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brave, simple, manly character, inspired by of the State, entitle him to the thanks and his lofty aims and unsullied life, and impress gratitnae of the people. His careful scru. sirely warned by the circumstances of his tiny of legislation, his judicious exercise of assassination, we pledge ourselves anew to the veto power, his persistent enforcement the great National objects to which the late of the principles of retrenchment, and his President was devoted, and which are now fearless discharge of all the duties of his bequeathed to the party that he so patriotic office, have, in the development of the best ally served, and of whose name and fame he qualities of practicable statogmanship,vindiwas so justly proud. We respectfully ofer cated the wisdom of his election. to the venerable mother, the devoted wilo Seventhly-That as the Republican party anıl the bereaved children of the late Presi. has always been identitied with whatever dent the assurance of our deep and tender was deemed essential to the maintenance of sympathy in a sorrow which only Divine the commercial supremacy of the State, wo power can console, but which has all the al. are in favor of submitting to the people tho leviation that the spotless memory of the question of making our canals practically dead, the tearful gratitude of the country, free. and the sincere grief of the world can afford. Eighthly-That we are in favor of an

Secondly-That we have ontire confidence equitable system of taxation that will reach in the ability, integrity and patriotic inten- corporations as well as individuals, and that tions of Chester A. Arthur, President of tho we are opposed to all monopolies that op United States; that his life-long record gives press the people or unfairly discriminato earnest of his fidelity and devotion to the against local interests. cause and principles of the Republican party; and, believing that he will carry out

New-York Democratic. the views expressed by him in his inaugural address, and that his Administration will be

[Adopted October 12.) in line with that of his lamented predeces. Tho Democratic party of New York again sor, in accord with the clearly defined prin declares its fidelity to the principles set ciples and policy of the Republican party, forth by the New York State Domocratic and in harmony with the Just expectations Conventions of 1874, 1875 and 1876, which of those who gave him their suffrages for the were thrice approved at the ballot boxes by high and responsible office to which he was the people of the Empire State, and were elected, we tender to him our entire conti. vindicated by the wise administration of the ceace and cordial support. His manly bear. Democratic State Executives then chosen, ing and sympathetic acts in the time of Na- and to the principles set forth by the Na tional aniliction command our respect and tional Democratic Convention at St. Louis, admiration.

which were approved by decisive popular Thirdly-That the triumphs of Republican and electoral majorities in the Presidential management of the National finances are be-election of 1876. The victories then won in ing constantly maintained, as shown by the this State and in the United States were in payment of more than $17,000,000 of public the name and for the sake of reform. Tho debt during the month of September, and people were defrauded of the fruits of vicby the reduction of the annual interest to tory in the Federal elections by the false less than $62,000,000, while the surplus rev. count of the electoral votes in 1876 and fla. enues justify the reduction of the taxes at grant corruption in the election of 1880. an early day; and that this duty Congress Reform throughout the Federal administra. should approach with due regard to the pro. tion is still a necessity. The continuing distection of American industry, and with the closures of now and hitherto concealed plun. air to reduce the number of tax gatherers. dering of the people's fund by inner rings and remove occasion for offensive and costly in the Treasury, the Post Office, and the In. litisation.

terior departments, demonstrate that reform Foarthly-That those who conspire to de- is now more than ever a necessity. It refraud tho Government are tho worst ene- mains for the the National Democratic party mies of the party to which they belong, and to restore the Federal Government to the the Republican party has among its strong. fraternal spirit, the constitutional principles, est claims to popular gratitude the war which the frugal expenditure and the administra. it has waged against the corruption which tive purity of the fathers of the Republic. grew out of the expenditures consequent It remains likewise for the Democracy of on the Rebellion, the punishment wbich it the State of New York, and it is their first has meted out to dishonest officials of whai- political duty, to resurre and carry on to a ever rank, and its persistent vigor in favor successful completion in all departmehts of of economical and honest administration. its government the great measures and The abuses and prosecution of the abuses policy of administrative reform which beconnected with the Star Routes in the Post tween 1874 and 1876 reduced by one-half Office Department redound to the credit of the burden of our State taxation, and which President Garfield, and in pressing the pros- then and during tho three succeeding years ecution to the full satisfaction of justice, established throughout the Executive dePresident Arthur may be assured of the partments vigor, economy and fidelity to hearty approval of the people.

