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fonding in any court prior to the day when Chap. CCLXIII.-An act making appro- this act si:all take etteot; but as to all such priation for the support of the Army.- From pending cases and all futuro procoedings and after the passage of this act, ali promo-1 therein, and in respect of all pains, penal. tions in the Aimy, in each and every grade, ties, and forfeitures which shall

have beon arm, corps, and department thereof, shali incurred under any of said acts prior to the ccase; and thereafter no promotions or ap- day when this act takes

effect, or which

may pointments shall be made to fill any vacancy be thereafter incurred, under any of those which may occur or be cre therein, until provisions of any of said acts which, for the after such report of a joint committee, com. purposes named in this act, aro kept in posed of Ihree Senators and tivo members or force, and all per al actions and criminal ro. the House, to whom the whole subject mat- ceelings for a violation of any of said acis, ter of the reform and reorganization of the whether then pendling, or thereafter insti. Army is by this act referred, shall be made tuted, and in respect of all rights of debtors and acted upon by Congress: Provided. That and creditors (except the right of commencthis limitation shall not apply to the line of ing original procesdings in bankruptcy), the Army below the rank of captain.

and all rights of, and suits by or against SEC. 15. From ard after the passage of this assignees, under auy or all of sald acts, in act it shall not be lawful to empoy any part any matter or case which shall have arisen comitatus, or otherwise, for the purpose of of the Army of the United States, as a posse prior to the day when this act takes effect

which shall be on the first day of Scptemexecating the laws, except in such cases and bor, Anno Domini 1878), or in any matter or under such circumstances as such employ- case which shall arise after this act takes ment of said forco may be expressly author. effoct, in respect of any, matter of bank. ized by the Constituiion or by act of Con- ruptcy authorized by this act to be progress; and no money appropriated by this ceeded wita attor said last-named day, tho act shall be used to pry any of the expenses acts hereby repealed shall continue lu foli incurred in the employment of any troops force and effect until the same shall be fully in violation of this section, and any per disposed of in the same manner as it said son wilfully violating the provisions of this acts had not been repealed. section shall be deemed guilty of a misde.

CURRENCY. meanor, and a conviction thereof shall be pupished by fine not exceed ngten thousand Chap. XX.-An act to authorize the coin. dollars or imprisonment not excee ing two age of the standard silver dollar, and to re. years, or by both such fine and imprison shall be colned, at the several mints of the

store its legal-tender character.-That there ment. NOTE.-At first session of XLVt: Con-four hundred and twelve and a hall grains

United States, silver dollars of the weight of gress, a section was inserted in the Army Troy of standard silver, as provided in the Bill fixing the rank and fle of the Army at act of January 18, 1837, on which shall be 25,000.

the devices and superscriptions provided by Chap. CCLX.-An act regulating the ap- dollars heretofore coined by the United

said aot; which coins together with all silver pointment of cadet-midshipmen and cadet. States, of like weight and finenes8, shall be ingin ers in the Naval Academy and for other legal tonder, at their nominal value, for purposes. Section 1,513 Revised Statutes ail debts and dues, public and private, ex; is am spded so as to allow in said academy cept where otherwise expressly stipulated but one cadet-midshipman for every mem. in the contract. And tho Secretary of the ber or delegate of the House of Representa: Treasury is authorized and directed to pur: tives, one for the District of Columbia, and chase, from t me to time, silver bul lon, at ten appointed at large. Section 1,506 is the market price thereof, not less than two amended so as to read as follows: Any offi. million dolars worth per month, nor more cer of the Navy may, by and with the alvice than four million dollars worth per month, and consent

of the Senate, be advanced not and cause the same to be coined monthly, as esccoding thirty numbers in rank, for emi: fast as so purchased, into such dollars; and a poot

and conspicuous conduct in battle or sum sufficient to carry out the foregoing extraordinary heroism, anıl the rank of offi.provision of this act is hereby appropriated cers shall not be changed except in accord; out of any money in the Treasury cot other. ance with the provisions of existing law,and

And wise appropriated.

any by and with the advice aad consent of the seigajorage arising from this coinage shali

gain Senate.

be accounted for and paid into the Treasury, BANKRUPTCY.

