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CAP: 5

M ANY ill matters are vndertaken, and many

T good matters wth ill mindes: some embrace suites wch never meane to deale effectually in them, but if they see, there may be life in the matter by some other meane, they will be content to win a thanke, or take a second rewarde: some take holde of suites onely for an occasion to crosse some others, or to make an information, whereof they could not otherwise haue apt pretext, wthout care of what become of the suite, when that turne is served: nay some vndertake suites wih a full purpose to let them fall to the ende to gratify the adverse party, or competitor. surely there is in sorte a right in every sute, either a right of equity, if it be a sute of controversy, or a right of desert, if it be a sute of petition: if affection leade a man to favour the wrong side, in Iustice rather let him vse his countenaunce to compound the matter then to carry it: if affection leade a man to favour the lesse worthy in desert, let him doe wthout depraving, or disabling the better deserver: in suites wch a man doth not vnderstande, it is good to refer them to some freinde of his, of trust, and Iudgement, that may report whither he may deale in them wth honour: Suters are so distasted wth delaies, and abuses, that plaine dealing in denying to deale in suites at first, and reporting the successe barely, and in challenging no more thankes then one hath deserved is growne not onely honorable, but also gratious. in sutes of favour the first comming ought to take but litle place, so farfoorth consideration may be had of his trust, that if Intelligence of the matter could not otherwise haue beene had but by him, advauntage be not taken of the note: to be ignoraunt of the value of a suite, is simplicitie, aswell as to be ignoraunt of the right thereof is want of conscience: secrecy in suites is a greate meane of obtaining: for voycing them to be in forwardnes, may discourage some kinde of suiters, but doth quicken, and awake others: but timing of suites is the principall: timing, I say, not onely in respect of the person that should graunt it, but in respect of those, wch are like to crosse it: nothing is thought so easie a request to a greate man as his tre, and yet not in an ill cause, it is so much out of his reputation.


CAP: 6

RICHES are for spending, and spending for

I honour, and good actions: therefore extraordinary expence must be limited by the worth of the occasion: for voluntary vndoing may be aswell for a mans countrey, as for the kingdome of heauen: but ordinary expence ought to be limited by a mans estate, and governed wth such regarde as it be wthin his compasse, and not subject to deceite, and abuse of servauntes, and ordered by the best showe, that the billes may be lesse then the estimation abroade: it is no basenes for the greatest to discende, and looke into their owne estate: some forbeare it not of negligence alone, but doubting to bring themselues into melancholy, in respect they shall finde it broken: but woundes cannot be cured wthout searching: he that cannot looke into his owne estate, had neede both choose well those whome he imployeth, and chaunge them often: for newe [men] are more timerous, and lesse subtile: in clearing of a mans estate he may aswell hurt himselfe in being to suddaine, action: for those that put their bodyes to indure in healthe, may in most sicknes wch are not very sharpe, be cured onely wth diet, and good tending: Phisitions, are some of them so pleasing to the humors of the patient, that they presse not the true cure of the disease. and some others so regular in proceeding according to art for the disease, as they respect not sufficiently the condition of the patient: take one of a milde temper, and forget not to call aswell the best acquainted wth your body, as the best reputed of for his faculty.


CAP: 7

THERE is a wisdome in this beyonde the

1 rules of phisicke; a mans owne observation, what he findes good of, and what he findes hurt of, is the best phisick to preserue healthe, but it is a safer conclusion to say, this agreeth well wth me, therefore I will continue it: I finde no offence of this, therefore I may vse it: for strength of nature in youth passeth over many excesses, wch are owing a man till his age; discerne of the comming on of yeares, and thinke not to doe the same thinges still: beware of any suddaine chaunge in any greate pointe of diet: and if necessity inforce it, fit the rest to it: to be freeminded, and cheerefully disposed, at howres of meate, and of sleepe, and of excercise, is the best precept of long lasting: if you fly phisicke in healthe altogither, it will be to strong for your boddy when you shall neede it: if you make it to familiar it will worke no extraordinary effect when sicknesse commeth: despise no newe accident in the body, but aske opinion of it: in sicknes principally respecte healthe, and in healthe

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