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SAMUEL RAYNOR & CO., 115 and 117 William-st., New-York,

Beg leave to call the attention of all persons who buy envelopes, to the extensive assortment asid superior quality of those manufactured by them, thoir mechinery for manufacturing being the latest and best, folding and gumming in the most perfect manner. They manufacture every style, from the smallest Drug to the largest Official size, includipg all kinds used by Banks, Insurance Companies, Express Companies, Merchants and others. Samples furnished trade on request.


The cheapest and best Series of fiction. Price, ten cents each unless otherwise noted. Send, postpaid, on receipt of the price.

1. LORDS AND LADIES. Published by arrangement with A. K. Loring, Boston.

2. SHORT STORIES, Krin. Ordeal of Fay. Susan Lane's Christmas. Hoodlum Band. By Bret Harte, and early chapters of This Son of Vulcan.

*3. A PAIR OF BLUE EYES. By Thomas Hardy. *4. TAE WOOING O'T. By Mrs. Alexander. Double Number, price 20 cents.

*5. FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD. By Thomas Hardy. Double Number, price 20 cents.

6. GOOD LUCK. By E. Wer ner. Translated from the German for THE TRIBUNE. 17. ALICE LORRAINE. by R. D. Blackmore. Double Number, price 20 cents. 18. THE CURATE IN CHARGE. By Mrs. Oliphant. 9. OLYMPIA; a Romance. By R. E. Francillon. 10. BLACK SPIRITS AND WHITE. By Frances Eleanor Trollope. 11. TWO LILIES, By Julia Kavanagh. 12. A CHARMING FELLOW. By Frances Eleanor Trollope. 13. DRIFTED BY THE SEA. By Henry Whitney Cleveland. 14. CHERRY RIPE. By Helen B. Mathers, author of " Comin' Thro' the Rye."

16. THIS SON OF VULCAN, 32 pages-10 cents. By Walter Besant and James Rice.

17. SEBASTIAN. A Novel By Katharine Cooper. 18. THREE WIVES. By the author of Lords and Ladies, 36 pages, price 20 cents.

19. COUSIN HENRY. By Anthony Trollope, also a short story, Annie and Her Manter.

20. DISMISSED. A Novel. By William Osbord Stoddard.

*Published by arrangement with Henry Holt & Co., whose Leisure Hour Series in. cludes anthorized editions of all Mr. Hardy's and Mrs. Alexander's works.

Published by arrangement with Harper Brothers, whose Library of Select Novels in. cludes authorized editions of Mr. Blackmore's and Mrs. Oliphant's works.

Every Novel in this series is complete and unabridged and contains matter which in any other form costs from seren to ten times as much as THE TRIBUNE Novel.

NOTE.-Nos. 33 and 35 only of the following Extras are in pamphlet form. Numbers omitted are out of print.

No. 33.-Cent innial Orations: Evarts. Storrs, Adams, Beecher, and Poems by Bryant, Taylor, Whittier, and Holmes. In pamphlet, 25 cents; shoot, 100.

No. 35.-Guide to the Centennial Exhibition. In pamphlet, 25 cente; sheet, 10 cepte.

No. 37.-Hypotheses of Evolution: Professor J. W. Draper on Evolution; Professor Marsh on Vertebrate Life in America. In new form, folded sheet, 100.

No. 38.-First Principles in Finance. Resumption Domanded; General Garfield's Speech; Popular Finance; Dealing with the Difficulties of An Ola Reader." ID new form, folded sheet, 5 cents.

No. 39.- Archæology and Art contains : “ Cesnola in Cyprus ;". ** Treasure Tombs at Mycenae," "Schliemann at Mycenae." In new form, folded sheet, 10 cente.

No. 40.- The Phonograph (Illustrated). By Professor Arnold. Fast Printing Presses (Illustrated). New form, folded sheet. Price, 10c.

No. 41.-The Paris World's Fair of_1878, graphically described by George W. Swalley. Cincionati's Great Musical Festival, by John R. G. Hassard. Price 10c. postpaid.