as provided under existing laws relative to Chap. CLX.-An act to repeal the Bank. the subsidiary coipage: Provided. That the rupt 1.-That the Bankrupt Law ap: amount of money at any one time invested proved Mar:h 2, 1867, title ei, Revised in such silver bullion, exclusive of such re. Statutes, and an act eniitled "An act to suluing coiu, shall not exceed to million amend and supplement an act entitled An dollars: And provided further. That nothing act to establish a uniform system of bank in this act shall be construed to authorize raptcy throughout the United States, ap- the payment in silver of certificates of de. proved March 2, 1867, and for other pur. posii issued under the provisions of Section poses, approved June 22, 1874,” and all acts | 254 of the Revised Statutes. in amendment or supplementary thereto or SEC. 2. That immediately after the passage in explanation thereof, bo, and the same are of this act, the President shall invite the horeby, repeated : Provided, however, That governments of the countries composing such repeal shall in no manner invalidate or ihe Latin Union, so-called, and of such other afect any case in bankruptcy instituted and European nations as he may deem ad


visable, to join the Uvitel States | poses. - That before making any contract for in conference to adopt a common inland mail transportation, other than by ratio between gold


silver, for railroads and steamboats, except for tempothe purpose of establishing, internationally, rary service, the Postmaster-General shall the use of bi-metallic money, and securing cause to be published, in not exceeding ten fixity of relative value between those newspapers published in the State or Terrimetáls; such conference to be held at such tory in which such

service is to be let, once place, in Europe or in tho United States, at a week, for six consecutive weeks preceding such time within six months, as may be the time of Jetting, a notice in displayed mutually agreed upon by the executives of type, that proposals will be received for the the governments joining in the same, performance of such service, and no other whenever the governments no invited,or any advertisement of miscellaneous letting shall three of them, shall have signified their wil. be required. Ungness to unite in the same.

SEC. 2. Hereafter po sub-letting or transThe President shall, by and with the ad. fer of any mall contracts shall be permitted vice and consentof the Senate, appoinı three without the consent in writing of the PostCommissioners, who shall attend such con: master-General; and whenever it shall come ference on behalf of the United States, and to the knowledge of the Postmaster-General shall report the doings thereof to the Presi. that any contractor has sub-let or transdent, who sball transmit the same to Cun. teried bls contract, except with the consent gress.

of the Postmaster-General as aforesaid, the Said Commissioners shall each receive the same shall be considered as violated, and the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars service may be again advertised as herein and their reasonable expenses, to be ap- provided for ; and the contractor and his proved by the Secretary of state; and the socurities shall be liable on their bond to amount necessary to pay such compensation the United States for any damage resulting and expenses is hereby appropriated out of to the United States in the premises any money in the Treasury not otherwise SEC. 5. *** No contract for such new appropriated.

service shall be for a longer time than one SEC. 8. That any holder of the coin author year. No contract for carrying the mails ized by this act may deposit the same with between the United States and any foreign the Treasurer or any Assistant Treasurer of port shall be for a longer time ihan two the United States, in suma pot less than ten years, unless otherwise directed by Con. do lars, and receive therefor certificates of gress. not less than ten dollars each, correspond.

PEXSIONS, ing with the denominations of the United States notes. The coin deposited for or

Chap. CCLXI.-An act to increase the representing the certificates shall be re- pension of certain pensioned solaiers and tained in the Treasury for the payment of sailors who have lost both their hands or both the same on demand. Said certificates hall their feet, or the right of both eyes in the be receivablo for customs, taxes, avd all service of the countru:-That ou and after public dues, and, when so received, may be the passage of this act, all soldiers and sail. reissued.

ors who have lost either both their hands or SEC. 4. All acts and parts of acts incon both their feet, or the sight of both eyes in sistent with the provisions of this act areceive, in hen of all pensions pow paid them

the service of the United States, shall rehe reliy repealed.

