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P. O. BOX 1857.




6. Co
21. Rose Alabaster,
packed, on receipt of order and price. Ad.
faction guaranteed. Sent by mail, securely

24. Selenite, Apishapa.
Catalogued and numbered. Price $2. Satis.
26. Amazon Stone, from Pike's Peak. Rare.
23. Pink Satin Star, from Manitou.
25, Iceland Spar, from Garden of the Gods.
22. Amythest, from Gunnison River.

9. Baryta, Ouray:
19. Smoky Topaz from Pike's Peak.
18. Crystalized Palm Wood, Platte River.
17. Petrified Palm Wood, Cherry Creek.
15. Petrified Cottonwood, Littleton.
14, Wood Carnelian, Castle Rock.

16. Petrified Cedar from Hill's Ranch.
prised of following:

13. Chalcedony, Uncomphagre Peak.
12. Wood Opal from Happy Canyon.
11. Wood Jaaper, Divide.
10. Moss Agate, Middle Park.
8. Fluor spar from Mt. of the Holy Cross.
7. Iron Pyrites, gold bearing. Central City.

er Ore, Copper Mt., South Park.
5. Argentiferous Galena, Leadville.
4. Silver Ore from San Juau Mines.
3. Silver Ore from Georgetown.
2. Gold Ore from Russell Gulch.

1. Gold Ore from Briggs Mine.
Nickel cap. One size only. Each stand com.
Large, square, solid, brilliant. A study.




The cheapest and best Series of fiction. Price, ten cents each unless otherwise noted. Sent, postpaid, on receipt of the price.

1. LORDS AND LADIES. Published by arrangement with A. K. Loring, Boston.

2. SHORT STORIES–Krin; Ordeal of Fay; Susan Lane's Christmas; Hoodlum Band, by Bret Harte; andearly chapters of This Son of Vulcan.

*3. À PAIR OF BLUE EYES.' By Thomas Hardy. *4. THE WOOING T. By Mrs. Alexander. Double Number, price 20 cents.

*5. FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD. By Thomas Hardy. Double Number, price 20 cents.

6. GOOD LUCK. By E. Werner. Translated from the German for The TRIBUNE. 17. ALICE LORRAINE. By R. D. Blackmore. Double Number, price 20 cents. 18. THE CURATE IN CHARGE. By Mrs. Oliphant. 9. OLYMPIA. A Romance. By R. E. Francillon. 10. BLACK SPIRITS

AND WHITE. By Franoes Eleanor Trollope. 11. TWO LILLIES. By Julia Kavanagh. 12. A CHARMING FELLOW. By Frances Eleanor Trollopo. 13. DRIFTED BY THE SEA. By Henry Whitney Cleveland. 14. CHERRY RIPE. By Helen B. Mathers, author of "Comin' Thro' the Rye." 16. THIS SON OF VULCAN, 82 pages—10 cents. By Walter Besant and James Rice. 17. SEBASTIAN. A Novel By Katharine Cooper. 18. THREE WIVES. By the author of Lords and Ladies.36 pages, price, 20 cents.

19. COUSIN HENRY. By Anthony Trollope. Also a short story, Annie and Her Master.

20. DISMISSED. A Novel. By William Osborn Stoddard. 21. THE SHADOW OF A SIN. A fascinating short storyof love and adventure. 22. THE REBEL OF THE FAMILY. A novel of absorbing interest.

23. LEFT IN TRUST. A Novel. The Story of a Lady and Her Lover. 32 pages, Weekly Tribune size. Price, 10oente.

• Published by arrangement with Henry Holt & Co., whose Leisure Hour Series includes authorized editions of all Mr. Hardy's and Mrs. Alexander's works.

| Published by arrangement with Harper Brothers, whose Library of Select Novels includes authorized editions of Mr Blackmore's and Mrs. Oliphant's works.

Every Novel in this series is complete and unabridged and contains matter which in any other form costs from seven to ten times as much as THE TRIBUNE NOVEL.

Published by A. S. BARNES & COMPANY,


Popular History of the United States. $5 00 | Life of Garibaldi, by Himself.

1 50 True Success in Life, by Ray Palmer. 1 50 A Run in Europe, by Chancellor Abbott's Commentary on the Gospels,


2 00 3 vols,

600 Discoveries in Babylon and NinevehSchools and Schoolmasters, by Chas.


1 75 Dickens.