ÑO 42.-Greenback Fallacies. Destructive Tendencies of the Greenback party. Eminent men OD Irredeemable Paper Money. Price 5 cents; $1 per hundred. In new form folded sheet.

No. 43. - Southern War Claims. $650,000,000 Demanded by the Solid South. Price o cents, or $1 per bundred. In dew form folded sheet,

No. 44.-Tbe Ciplier Dispatcbee. The Florida, South Carolina and Oregon secret telegrams, with the keys that translate them. Price, 5 cents, or $2 per hundred. In new form folded sheet. Also in pamphlet form, 40 pages, large type. Price. postpaid, 25 cents.

No. 45.-Campaign issue. Breeches of Senator Cookling. President Hayes add Vice-President Wheeler. Price 5 cente.

No. 46.-The Prophetic Conference. Verbatim reports of the different papers read and delivered. Issued in sheet form at 15 cents. The demand for this extra has been sucb as to warrant THE TRIBUNE in issung it in a handsomo octavo volume of 120 pages, printed in good type. Price, postpaid, 25 cents.

No. 47. -Cyprus: Its Ancient Arts and History. Forty illustrations. This Extra contains an interesting series of lectures delivered by General Di Cesnola at Chickering Ball. In dew form folded sheet. Price. postpaid, 10 cents.

No. 48.-Wby the South ja Solid; Letters from a TRIBUNE Staff Correspondent on Fraud and Intimidation in the South. In sheet form only. Price, postpaid,5 cente.

No. 49.-Texas and Colorado; New Fields of Industry; Openings for Settlers in Two Great States. Letters of Mr. E. V. Smalley and Mr. 2. L. White to THE TRIBUNE. In Dew form folded sheet. Price, postpaid, 10 cents.

No. 50.-Saratoga meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Fossil Study. Professor Marsh's Address on Palæontology. The Bilurian Age, profusely illustrated. In new form folded sheet. Price, postpaid 10 cente. New Far West: Gold in the Black Hills; Montana and Utah-In twenty-eight interesting letters from Mr. Z. L. White, giving the most recent and trust. worthy Informatiou about these mining countries. Price 10 cents,

No. 52.--Songs for the Stump. Bourbou Ballads, with music. Price, postpaid. 10 cente.

No. 53.—The Black List. Repudiation in tbe Solid Soutb.' Price, postpaid, 5 cente.

No. 64.-The Finance Primor. A B C of Finance. Price, postpaid, 5 cents.

NO. 65.-The Chisolm Tragedy. Mrs Chisolm tells how her husband was brutally murdered by a Southern mob.

No. 56.-The Republican Standard. Speeches by Senator Conkling, Vice-President Wheeler, President Hayes and Ex. Governor Fenton. rice, postpaid, 5 cents.

No. 67.--Mr. Conkling's Brooklyn Speech ; Mr. Beecher's Speech; Rebel War Claims to date; state Rights in Congress: Over Twelve Hundred Millions domanded by the Bontb, & Price, postpala, 5 cents.

Illustrated Publications.

53, 55 & 57 PARK-PLACE, N. Y.

188 0.

Rates of Subscription, Postage Paid.


$4 00 The only Pictorial Record of Current Events, devoted to News, Literature,

Art and Science.

4 00 The best American Family Journal, Story Paper and Home Friond. FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRIRTE ZEITUNG.

4 00 In the Gorman Language. A weekly compendium of news and literature. FRANK LEALIE'S LADY'S JOURNAL.

Tho highest exponent of fashion and taste.

2 50 An illustrated journal of amusement, adventure and instruction


3 00 The cheapest and most attractive monthly magazine. FRANK LESLIE'S SUNDAY MAGAZINE.

3 00 The best pictorial religious periodical. FRANK LESLIE'S LADY'S MAGAZINE.

3 00 Regarded universally as a fashion standard. FRANK LESLIE'S PLEASANT HOURS.

1 50 Cheap and entertaining. Devoted to fiction. Every article complete. FRANK LESLIE'S BUDGET.

1 80 Filled with intelligent humor. TRANK LESLIE'S CHATTERBOX..