public trusts. To that immediate duty this Fifthly-That we pledge President Arthur Convention pledges the united efforts of the our earnest support in every effort for the Democracy of New York, and the loyal deenforcement of Civil Service reform, recog-votion of the nominees whom it shall comnizing as we do the fact that abuses in con. mend to the choice of their fellow-citizens. nection with the dispensation of official pat. The assassination of the late President of ronage may be largely eliminated, if not the United States was a crime against au. wholly removed, by wiso and practicable thority, against free institutions and against methods of administration.

humanity. We deplore and denounce the Sixthly-That the wisdom, prudence and crime in all its public and private aspects. economy showa by Governor Alonzo B. Cor. We extend, as citizens, our most profound nell during his administration of the affairs condolence to the family of the murdered

- party whi


rated capital principles and br the found precede any tion for the A

Reolted, T Klopted by the Greenback. Iue 9, 1880 Eands :

The unifica Country: the the resumpt per to issu Pople, and Teads and oth the just part curding io tb toutted; the stablishmes cial sostem, the inalienal Eral adminithe interest

Chief Magistrate, and regard with great ous questions relating to chartered monopo. gratification the universal expressions of lies and the methods of transportation Aympathy extended by all nations and peo- should be met and decided, and we are in ples.

favor of the adoption of measures to restrict We renew the expression of our demand the growing, power of such monopolies. for the refunding of the National debt at the They should be subjected to the supervision lowest possible rate of interest. The New of commissioners established by public auYork Democracy, as always, stand by gold thority. All unjust discriminations in the and silver as the legal tender of the Consti- transportation of passengers and merchan. tution, and by the doctrine that all paper dise should be prohibited. The charges of mediums of money must be based on those corporations which have taken the property metals, at the standard values of the world. of private citizens for public use should be We demand the paymento principal and in limited to the cost of service with a reasonaterost of every dollar of public indebtedness. ble profit, instead of the mercenary exaction

Readjustment" is repudiation. The act of all the traffic will bear. of the Northern Republican leaders in giv We approve of the unanimous action of ing the snpport of that party to repudiation the Democratic members of the last Legisla. in Virginia, Mississippi, Minnesota and oth- ture in providing for the

as at pre e under complish the banner of t presented t by America


eariy submission er States, is a national disgrace, dangerous to the people of an amendmeut to the Con. as a precedent and destructive of the public stitution in favor of free canals. credít. We call upon the Democrats in Con. The Democratic party, now and always gress to maintain the standard of retrench- unalterably opposed to the centralization of ment by which their Democratic predeces. power in either the Stato or Federal Gov. sors reduced the Federal expenses $40,000,- ernments, hereby requests its representa000 in a year. We demand a thorough and tives in the Legislature to provide and make immediate investigation into the Star Route effective an amendment to the Constitution and other frauds upon tho National Treas- which shall extend the principle and the ury, and a vigorous prosecution, already too powers of local self-government to tbm cities long delayed, of all of the participants, both of the State. high and low, in these grave crimes, whereby To the record of the Democracy of New the moneys of the people were stolen from York we point with confidence. We chal. the Treasury and the plunderers were made lengo a comparison of its record with that to provide a corruption fund which was furnished by the factions which were once used to carry the last Presidential election the Republican party of this state. for the Republican party.

To the candidates of this Convention we We indorse and applaud the united and pledge a hearty support, and we confidently honest action for Democratic principles and submit our action, as the representatives of candidates of the fifty-four Democratic a free Democracy, to the good people of this menubers of the last Legislature. They hon. Commonwealth ior their verdict at the polls. ored their State, their party, and themselves. We denounce the Republican majority, be New-York Greenback-Labor. cause that majority defeated every measure of transportation reform at the bidding of