by the Government of the United States, Chap. CXLVI.-An act to Sorbid the fur and thore sball be paid to them, in the samo ther re.irement of United States legal-lender manner as pensions ary now paid to such ruotes. --That from and after the passage of persons, tho sum of $72 por month. this act it shall not be lawful for the Secretary of the Treasury or other officer under Chap. XXVIII.-An act amending the him to canc ! or retire any more of the law: graniing pensions to the soldiers and United States legal-tender notes. And when sailors of the War of 1812, and their widows, any of said uotes may be redeemed or be re- and for other purposes.-That the Secretary ceived into the Treasury under any law of the Interior be, and ho is hereby author from any source whatever and shall belovgized and directed to place on the pension. to the United States, they shall not be re: rolls the names of the surviving officers and uired. cancelled or destroyed, but they shall enlisted and drafted men, wiih ut regard to be reissued and paid out again and kept in color, iccluding militia and volunteers, of circulation : Provided, That nothing herein the

muitary and nayal service of the United shall prohibit the cancellation and desiruc States, who served for fourteen days in the tion of muulated notes and the issue of other war with Great Britain of 1812, or who

were notes of liko denoinination in their stea:1, as in any engagement, and were l'onorably dls. now provided by law.

charged, and the surviving widows of such Al'acts and parts of acts in conflict here- officers and enlisted and drafted med. with are hereby repealed.

Sec. 2. That the pensions under this act

shall be at the rate of $ per month from Chap. LXXIX.-An acı to prohibit the and after tho passage of this act for and durcoinacje of the twenty-cent piece of silver.- ing their natural lives: Provided. That the That from and after the pas age of this ac, i ensions to widows provided for in this the co:nage of the twenty.cent piece (f sil act shall cease whethey shall marry again. ver, by the Government of tho United SEC. 3. That before the name of any perStates, de, and tho samo 19 hereby prohib. son shall be placed upon the pension-rolls ited. And all laws in conflict with this act under this act, proof shail be made under are hereby repealed.

such rules and regulations as the Commis

sioner of Pensions, with the approval or the MAIL-LETTING.

Secretary of the Interior, shall prescribe, Chap. CVII.-An act to regulate the ad. that the applicant 18 entitled to a ponsion vertising of mail-lettings, and for other pur. under this act. Tho loss or lack of a ceruiti.

cate of dischargo shall not deprive the ap- claim agents and attorneys in pension cases.plicant ot the benetit of this ant, but other That it shall be unlawful for any, agent, atproof of the service performed and of an torney, or other person to demand or receive honorable discharge, it satisfactory, shall be for his services in a pension case more than deemed sufficient : Provided, That when $10. No feo contract shall hereafter be filed any person has been granted a land warrant with the Commissioner of Pensions in any urder any act of Congress for and on ac. case. Bections 4,768 and 4,769 of Revised count of service in said War of 1812. such statutes, providing for the deduction from grant shall be prima facie evidence of his amount due pensioner of attorney's fees, etc., service and honorable discharge so as to en- shall not apply to any case or claim herouitle him if living, or his widow if he be dead, after filed, nor to any pending claim in which to a pension under this act.

the claimant has not been represented by an SEC. 5. That the Secretary of the Interior agent or attorney prior to the passago of be, and he is hereby authorized and directed this act. Section 4,784 Revised Statutes. to restore to the pension-rolls the names of providing that no agent or attorney or other all persons now surviving heretoforo pen person shall demand or receive any other Bioned on account of service in the War compensation for his services in a pension or of 1812, or for service in any of the bounty land claim, than such as the Com. Indian wars, and whose names were stricken missioner of Pensions shall direct, not ex. from the rolls in pursuance of the act authoceeding $25, is repealed, orizing the secretary of the Interior to

PUBLIC LANDS. strike from the pension rolls the names of such persous as have taken up arms against

Chap. CLII.-An act to provide for the the Government. or who have in any man. publication of notices of contest under the ner encouraged the rebels, approved FebruHomstead, Preëmption, and Tree-Culture laws ary 4, 1862, and that the Joint resolution of the United State8.-That the notices of conprobibiting payment by any officer of the test pow provided by law under the Homo. Goverument to any person not known to stead, Preemption, and Tree-Culture laws of have been opposed io the rebellion and in the United States, shall after the passage of favor of its suppression, approved March 2.

this act, be printed in some newspaper 1867, and Section 4,7 16 Revised Statutes printed in the county where the land in sball not apply to the persons provided for contest lies: and if no newspaper be printed by this act: Provided, That no money shall in such countv, then the newspaper printed be paid to any one on account of pensions in the county nearest to such land. for the time during which his name renained Chap. CL.-An act authorizing the citi. stricken from the rolls.

