. 40 Constitutin'l Amend'ts Revenues and Expendi Popular Vote for Presi.

in States....23, 68, 61, 79 tures of U.S. since '75 34 dent from 1961 to 76. 41 Elections U.S.Senators.24-27 List of Appropriations Public Debt U.S., Nov. Electoral Vote for Pres. for 1879 an 1880.. 35 29, 1879

42 ident from 1864.. 27 Immigration since 1870 35 Senate XLVIth Congr's 43 Principal Executive and Coinage in 1879 and pre House XLVIth Congr's44-45 Departmental Officers

vious vears

35-36 Value in U.S. Money of of the United States. 28-29 Production of Gold and Foreign Coins

45 Principal Diplomatic &

Silver in 1879.

36 List Governors States 46 Judicial Officers.... 29-30 Imports and Exports of N. Y. State Governme't

94 Railroad Mileage and Coin and Bullion..32-34-36 Election Returns.........47-93 Business.




PAGE Abstract of Acts of Gold transportation, National Bk. statistics. 36-39 Congress

price for.

15 Navy, cost since 1875. 34 Amendments, in Cali Governors, list of

46 Navy legisl tion on. 17 fornia....

23 Headstones for soldiers' Nevada, constitutional in Connecticut


15 amendment adopted 23 in Indiana.

58 Illinois, election of U. Nevada, election of U. in Louisiana 23 S. Senator. 24 S. Senator.

25 in Maine...

61 Imports and exports.. 32-33 New Hampshire, elecin Minnesota 23 Indiana, constitutional

tion of U. S. Senator.. 25 in Mississippi


amendments propose ! 23 New Mexico, act of Leg. in Nevada.. 23 Indiana, election of

is ature annulled.

16 in New York 79 U. S. Senator.

24 New.York, Rep. Dem. in Ohio

23 Indians, payments to.... 34 and Gbk platforms...19-21 in West Virginia.

23 Interest on Public Debt 34 N. Y. State Governm't. 94 Arkansas, Election of Int. Rev. receipts.. .34-40 New York, population 0,8. Senator. 24 Internal Rev., change

of cities and towns.. 22 Army,cost of since 1875 31 of rates

15 New York, election of Army, legislation on.... 17 lowa, Republican and

U.S. Senator..

25 Banks, amount of taxes Gbk. platforms in....

18 North Carolina, election paid by. .38-39-40) Iron Ship-building in

of U. S. Senator..

25 Banke, statistics of... .37-10 U.S.

34 Ohio, platforms..

22 Banks, gold value of Jesuit Fathers in New Ohio, Cons, amend. rej.. 23 notes of...

39 Mexico"" act to incor. Officers, list executive.. 28-30 California, New Consti porate annulled.

16 Pac. R. R., amt. bonds..

42 tution adopted

49 Judicial Officers U.S.. 30 Party Platforms.. 18-22 Census, law for taking Jurors in U.S. Courts. 17) Pennsylvania, platforms 22 tenth

15 Kansas, election of U. Penc., e. of U.S. Sent 25 Civil expenditures, U.S. 34 S. Senator

25 Pensions, law respting.15-17 Coin, imports and ex.

Lawg of XLVth and Pensions, payments on.. ports of


XLVIth Congress. 18 Postage, change rates of 16 Coins, subsidiary, legis Legal-tenders, amount Pres., Elec.and Pop, vote27-41 lation on 17 of.

37 Public Debt of U. S.... 42 Colorado, election of U. Louisiana, New Consti. Pub. Debt, legislation on 16 S, Senator... 21 tution in...

58 Pub. Land, legisl'n on.. 16 Connecticut, constitu Louisiana, elertion of U. Pub. Land, receipts f'm. tional amendments re

S. Senator.
25 Rainroad Statistics

31 jected..