1 00 A oharming periodical for young folks,


26 A charming annual, with colored plates. FRANK LESLIE'S COMIC ALMANAC..

10 A racy annual compendium of fun, humor and intormation.

The various publications of this house em biace a wide range of popular reading. The illustrations are of the highest order, by the most skillful artists. The literary matter is contributed by authors and writers of great reputation and acknowledged popularity. Most liberal outlays are made to secure the best talent in the market, both instructive and amusing:

No "travelling agent” is authorized to collect money for our publications. Remit by money order, draft on New-York, or registered letter, at our risk. Address


53, 55, 57 Park-place, New-York.

66 The Leading American Newspaper, THE NEW-YORK TRIBUNE FOR 1880.

During the coming Presidential year THE TRIBUNE will be a more effective agency than ever for telling the news best worth knowing, and for entorcida sound politics. From the day the war closed it has been most anxious for an end of sectional strife. But it saw two years ago, and was the first persistently to proclaim the new danger to the country from the revived alliance of the Solid South and Tammaný Hall. Against that danger it sougbt to rally THE OLD PARTY OF FREEDOM AND THE UNION.

It began by demanding the abandoomeut or personal dislikes, and set the example. It called for an end to attacks upon each other instead of the enemy ; and for the heartiest agreement upon whatever fit can lidates the majority should put up against t'e common foe. Since then the tide of disaster has been turved back; every doubtful State bas been won, and the omens for National victory were never more cheering. The Solid South aud its Northern allies favorert Repudiation, and we have kept the Public Faith. They favored Inflation, and we have restored Specie Payments. They sought to break down the safeguards of the ballot-box, and we bave maintained the election laws.

THE TRIBUNE'S POSITION. Of THE TRIBUNE's share in antibis, those speak most enthusiastically who have pen tpost of the struggle, The Michigan State Committe- officially urged the cir. culation of THE TRIBUNE as the best means of educating the voters and bringing out the vote. The Maine Republicans declared that no other agency made so many votes. Obio, Pennsylvania and New-York teil the same story. THE TRIBUNE 18 Dow spending more labor and money than ever before to hold the distinction it has long enjoyed of the largest circulation among the best people. It secured, and means to retain it, or becoming the inedium of the best thought and the voice of the best conscience of the time, by keeping abreast of the highest progress, favoring the freest discussion, hearing all sides, appealing always to the best intelligence and the purest morality, and refusing to cater to the tastes of the vile or the prejudices of the ignorant.

SPECIAL FEATURES. The distinctive features of THE 1 RIBUNE

are known to everybody. It gives all the news. It has the best correspondents, and retains them from year lo year. It is the only paper that maintains a special telegraphic wire of its own between its office and Wasbington. Its use of the Oceau Cables during the coming year for foreign news will be more marked than ever. Its scientific, literary, artistic and religious intelligence is the fullest. Its book reviews are the best. Its commercial and financial news is the most exact. Its type is the largest; and its arrangemeat tbe most sistematic.

The Semi-Weekly Tribune 18 by far the most successful semi-Weekıy in the country, having four times the circulation or any other in New-York. It is specially adapted to the large class of intelligent, professioval or busivess readers too far from New-York to depend on our papers for the daily news, who nevertheless want the editorials, correspondence, book reviews, scientitic matter, lectures, literary miscellany, etc., for which THE TRIBONE is famous. Like THE WEEKLY it contains sixteen pages, and is in convenient form for binding.

The Weekly Tribune remains the great favorite of our substantial country population. It revises and condenses all the news of the week into readable shape. Its agricultural department is more carefully conducted than ever, and it has always been considered the best. Its market reports have long been the recognized authority on cattle, grain and general country produce. There are special departments for the young, and for household interests; the new handiwork department, already extremely popular, gives unusually accurate and comprehensive instructions in knitting, crocheting, and kindred subjects; while poetry, fiction and the humors of the day are all abundantly supplsed. 'THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE is now so aranged as to make two complete and separate papers of eight pages each, the first containining the news and politics; the second,

the correspondence, fiction, poetry, household departments, etc. the paper at the same time.