zens of Colorado, Nevada and the Territories SEC. 6. That the surviving widow of any to fell and remove timber on the public dopensioner of the War of 1812, where the main for mining and domestic of saia pensioner was stricken from that all citizens of the United States and the pension-rolls in pursuance of the act ap- other persons, bove-tide residents of the proved February 4, 1862, and where, under state of Colorado, or Nevada, or either of the the existing provisions of law, said pensioner Territories of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, died withoat his name being restored to the Wyoming, Dakota, Idaho. or Montana, and ro:le, shall be entitled to make claim for a all other mineral districts of the Uniteil pension as such widow after the passage of States, shall be, and are hereby, authorized This act: Provided, That no such arrearages and permitted to fell and remove, for build. shall be paid for any verlod prior to the time ing, agricuiturel, miving, or other domestic of the removal of the disability of the pen. purposes, any timber or other trees growing sioner, as provided in Section 6. And pro- or being on the public lands, said lands be. vided further, That under this act any widowing mineral, and not subject to entry uider of a Revolutionary soldier who served four existing laws of the United States, ex: ten days, or was in any engagement, shall cept for mineral entry, in either of said be placed upon the pension rolls and receive states, Territories, or districts of which a pension ci$8 a month.

such citizens or persons may be at the time

bona-tlde residents, subject to such rules and Chap. XXV.-An act to amend Section regulations as the Secretary of the In-erior 4,778 of Revised Statutes, relative to the ap- may prescribe for the protection of the tim. pointment of Pension Agents.-That when.ber and of the undergrowth growing upon ever during & session of the Senato a va- such lands, and for other purposes: frocancy shall occur in the office of Pension vided, The provisions of this act shall not Agent, by reason of resignation, death, re- extend to railroad corporations. moval or expiration of the terın of office, or SEC. 2. That it shall be the duty of the reg. where any such agent lawfully appointed ister and the receiver of any local land ofico shall have failed to qualify aod assume the in whose district any mineral laud may lo duties of sach office, the President may, situated to ascertain from time to time when the pubic exigency requires it, desig- whether any, timber is being cut or used pate any officer of ihe United States to per. upon any such lands, except for the purposes form the duties of such office, but such desig. authorized by this act, within their respecnation shall not be for a longer time than tive land districts; and, if so, they sballimtwenty days, and such officer 80 designated mediately notify the Commissicner of the aball give bonds if reqnired by the President General Land Omce of that fact: and all for the faithful discharge of tho said duties, necessary expenses incurred in making such and the Secretary of the Interior shail allow proper examinations shall bo paid and alin the settlement of the accounts of such low cd such register and receiver in making officer, the necessary expenses incurred by up their next quarterly accounts. him in the discharge of his dutics under this Bec. 3. Any person or persons who shall aet. The foregoing provisions stall apply to violate the provisions of this act, or any any vacancy now existing.

rules and regulations in pursuance thereof

made by the Secretary of the Interior, shall Chap. CCCLXVII.-An act relating to be d emned guilty of a misdemcanor, and.

upon conviction, shall be fined in any sam debts contracted prior to the issuing of tho not exceeding $500, and to which may be final certificato tlieretor. added imprisonment for any term not ex SEC. 7. That parties who have alroadv coeding six months.

made entries under the acts

approved March

3, 1873, and March 13, 1874, of which this Chap. CXLVIII.-An act for the relief of is amendatory, shall be permitted to com. certain settlers on the public lands. That it vlete the sune apou full compliance with shall be lawful for homestead settlers on the the provisions of this act, that is, they shall, public lands whose crops were dosi royed or at their time of making their final proot, seriously injured by, grasshoppers in the havo bad under cultivation, as required by year 1876, who left their land in said this act, an amount of timber suficient to year, if no other settlement shall have make the number of acres required by this been made thereon by, or right or inter- act. est thereia accrued to, any other person, to return to said land at any time Chap. CXL.-An act for the relief of set. within three months from and after the tlers on the public lands under the Preëmp. passage of this act; and upon the return of tion laws.-That any person who has made a such dottlers to such land. such absence settlement on public lans under the pretherefrom shall in no wise affect the original ëmption laws, and has subsequent to such settlements or homestead rights, but such settlement changed his filing in pursuance set:lers shall be allowed to resume and per. of law to that for a homestead entry upon fect their settlement, as if no such absence the same tract of land, shall be entitled 10 had occurred: Provided, That procf of have the timo reqnired to perfect his title such destruction or injury of cross, absence under the homestoad laws compnted from and return of such settlers, shall be made in the dato of his original settlement berotosuch manner as the Commissioner of the fore made, or hereafter to bo made, under Generai Land Office may prescribe.