24 Maine, Constitutional Rep. in XLVIth Cong. .44-45 Connecticut, election of


23 Res.and Liab.of Nat. Bks. U.S. Senator...

23 Maine, election facts il. 93 Rev. of U. 8. since 1875 Constitntional amend'ts Maine, Republican and savings Bank Statistics 38-44 in various States.

23 Democratic platforms. 18 Spirits, collections on.. 40 Customs, receipts from. 34 Massachusetts, Repub Taxes paid by banks....38:40 Diplomatic anu execu

lican and regular Dem. Trade and Commerce tive officers 28 ocratic plat orms....,18-19 Tables..

.32-33 Executive and diplo Mexican war soldiers, U.S. Government Rematic officers 28 legislation for..


ceipts and ExpendiExports and imports. 32-33 Michigan, election of U.

tures since 1875... Florida, election of U.

S. Senator...

25 U.S. Jud. etc. officera. .28-31 8. Senator.

24 Minnesota, Constitu Values Principal ComForeign intercourse,

tional amena't adopted 61 modities Exported,-. 32 expenditures, U. S... 34 Minor coinage

35 Whiskey, taxes on...... 40 XLVIth Congress,mem.

Mississippi, Constitut'l bers of

43-45 amendments rejected.. 23 Election Returns Gold coinage

35-36 Missouri, election of U. Gold coins, value of..

S. Senator.

25 From each State, alphabeti. God production...

361 National Bank notes.... 37 cally arranged.




In the year 1880 there will be sis eclipses, four of the Sun and two of tho Moon :

1. A Total Eclipse of the Sun, January 11, invisible in this country except along the Pacific coast and the region of the Rocky Mountains, where the sun will be more or less partially eclipsed just before sunset. The central path of the eclipse begins near the La. drone Islands, curves southward till it almost touches the Equator, and then runs in a northeasterly direction, passing south of Honolulu, and reaching the Pacific coast of the United States, near San Francisco, where the eclipse begins at 2:41 p. m, and ends a fow minutes before sunset.

II. A Total Eclipse of the Moon, June 22, invisible here.

III. An Annular Eclipse of the Sun, July 7, invisible in America. It will be seen as a partial eclipse in a large part of South America. the South Atlantic Ocean and the Capo of Good Hope. The central line, along which only the eclipse will be annular, begins near the Falkland Islands, and follows a sharp curved path wholly confined to the higher lati. tudes of the South Atlantic.

IV. A Partial Eclipse of the Sun, December 1, invisible here.

V. A Total Eclipse of the Moon, December 16, visible only on the Pacific coast be. fore the Moon sets. At San Francisco the eclipse begins at 5:35 a. m. and is total at 6:44 a. n., the Moon setting at 7:14 a. m., totally eclipsed.

VI. A Partial Eclipse of the Sun, December 31, visible in the eastern parts of the United States at sunrise, and for a short time afterward as follows, the beginning of the eclipse being invisible at the places named, because taking place before sunrise :

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There will be an occultation of Mars by the Moon on March 17 (St. Patrick's Day). At Washington the immersion occurs at 6:22 p. m. and the emersion at 7:38 p. m, the occul. tation lasting 1 hour 16 minutes. At New York the immersion will take place about 15 minutes later. The Moon being then between six and seven days old, the planet will disappear behind its dark edge at an angle of about 90° east, by direct vision, from the north point of a perpendicular line passing through the centre of the Moon. Owing to the great dis. tance of Mars from tho Earth, however, the planet will not be conspicuous, and the occultation will, therefore, be much less striking than if Mars were near its opposition.

The Four Seasons. Spring begins. March 20, 0:17 a. m.

Autumn begins, September 22, 11:10 a. m. Summer begins, June 20, 8:36 p. m.

Winter begins, December 21, 5:22 a. m.

Morning Stars.

Evening Stars. Venus, until July 13.

Venus, from July13. Mars, aiter October 25,

Mars, until October 25. Jupiter, from March 15 to October 7.