Both sides of the family can thus enjoy

The verdict of the tens of tuousands of old readers who have returned to it during the past year ja that they find it better than ever. Increasing

patronage and facilities enable us to reduce the rates to the lowest point wo have ever touched, and to offer the most amazing premium

See Terms and Premium Offers on Next Page,

yet given.

Postage Free in the United States or Canada. DAILY TRIBUNE (including Sundays) one year...

-$12 00 DAILY TRIBUNE (without Sundays), one year.

10 00 SUNDAY TRIBUNE, one year..

2 00 THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE. Single copy, one year..

.$200 Five copies, one year...

1 50 each Ten copies, one year.

1 00 each THE SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE. Single copy, one year..

.$3 00 Five copies, one year...

2 50 each Ten copies, one year.,

200 each Any number of copies of either edition above ten at the same rate. Additions to clubs may be made at any time at club rates. Remit by Draft on New. York, Post Office Order, or in Registered letter.

AN AMAZING PREMIUM THE TRIBUNE has always dealt liberally with its friends who have used their time and influence in extending its circulation. The low price at wbich the paper is offered leaves but a small margin to be used in commissions and premiums, yet by special arrangements with publishers, and by making very large purchases for cash, we are now able to announce additions to our Premium List, surpassing in liberality any heretofore offered by THE TRIBUNE or any other paper. We take pride in calling atteution to the following:

CHAMBERS'S ENCYCLOPÆDIA, a Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People, in 14 volumes, together with six volumes of additional matter which is now being prepared, bringing it down to date, making 20 rolumes in all, and rendering it the latest Encyclopædia in existence. The first fourteen volumes will be an exact reprint, omitting only the cuts, of the very latest (1879) edition of Chambere's Encyclopædia. The six additional volumes will contain several thousand topics not found in the original work, besides additional treatment of many there presented. This portion is designed to meet the special wants of American readers, supplying the natural deficiencies of the English work. We offer this great work (the 20 volumes complete) upon the following terms: For $12. CHAMBERS'S ENCYCLOPÆDIA, as above, 20 vols., substantially

• bound in cloth, and THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE 5 years, to one subscriber. For $18. CHAMBERS'S ENCYCLOPÆDIA, 20 vols.,

as above, and THE For $18.

CHAMBERS'S ENCYCLOPÆDLA, 20 vols., as above, and ten

copies of THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE, one year. For $27.

Ś CHAMBERS'S ENCYCLOPÆDIA, 20 vols., as above, and twenty copies of THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE, one year.

CHAMBERS'S ENCYCLOPÆDIA, “20 vols., as above, and THE For $26. DAILY TRIBUNE two years, exclusive of the Sunday Edition. With

the Sunday Edition for $30. Four volumes are now ready, and the others will be issued at the rate of abont two volumes per month. We will deliver them in New-York City free, or send them by mail or express to any address at subscriber's expense. The postage will be 10 cents per volume. By express, in packages, they can be had much cheaper.

A Magnificent Gift--- Worcester's Unabridged Dictionary Free,

THE NEW-YORK TRIBUNE will send, at subscriber's expense for freight, or deliver in New York City free, Worcester's Great Unabridged Quarto Hlusirated Dictionary, bound in sheep, edition of 1879, the very latest and very best edition of that great work, to any one remitting $10 for a single five years' subscription in advance, or five one-year subscrip

tions to THE WEEKLY, or $15 for a single five years' subscription in advance, or five one-year subscrip

tions to THE SEMI-WEEKLY, or one year's subscription to THE DAILY,

exclusive of the Sunday Edition, or $30 for a single three years' subscription, in advance, to THE DAILY TRIB

UNE. exclusive of the Sunday Edition. For One Dollar extra. for postage, the Dictionary can be sent by mail to any part of the United States, while for short distances the express is much cheaper.

Specimen copies of THE TRIBUNE sent free. We want an Agent at every Post Office where we have not one now at work. Address (See Prospectus on preceding page.)


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