the preëmption laws. subject to all the pro

visions of the law relating to homesteads. Chap. CXC.--An act to amend an act entitled An act to encourage the growth of tim. Chap.CLXXXIX.-An act for the relief of ber on the Western Prairies.- That the act settlers on thepublic lands under the preë.np entitled An act to encourage the growth of tion laws. That any person who has mada timber on Western Pialries, approved settlement on the publiclands under the praMarch 13, 1874, be, and the same is hereby ënuption laws, and has subsequent to such amended, so as to read as follows: That any settlement charged his filing in pursuance verson who is the head of a family, or who of law to that for a homestead entry upon the has arrived at the age of twenty-one years, same tract of land, shall be entitle, subject and 18 a citizen of the United States, or who to all the provisions of law relating to homeshall have fled his declaration of intention steads, to have the time required to perfect to become such, as required by the natural. his title upder the homestead laws computed ization laws of the United States, who shall from the date of his origioal settlement hereplant, protect, and keep in a healthy,

grow, toforo made, or hereafter to be made, under ing condition for eight years ton acres of the proëmption law3. timber, on any quarter.section of any of tho public lands of the United States, or five Chap. LXXVI.-An act * *** making acres on any legal subdivision of eighty appropriations for detecting tresspass on acros, or two and one-half acres on any legal public lands, and for bringing into mariet subdivision of forty acres or less. shall be public lands in certain states and for other entitled to a patent for the whole of said purposes.-That all mozoys heretofore, and quarter-section, or of such legal subdivision that shall hereafter be collected for depraof oighty or forty acres, or fractional sub-dations upon the public lands shall be cov. division of less than forty acres, as the case ered in the Treasury of tho United States 29 may be, at the expiration of said eight years, other moneys received from the sale

of pub. on making proof of such fact by not less lic lands: Ånd provided further, That where than two credible witnesses, and a full com wood and timber lands in the Territories of plianco of the further conditions as provided the United States are not surveyed an! in Section 2: Provided further, That not offered for sale in proper subdivisions, con. more than one quarter of any section shall venient of access, no money herein approbe thus granted, and that no person shall priatod shall be used to collect any chargo make more than one entry under the provi. for

wood or umber cut on the public lards sions of this act.

in the Territories of the United States for SEC. 3. That if at any time after the filing or the use of actual settlers in the Territorica, 8.110 affidavit, and prior to the issuing

of the and not for export from tho Territories of patent for saia land, the claimant shall fail the United States where the timber grow : io comply with any of the requirements of and provided further, That if any timber this act, then and in that event such land cut on the public lands shall be exported shall be subject to entry under the home from the Territories of the United states, it stead laws, or by somo other person under shall be liable to seizure by Unitod States the provisious of this act, Provided, That authority wherover found the party making claim to said land, either as a homestead-seitler, or under this act, Chap. CCCXIV.-An

act for the relief of shall givo at the time of filing his application, settlers on public lands. -That the

provisions such notice to the original claimant as shall of an act of Congress approved March 3, bo prescribed by the rules established by 1877 (providing that settlers on the public tho Commissioner of the General Land lands whera crops were destroyed or seri. Office ; and the rights of iho parties shall bo ously injured by grasshoppers in 1877 may determined as in other contested cases. be absent therefrom until October 1, 1878,

SEC. 4. That no land acquired under the and that during such absence no adverse provisions of this act shall, in any event. be rights shall attach to said lands), are hereby come liable to the satisfaction of any debt or extendod to those settlers whoso crops wero

destroyed or seriously injured by the grass States to the Government of Her Britannio hoppers during the year 1876.

Majesty, in accordance with the provisions

of the said treaty. TERRITORIES.

Signed at Halifax, this 230 day of Novem. Chap. CCCXXIX.-An acı making ap.

ber, 1877.