[Adopted August 24.] its masters, the corporations. It enacted The seventeen years of peace which have Jobs directly increasing the pnblic burdens elapsed since the war prove that neither the by millions. It failed to meet the urgent Republican nor the Democratic

party can question

of assessment and taxation reform. restore harmony, confidence or gjod feeling It refused the demand of the State for a between the people of the North and South; feasible and enforcible Excise law. It left that while these parties exist the country the farmers of New.York where the action will remain divided into two great hostile of the Governor placed them, at the mercy political camps, in both of which the people of the oleomargarine ring. It struck hands, will be governed

by sectional prejudice infor political greed, with the abettors of dis stead of reason and jndgment, because the case and death in the metropolis. It pro- people of the South hate the Republican longed the session of the Legislature farinto party for the wronga they claim that party the summer, at an aggregate expense of has brought upon their section, while the $200,000 to the people. It becamo in a fac- people of the North despise the Democratic tional struggle of placemen the participant party for its cowardice on all questions of in scandals and crimes which brought dis- public interest and its utter lack of fixed honor and disgrace upon the good name of principles or policy. During these years no our State. When the Republican Legisla- united effort has been made by either of ture adjourned the people rejoiced as if de- these parties to correct the abuses of corpolivered from a pestilence, and the officers of rations or restrain their corruptinginfluence the law were obliged to begin the work of over legislation; and during much of this prosecuting the briberies and perjuries com- time honest labor was unemployed and mitted by corrupt leaders of that party forced to idleness and want because both while plying their vocation in tho Capítal of united in a policy of contracting the curthe State.

rency to such an extent as rendered the We are in favor of such a reform by legis. profitable employment of labor impossible. lative enactment, as well as by administra. During this time land monopolists havo tive action, in the Civil Service of the coun- been permitted to obtain control of nearly try as will substitute for the present period all tho valuable public lands, but no laws ical scramble for spoils a wise system of havo been proposed by either of these par appointment and promotion, by which the ties for the protection of actual settlers or incumbency of subordinate offices shall be which guarantee citizens their right to vote regulated by law and depend only upon ca- and have their votes honestly counted. Un. pacity and character, and demand that noder such circumstances the organization and assessments shall be levied upon public success of a new party based on questions officers for political purposes.

of present interest to the entire people, and The public welfare demands that the vari. I recognizing the changed conditions incorpo.

Property in 195 the le och roads cost, is in

publie u built, and by lexislat

te prohibi

se transpo When ale elhasze for

-wate Third-1 BESNion erages

FourthThe Nation

public ser

With ebange it interest

rated capital has brought upon the country ury and Interior, except to actual settlers -a party which shall bo in accord with the and in parcels not exceeding 120 acres. principles and theories of liverty laid down Eighth-That as the Irish people are bat. by the founders of our Government-must tling for the same rights that are gradually precade any just, wise or beneficial legisla. being wrested from us, we extend to them tion for the American people; therefore, and all others our sympathy and aid, and bid

Resolved, that the platform of principles them God-speed in their battle against tyr. a lopted by the Convention of the National andy. Greenback. Labor party, held in Chicago,

Ninth-That we regard the attempted as. Jure 9, 1880, embracing the following de sassination of the President of the United mands:

States as an outrage which deserves the The unification of the people of the whole universal condemnation of every American country; the overthrow of all monopolies by

citizen. the resumption by the Government of the

Tenth-That we extend to the family of power to issue and control the inoney of the the President our sincere sympathy in this people, and by a Government control of rail hour of their great atfiction, and sincerely roads and other transportation corporations; hope that the dutiful son, the dev, ted and th just payment of our National debt ac

affectionate father, will soon be restored in cording to the laws under which it was con health to the bosom of his family. tracted; the protection of labor by the establishment of an honest fiscal and finan. cial system, and by securing to overy citizen

Ohio Republican. the inalienable right to the soil, and the gen.

