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LONDON: .. Printed by WILLIAM Clowes and Soxs, Stamford Street,

and Charing Cross.


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1.- Robert Blake, Admiral and General at Sea. Based on

Family and State Papers. By Hepworth Dixon. A

new edition. 1858


II.- History of Civilization in England. By Henry Thomas

Buckle. Vol. I. London, 1857


III.-1. A Comprehensive History of the Iron Trade. By

Harry Scrivenor. London, 1841.

2. The Theory, Practice, and Architecture of Bridges of

Stone, Iron, Timber, and Wire; with Examples on

the Principle of Suspension. London, 1843-1853.

3. Iron Bridges. (Article in the 'Encyclopædia Britan-

nica.') Edinburgh, 1857.

4. Traité Théorétique et Pratique de la Construction des

Ponts Métalliques. Par MM. L. Molinos et C. Pron-

nier, Ingénieurs Civils. Paris, 1857.

5. A Practical Treatise on Cast and Wrought Iron

Bridges and Girders. By W. Humber, C.E. London,


6. Grand Trunk Railway of Canada - Correspondence

and Reports on the Victoria Bridge. 1855-6.

7. Boyd's Marine Viaduct, or Continental Railway Bridge

between England and France. 1858


IV.–Fasciculi Zizaniorum Magistri Johannis Wyclif, cum

Tritico. Ascribed to Thomas Netter, of Walden,

Provincial of the Carmelite Order in England, and

Confessor to Henry V. Edited by the Rev. Walter

Waddington Shirley, Tutor and late Fellow of Wad-

ham College, Oxford. Published by the Authority of

the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury,

under the Direction of the Master of the Rolls.

London, 1858 -


V.-1. On the Right Use of the Early Fathers. Two Series

of Lectures, &c., by the Rev. J. J. Blunt, B.D., late

Margaret Professor of Divinity. London, 1857.

2. History of the Christian Church during the first Three

Centuries. By the Rev. J. J. Blunt, B.D., &c. 2nd

Edition. London, 1857 -


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Edition. 1858





a. The Life of Giovanni Angelico da Fiesole, translated

from the Italian of Vasari by G. A. Bezzi. With

Notes and Illustrations. 1850.

6. Giotto and his works in Padua, being an Explanatory

Notice of the Series of Woodcuts executed for the

Arundel Society, after the Frescoes in the Arena

Chapel. By John Ruskin. 1854.

c. Notices of Sculpture in Ivory, a Lecture delivered by

M. Digby Wyatt, at a general meeting of the Arundel

Society ; and a catalogue of specimens of Ancient

Ivory Carvings in various collections, by E. Oldfield,

M.A. (With Photographic Illustrations.) 1856.

d. Account of Perugino's Fresco of the Martyrdom of St.

Sebastian, at Panicale. By A. H. Layard, Esq. 1858.

e. Photographs after the Paintings by Tintoretto in the

Scuola di San Rocco at Venice; with Descriptive

Notice extracted from Mr. Ruskin's 'Stones of Venice' 277

II.-1. The Odes and Episodes of Horace, translated literally

and rhythmically. By W. Sewell, B.D. 1850.

2. The Odes of Horace, literally translated into English

Verse. By Henry George Robinson. 1844, 1855.

3. The Odes of Horace, translated into unrhymed Metres,

with Introductions and Notes. By F. W. Newman,

Professor of Latin, University College, London, 1853.

4. The Odes of Horace, in Four Books; translated into

English Lyric Verse. By Lord Ravensworth. Dedi-

cated to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. 1858 325

III.-Recollections of the Last Four Popes, and of Rome in their

Times. By H. E. Cardinal Wiseman. London. 1858 361

IV.-1. The Life of James Watt. By James Patrick Muir-

head, Esq., M.A. 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1858.

2. The Origin and Progress of the Mechanical Inventions

of James Watt, illustrated by his Correspondence with

his Friends, and the Specifications of his Patents. By

James Patrick Muirhead, Esq., M.A. London, 1854.

3 vols.

3. Memorials of the Lineage, Early Life, Education,

and Development of the Genius of James Watt. By

George Williamson, Esq. Edinburgh, 1856


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