MAURICE DELFOSSE. propriations for the Legislative, Executive ana

A. T. GALT. Judicial Expenses of the Government.-That The United States Commissioner is of from and after the adjournment of the next opinion that the advantages accruing to 898sion of the several Territorial Legisla- Great Britain under the Treaty of Washing. Inres, the council of each of the Territories ton are greater than the advantages con. of the United States shall not exceed twelve ferred on the United States by said

treaty, members and the House of Representatives and he cannot thereforo concur in the con. of each shall not exceed twenty-four mem- clusions announced by his colleagues. bers; and the soveral legislatures at their And the American Commissioner deems it Dext sessions are directed to divide their his duty to state further that it is question. respective Territories into as niany

council able whether it is competent for the Board and representative districts as they desire, to make an award under the treaty except which aistricts shall be as nearly equal as with the unanimous consent of its mem. practicable taking into consideration popu. bers.

E. H. KELLOGG. Lation, except "Indians not taxed."

Commissioner. TEXT OF THE FISHERIES AWARD AT HALIFAX, The following is the act of Congress on NOVEMBER 23, 1877.

the subject : The undersigned, Commissioners pointed under Articles XXII and XXIII Chap. CCCLLX.-An act making ap. of the Treaty of Washington, of the propriations for sundry, civil expenses of 8th of May, 1871, to determino having the Government.-That the sum of five and regard to the privileges accorded by the one-half million of dollars in gold coin be and United States to the subjects of Her Britan, the same is hereby appropriated out of any nie Majesty, as stated in Articles XIX and money in the reasury not otherwise appro. XXI ot said treaty, the

amount of any com- priaied, and placed under the direction of pensation which in their opinion ought to the President of the United States, with be paid by the Government of the United which to pay the Government of Her Britan. States to the Government of Her Britannic nio Majesty the amount awarded by the Majesty in return for the privileges ac- Fisheries Commission, lately assembler at corded to the citizens of the United States, Halifax, in pursuance of the Treaty of under Article XVIII of the said

treaty - Washington, 1f. after correspondence with having carefully and impartially examined the British Government, on the subject of the matters referred to them, according to the conformity of the awards to the requirejustice and equity, in conformity with the ments of the ireaty and to the terms of the solemn declaration made and snbscribed by question thereby submitted to the commis. them on the 15th day of June, 1877,

sion, the President shall deem it his duty to Award the sam of $5,500.000 in gold, to make the payment without further com. be paid by the Government of the United 'munication with Congress.


CALIFORNIA.-A convention is in session. bly, the City of New Orleans, and the par.

ILLINOIS. -The following proposed amend. ishes to levy taxes. ment was voted on at the November elec 4. Fixes the salary of members of the Gen. tion:

eral Assembly at $500 per session of ninety ** The General Assembly may pass laws day 8. permitting the owners of lands to construct 8. Prohibits the General Assembly from drains, diiches and lovees, for agricultural, pas:ing local or special laws changing venuo Banitary and mining purposes, across the in criminal cases, etc. lands of others, and provide for the organiza 6. Fixes the salary of the Governor at tion of drainage districts and vest the corpo. $7.000 a year. rate authorities thereof with power to con. 7. Fixes the salary of Lieutenant-Governor struct and maintain levees, drains and at doable that of an Assemblyman. ditches, and to keep in repair all drains, 8. Relates to the veto power, and author. levees and ditches heretofore constructed by izes the Governor to veto one or more items the State, by special assessments upon the in any bill appropriating money, the remain. property benefited thereby.”

der to be valid. LOUISIANA.-Amendments having been 9. Prohibits a salaried officer from having agreed to by two-thirds of oach House of the fees. General Assembly, at the session of 1878, 10. Relates to the judicial power, and crewere submitted to a vote of the people at tho ates Supreme Court, district courts and late election :

Justices of the peace. 1. Submits the question of location of 1!. Fixes tho salary of the Chief-Justice State Capital : Baton Rouge or New Orleans. at $7,000 a year, and the associates $6,500

2. Provides that Representatives shall be cach. chosen on the frat Tuesday after the first 12. Authorizes the General Assembly to Monday in November, every two years, and divide the State into judicial districts,

which be elected cn one day ; the General As shall be unchanged for four years, with a sembly to meet on the first Monday in Jaru- Judgo learned in the law to be elected by a ary biennially, unless a different day be plurality of votes, and the number of disfired by law.

tricts to be not less than thirty nor moro 3. Linits the power of the General Assem. I than forty-five.

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