[Adopted June 8.) eral administration of the Government in the interest of the producing many. instead The Republicans of Ohio, in Convention of, as at present, the non-producing few-is assembled, hereby reafirm and readopt the onc under which all citizens desiring to ac. principles and policy of the party as shown complish these reforms can unice under the in its history. banner of that political party which ürst Resolved, That the Republicans of Ohio presented them as questions to be settled heartily approve and indorse the Adminis. by American citizens.

tration of James A. Gartield, President of

the United States; and we hereby pledge to THE RESOLUTIONS.

him our cordial support in the performance Resolved, That all the money paid to rail. of all the duties devolving upon him as the road companies for transporting persona or Chief Magistrate of the Nation. property in excess of what is required to

Second-That we hereby indorse the wise pay the legitimate expenses of operating policy of the Republican party in giving full such roads and a fair return on their actual protection to American laborand in discrim. cost, is in violation of the fundamental law inating in favor of home production. of public uso which allows railroads to be that the General Assembly should submit to

Third--That the public interests require built, and should immediately be prohiblted by legislative enactment.

a vote of the people such amendments to the Second- That railroad companies should constitution of the State relative to the bo prohibited by law from charging more manufacture, sale and use of intoxicating for transporting property dnring the season iqnors as shall leave the whole matter to when water navigation is closed than they legislation. charge for like services during the season of open-water navigation.

Ohio Democratie. Third-That we work for the lawful sup.

(Adopted July 13.) pression of any traffic or custom that en. courages crime.

The Democrats of Ohio, proud of their citi. Fourth-That this Convention recognizes zenship in this great State, for the purpose the National Greenback Party as the origi. of maintaining the prosperity of the Com. nal anti-monopoly organization of the coun- monwealth, aud to promote the welfare and try, and, as such, extends the hand of sym. happiness of the whole people, submit the pathy to the anti-monopoly leagues for the following declaration of principles upon public service they are rendering in educat. which they ask the suffrages of the people : Ing the people on one of the questions con- The equality of all people before the law tained for years in our platform.

equal taxation; unpolitical legislation, and Fifth-That the Government should ex. a free and pure ballot as the corner-stone of change its legal-tender notes for any of its free institutions; opposition to monopolies interest bearing debts at par on demand and and subsidies of all kinds; the strictest econ. for gold or silver bullion or coin at their omy in National, State and local administralegal weight values.

tions, that labor may be lightly burdened ; Sixth-That we recognize the fact that all the maintenance and advancement of the chief executive officers should have entire common school system. control of the selection and appointment of Resolved, That the abuses of the present their assistants, to the end that the

contrac system in our State Prison, by istrative machinery may work harmoni. which the products of criminal labor are onsly; but for the purpose of relieving both brought into competition with the products State and National politics from the odium of honest labor, to the great injury of the of executive interference, we demand that latter, are vicious and unwise, and should be all persons performing executive service for corrected. the state or General Government shall be Secund-That the course of the last Redeprived of the elective franchise during the publican Legislature deserves the condemperiod of such service,

nation of tho people for its incompetency, Seventh-That wo protest against the pro- hypocrisy, unnecessary and heavy increase posed sale of pnblic lands in Minnesota, as in ine burdens of taxation, and for its reoradvertised by the Secretaries of the Treas.ganization of the benevolent institutions of

the State solely for the purpose and as a, yond his life, if through increasing misfor. means for the distribution of poils,

tune it should be taken away. Third- That, as the humanities are non Second-That the Republican party has partisan, and as the treatment of criminals ever been progressive and reformátory, and should be non-political, the management of while realizing that nothing in government tho charitable and punitivo institutions of 18 wholly right, we desire to be always brave the state should be free from partisan charge enongh to seek every avenue of approach to or appointments.

the right, to the end that all our people may Fourth-That we are in favor of a Civil enjoy the ever-increasing blessings of good Service Reform whereby offices shall be held government. to be a public trust to be administered for Third-That to President James A. Garfield, the public good, not spoils to be enjoye:1 as this tender and loving, this struggling and the reward of partisan zeal or service. suffering, this pure and bravo man, now be

Fifth-That the Democrats of Ohio in this come the beloved of this people and the ad. year, as in all years, are in favor of the larg. mired of all people, wo tender for ourselves est individual liberty consistent with the and our constituents assurances of deep and public order, and are opposed to legislation heartfelt sympathy, and, keenly appreciatmerely sumptuary.

ing the value of such a life to his country,wo Sixth-That the recent discovery of enor- express the prayersul hope that he may soon mous peculations in high public places be restored to the discharge of the impor and Republican attempt to purchase votes tant duties for which ho is remarkably qual. by corruption should convince the constry ified and from which, by a peculiarly infe. that the Republican organization is not mous crime and in undeserved assanlt for worthy of public confidence.