1 25 Ancient Monasteries, by Curzon. 1 50 Ida Norman, by Mrs. Lincoln Phelps. 175 Life in the Sandwich Islands, by Ancient and Mediæval Republica, by


1 50 Mann. . 3 00 St. Petersburg, by Ferrman.

1 00 Lady Willoughby (Life in the 17th

Osborn's Expedition to the Polar Century). 1 00 Regions,

1 25 Chrysostom, or the Mouth of Gold. 1 00 Manual of the Fine Arts by HuntLife of General Winfield Scott, by


1 60 Mansfield.

1 75 Seven Historic Ages, by Gilman. 1 00 History of the Mexican War, by Battles of the Revolution, by CarrMansfield. 1 50 ington,

600 Lives of the Signers, by Dwight. 1 50 Europe under Napoleon, by Alison. 2 50 Lite of Sir Joshua Reynolds, by Cunn. Ecclesiastical History, by Marsh. 200 ingham.

150 | History of the Hebrews, by Mills. 1 75 And many others, besides a full line of educational books. Any volume sent postpaid on receipt of its price. Catalogue on receipt of three-cent stamp. Address the publishers ay above. EVERY SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER SHOULD HAVE LYMAN ABBOTT'S

COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TESTAMENT. Illustrated and popular, giving the latest views of the best Biblical Scholars on all disputed points. A concise, strong, and faithful Exposition, in (8) eight volumes, octavo

AGENTS WANTED IN EVERY LOCALITY. TIE LIFE AND PUBLIC SERVICES OF THE NATION'S HERO, THE LATE PRESIDENT GARFIELD, by Major J, M. Bundy. Nlustrated with full length steel portrait engraved under the President's own direction. 12mo, cloth, $1. Agents wanted everywhere. Address

A. S. BARNES & CO., Publishers, 111 and 113 William St., New York City.

The New-York Tribune.

"The Leading American Newspaper."

During the year 1882 The TRIBUNE hopes to employ with increasing success the work and the methods which have won for it so large a measure of popular approval. It has attained, and means never to lose, the high standard of success which was aimed at by its founder, the largest circulation, among the best people. So large .& circulation and one so widely distributed over the entire terri. tory of the Nation has never been attained by any other newspaper in the United States. We accept this fact as the verdict of tho American people upon the con duct and character of THE TRIBUNE. The position it occupies could never havo been gained nor retained but by preeminent merits as a newspaper, as an organ of sound opinion, and an advocate or just public measures.

In short, THE TRIBUNE will, as heretofore, continue to be the medium of the best thought and the voice of the best conscience of the time: will keep abreast of the highest progress, favor the freest discussion, hear all sides, appeal always to the most enlighted intelligence and the purest morality and refuse peremptorily to cater to the tastes of the vile or the prejudices of the ignorant.

The well-known special features of THE TRIBUNE will be carefully maintained. Its Agricultural Department will remain as it is, the fullest and best. The Household and Young Folks' Departments, the literary, scientific and religious features, the standard market reports, will all be kept up and extended as opportunity may serve.

VALUABLE PREMIUMS.-We take pleasure in calling attention of all intelligent readers to the following offers:

The Library of Universal Knowledge, embracing Chambers' Encyclopædia complete, omitting only como of the outs,

with extensive additions by an able corps of Amorican editors, treating about 15,000 additional topics, thoroughly Americanizing the entire work, adding to it over 25 per cent of the latest, freshest and most valuable matter, the whole making 15 handsome octavo volumes of 6 by 942 inches in size, averaging nearly 900 pages to the volume, printed in large type on good strong calendered paper, and neatly and substantially bound in cloth.