Jupiter, until March 15 and after Oct. 7. Saturn, from April 8 to October 18.

Saturn, until April 8 and after October 18. Venus and Mars will not be at their brightest this year. Venus is in conjunction with Jupiter, April 15 ; Saturn, April 31 ; Mercury, May 19 and August 1; the Sun, July 13, with Uranus, August 20; and with Mars September 7. Mars is in conjunction with Uranus, August 1; Mercury, September 28, November 28 and December 23 ; and the Sun October 25. Jupiter is in conjunction with Mercury, February 28, April 8'and April 18; and with the Sun March 15. Saturn is in conjunction with the Sun April 8, and with Mercury May 6. Jupiter is brightest October 7, and Saturn October 18.

Church Days and Cycles of Time. Epiphany....... .Jan. 6 Easter Sunday.. Mar. 28, Advent Sunday......Nov. 28 Septuagesima.. ..Jan. 25 Low Sunday... April 4 Dominical Letters... D&C Shrove Sunday.....Feb. 8 Rogation Sunday...May 2 Epact,

19 Ash Wednesday....Feb. 11 Ascension Day May 6 Golden Number...

19 First Sunday, Lent.Feb. 15 Whit Sunday

...May 16
Solar Cycle.

13 Palm Sunday........Mar. 21 | Trinity Sunday. May 23 Roman Indiction..

8 Good Friday ........Mar. 26 | Corpus Christi......May 27 Julian Period..


Southings of the Planets.

The four planets, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, will cross the meridian of Wash. ington in 1880 on the 1st and 15th of each month, as below, in Washington Mean time. The same figures will also be substantially correct for any other meridian in the United States :

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II. M. H. M.

H. M.
H. M.
H. M

H. M. Venus...1st... 8 54.2 a.m. 9 25.1 a.m. 10 00.0 a.m. 10 26.2 a.m. 10 43.7 a.m.11 9.6 a.m.

15th. 9 6.0 9 42.5 10 13.7 10 34.5 10 53.5 a.m.11 26.6 Mars ....lst.. 8 2.6 p.m.6 40.4 p.m. 5 43.2 p.m. 4 53.5 p.m. 4 10.8 p.m. 3 27.3 p.m 15th. 7 21.8 6 11.0 5 19.7

3 51.3

3 7.0 Jupiter..1st... 4 1.2 2 22.7

0 53.5 11 19.0a.m. 9 46.5 a.m. 8 7.6 a.m. loth. 3 16.2 1 39.3

0 10.8 10 36.0

9 2.3 7 21.0 Saturn ..1st... 554.4 3 59.3 2 15.8

27.7 p.m. 10 43.6 854.8 15th. 5 1.7 3 8.9 1 26.8 11 39.2 a.m. 9 54.8

8 4.7

[blocks in formation]

H. M.
H. M.
II. M.
H. M.
H. M.

H. M. Venus... 1st... 1148.9 a.m. 0 28.4 p.m. o 52.3p.m. 1 10.2 p.m. 1 41.3 2 24.1 p.m. 15th. 08.4 p.m.0 41.0 1 0.3

1 22.0 2 0.9 2 41.9 Marg....lst... 2 43.0

1 54.7
1 5.2

019.8 11 35.5 a.m. 11 0.8 a.m. 15th. 2 21.5 1 32.3 043.2 11 58.4 a.m. 11 18.3 10 47.5 Jupiter.. 1st... | 6 26.1 a.m. 4 32.6 a.m. 2 27.8 a.m. O 17.8 9 57.1 p.m. 7 52.6 p.m. 15th. 5 36.1 3 37.6

1 28.0 11 11.4 p.m. 8 57.7 6 58.3 Saturn...lst... 7 6.4 5 9.6 3 6.5 1 2.2 å.m. 10 47.1

8 42.3 loth.l 6 14.3

14 14.7 2 9.0 11 58.9 p.m. 9 48.4 7 45.8

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