conscientious exercise of proper executive Seventh-That the power delegated to the power, he has been temporarily withdrawn. General Government to regnlate comme ce Fourth-That in State as in Nation, the among the states, as well as the power re- Republican party is committed to the course served to the States to regulate commeree of economical and honest administration. within their own borders, should both be we demand the use of all necessary means exercised to prevent unjust discrimination and the enforcement of all laws intended to and unreasonable charges by our railroads. prevent fraud and waste, and we require a A tariff should be for revenge, levied and close and watchful guardianship over all of adjusted in its detalls, with a view to equity the multifarious interests committed to the to the public burdeos, and the encourage- care of our organization. ment of productive industries without cre. Fifth-That in any revision of our tariff ating monopolies; and we favor tho appoint. legislation which may be made care shall be ment of a commission to suggest a method taken to discriminato in favor of our indusof revision which shall accomplish this re- tries, and thereby promote the causes which sult.

are rapidly making America a controlling The committee also rocommended the adop: power in finances, as it already is an estabtion of the following, though not included Iished leader in political thought. in the platform

Resolved, That wo deeply deplore the ro Pennsylvania Democratic. cent attempt upon the life of the President of the United States by an assassin, and de

[Adopted September 29.) nounce assassination in this Republic as the Resolved, That the Democratic Party of highest and most revolting of crimes, and Pennsylvania, in Convention assembled, dewe extend to the President and his family clare : our deepest sympathies and our carnest First-For the preservation of the Constihopes that a speedy recovery be vouchsafod tution of the United States, home rule, free to him.

dom of olections, for resistance to revolu

tionary changes tending to consolidation Pennsylvania Republiean.

or empire; against the election of any per

son to the Presidency a third time, and [Adopted September 8.)

against the presence of troops at the polls ;

against the appropriation of public money Resolved, That the Republican party of for any purpose but the support of the Gov: Pennsylvania is in the most hearty accord ernment, an'l against class legislation, which with the Administration of Presidont Gar: despoils labor to build up monopoly. field, and, while uniting in the prayers of all Second-That the Democratto party, as of good people for his speedy recovery, pledges old, favors a constitutional currency of gold continued fealty and the most active support and silver in all forms, and coalition with re. in the prompt and courageous correction of pudiators merits the condemnation of honest all governmental abuses As Republicans people. The refusal of a Republican Admin we are in favor of any proper and well-con: istration to accede to the Democratic desidered reform, either in the government of mand for a further reduction in the rate of the Nation, the State, municipality or coun. Interest on the National debt subjects the ty, and we court suggestion as to any or all Government to a needless expense of mill. of these ends, and only ask that in their ad- ions of dollars annually. vocacy well-established safeguards shall not Third-That in view of the exposure of os. to hastily supplanted by experiments. The tensive frauds in the Postal and Treasury Adininistration of President Garfield has set Departments under the last Federal administhe right example in this direction, and while tration, the people demand prompt and unfirinly adhering to the principles and better faltering prosecution of the thieves. Their existence, it yet insists upon faithful. be no real reform in the management of De

it ness and honesty in every branch of the partments of the Federal Government with; public

service. That tho bullet of an assas out a sweeping change therein. Sincere Civil sin should not interrupt this work. It should Service

reform will begin with a return to be pursued while its author lives, and be the Jeffersonian tests for office-holders of

honesty, capability and faithfulness to the ginta, always defending it against the ag. Constitution.