Charles Dickens's Complete Works. An entirely new edition of the complete works of Charles Dickens, printed from new electrotype plates, large, clear type, on fine, calendered paper, in 15 volumes, 542 by 713 inches in size, containing over 800 pages each, beautifully bound in cloth, gilt. This is one of the handsomest editions of Dickens's works ever issued. The price of the set of 15 volumes is $22 50. We can send either Dickens's works or the Library of Universal Knowledge, as above described, on the following terms:

The Library of Universal Knowledge or Dickens's Completo Works, For $15– as above described, and THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE 5 years to one sub


The Library of Universal Knowledge, or Dickens' Complete Works, For $20-3 as above described, and THE SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE 5 years to one


The Library of Universal Knowledge, or Dickens's Complete Works, For $19–? as above

described, and 10 copies of THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE One year. For $28–

$ The Library of Universal Knowledge, or Dickens's Completo Works,

{ as above described, and 20 copies of THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE one year. The postage on the Library of Universal Knowledge, if sent by mail, will be 21 cents per volume; on Dicken8's Works, 15 cents per volume, which the subscriber will remit if wishing them thus sent. In packages, by express, they can be had much cheaper.

The Great Bible Concordance. ANALYTICAL CONCORDANCE TO THE BIBLE, on an entirely new plan, containing every word in alphabetical order, arranged under its Hebrew or Greek original, with the literal ineaning of each and its pronunciation; exhibiting 311,000 references, 118,000 beyond Cruden; marking 30,000 various readings in the New Testament; with the latest information on Biblical Geography and Antiquities, etc., eto. By Robert Young, LL.D., author of a new Literal Translation of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures; Conciso Critical Comments on the eame; a Grammatical Analysis of the Minor Prophets in Hebrew ; Biblical Notos and Queries; Hebrew Grammar, etc.

This great work is comprised in one handsome quarto volume, containing 1,100 three-column pages, neatly and substantially bound in cloth.

Every home that has a Bible in it ought also to have this great help to Bible reading and study. It is as well adapted to the use of the common reader as to that of the scholarly clergyman.

We offer it, in connection with THE TRIBUNE, at the following remarkably low rates:

For $6 the Concordance and one copy of THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE five years, or five copies one year, to different addresses.

For $11 the Concordance and one copy of the SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE five years, or five copies one year, or ten copies of THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE ono year, to different addresses.

For $20 the Concordance and twenty copies of THE WEEKLYTRIBUNE one year, to different addresses.

The postage on the Concordance is 40 cents, which the subscriber will remit, if wishing it sent by mall. Except for short distances the mail will be cheaper than the express.

THE TRIBUNE INDEX. A complete and valuable alphabetical and topical Index of current events for the year. A very valuable book to all who have to refer to files of newspapers. Price, 50 cents. Address


The Only LARGE TYPE Edition



EXCELSIOR EDITION. For years past the popular demand has been for a good and cheap edition, in large type, of the works of Charles Dickens, the greatest of English novelists, whose writings are not for a day, but for all time."

In presenting the “Excelsior Edition” to the public the publishers do so feeling assured that it will in every respect completely satisfy the popular demand.

The Excelsior Edition contains all of Charles Dickens' writings. is issued in 15 volumes, averaging over 1,000 pages each, octavo in size, printed from new plates, large clear type (pica), tinted paper, bound in extra cloth, good substantial binding, gold and black dies, with over 600 illustrations by Browne (Phiz), Cruikshank, Cattermole, Walker, Stone, Landseer, Maclaise, Stanfield. Doyle, Leech, Tenniel and others-artists chosen especially by Charles Dickens for this work.

The following volumes comprise the series, and include all the writings of Charles Dickens complete: David Copperfield,

Pickwick Papers, Dombey and Son,

Bleak House, Nicholas Nickleby,

Little Dorritt,
Martin Chuzzlewit,

Our Mutual Friend,
Barnaby Rudge and Hard Times,

Curiosity Shop and Reprinted Pieces,
Oliver Twist and Uncommercial Traveller,
Christmas Stories and A Tale of Two Cities,
Sketches by Boz and Edwin Drood,
History of England and Christmas Rooks,
Great Expectations and American Notes.
The volumes of Excelsior Edition" may be had separate.

Price per volume, in cloth binding. $1 50
Price per set, in neat box...

22 80
Price per set, half calf

or half morocco 50 00 Price per set, full Am. Russia, full gilt 50 00 This edition, in sizo of type, pago and general style, excels all others. In fact it is, in the words of Charles Dickens, “THE BEST EDITION OF MY BOOKS."

Specimen pages, showing style of type, size of pages, &c., sent on application.

ORDER THE “EXCELSIOR EDITION," to be obtained from all booksellers or newsdealers, or will be sent by mail or express, prepaid, on receipt of price. THE AMERICAN NEWS COMPANY,


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