saults of all persons or parties whatsoever. Seventh-That no monopoly or exclusive Second-That amongst the priciples of right in the forces of nature, in grants of the Republican party none is of more vital eminent domain, in the diffusion of informa- importance to the welfare and interest of tion among the people by telegraph, and as the country in all its party than that which sociations for furnishing dispatches to the pertains to the sanctity of Government con: press, for the grant of privileges affecting tracts. It therefore becomes the special the daily business of the citizen, can or duty and province of the Republican party ought rightfully to exist under our form of of Virginia to guard and protect the credit of government. These aro at all times to be our time-honored State, which has been besubject to such legislative regula ion and smirched with repudiation, or received with control as the rights and interests of the distrust, by the gross mismanagement of people demand. That the delegated power various factions of the Democratic party. of Congress to regulato commerce among which have controlled the legislation of the the States, and the reserved power of the State States to regulate the same within their Third-That the Republican party of Virborders, should be forth with exercised to ginia hereby pledges itself to redeem the prerent unjust discrimination by common State from the discredit that now hangs over carriers against individuals and localities, her in regard to her just obligations for anu all the provisions of the Constitution of moneys loaned her for constructing her inPennsylvania relative to the exerciso and ternal improvements and charitable instituabuse of the corporate franchise and the du, tions, which, permeating every quarter of ties of common carriers to the public should the State, bring benefits of far greater value be enforced withoat delay by appropriate than their cost to our wholo people, and we legislation. That all governmental powers in the most solemn form pledge the Republi. should be used in restraint of monopolies can party of the State to the full payment and pot in aid of them, and simple and of the whole debt of the state, less the onespeedy remedies should be provided by leg. third set aside as justly falling on West Virislative enactment by which any citizen in- ginia; that the industries of the country jured in his business may, in State and Fed. should be fostered through protective laws, eral courts, by due process of law, have so as to develop our own resources, employ quick, certain and adequate redress for cor- our own labor, create a home market, en. porate wrongs. That veste y rights must be hance valuos, and promote the happiness protected and respected, and great corpora and prosperity or the people. tions warring between themselves to the in- Fourth-That the pub:ic school system of jury of the public interests and their own Virginia is the creature of the Republican shareholders must be regulated and con. party, and we demand that every dollar tho trolled by wise and effective laws. That Constitution dedicates to it shall be sacreuly franchises, the property of the people, shall applied thereto as a means of educating the be granted and exercised solely for the pub. children of the State, without regard to conlic benefit and subject to immediate and ab- dition or race. solute forfeiture by due process of law when Fifth-That the elective franchiso as an used for oppression or extortion, or when equal right should be based on madhood otherwise abused. No corporation to be qalification, and that we favor the repeal or above the people or the law. We thus reaf. the requirements of the prepayment of the firm the ancient doctrines of the Democratic capitation tax as a prerequisite to the franparty, and most cordially invito our fellow. chise as opposed to the Constitution of the citizens, of whatever party, to join with us United States, and in violation of the condi. in carrying out the principles and policy we tion whereby tho State was readmitted as hereby announce, and to the advocacy of a member of our Constitutional Union, as which we pledge ourselves until the right well as against the spirit of the Constitu. shall prevail.

tlon; but domand tho imposition of the capResolved. That all good citizens, regard. itation tax as a source of revenue for the less of party affiliations, sincerely mourn the support of tho public schools without its death of President Gartield, and that we, as distranchising offects. representatives of more than 400.000 Demo. Sixth-That we favor the repeal of the cratic voters, express their individual and disqualification for the elective franchise by collective grief at the calamity which has a conviction of petty larceny, and of the inbefallen the Republic, their sorrow and sym- famous laws which place it in the power or a pathy, with the domestic affiction of the single justice of the peace (ofttimes being President's stricken household, and their more corrupt than the criminal before him execration of his assassin and of the murder to disfranchise his fellowman. er's foul crime.

Seventh-Finally, that we urge the repeal of the barbarous law permitting the imposi.

tion of stripes as degrading and inhuman, Virginia Republican.

contrary to the genius of a true and enlight[Adopted August 11.)

ened people, and a relic of barbarism. Whereas, It is proper that when the peo

[The Convention considered it inexpedient ple assemble in convention thoy should to nominate candidates for State officers.) avow distinctly the principles of governo mont on which they stand; now, therefore,

Virginia Readjuster. be it

[Adopted June 2.) kesolved, That we, the Republicans of First-We recognize our obligation to sup: Virginia, hereby make a declaration of our por the institution for the deaf, dumb and allegiance and adhesion to the principles of blind, the lunatic asylum, the public free the Repubican party of the country, and schools and the Government oui of ihe rev. our determination to stand squarely by the enues of the State; and wo deprecate and organization of the Republican party of Vir- denounce that policy of ring rulo and sabor.

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