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36. Here lies Doreis.

37. To Dulcitia, the youthful bride, Pancharius the Gerusiarch has erected this.


6 days.

Here is placed Eparchia Theosibes, who lived 55 years and

39. Here lies the artist (painter) Eudoxius. In peace be thy sleep.


41. To Elogius, his very dear son, and his grandson Socus. 42. To the very dear mother, Eulogia, who lived 81 years, Castus, her son, and Sabinus, her grandson, have erected this.

43. To her son Eutychetes, who lived 19 years, his mother, Afrodisia, has erected this.

44. Here lies Eutychianus, the Archont, a worthy husband. Be comforted; he rests among the righteous.

45. Here lies Faustina. (Shalom in Hebrew.)

46. Faustinus, the baby, lies here. Son of Alexis.

47. Here lies Flavia Antonina, wife of Dativus, Presbyter of the Synagogue of Augustus.

48. To Flavia Caritine, the well-deserved, Flavia Dativa has erected this. (A pair of clasped hands.)

49. To Flavia Vitaline, the well-deserving wife, Cocianus, has erected this.

50. To her father, Flavius Julianus, the Synagogue Inspector, his daughter, Flavia Juliana.

51. Here lie two daughters of the father of the Hebrews, Gadia.


52. Here lies Gaius, the pious Prostates; he lived 72 years of

53. To the well-deserved husband, Gaius, Antonina and her son has erected this.


54. To Gargiglia Eufraxia, his dear wife, Ch***, her husband, has recorded this. She lived 19 years, 3 months, and 12 days. was well deserving, and merited not so untimely an end.

55. To Gemellina, the child; lived 1 year and 11 months, Victor, the Grammateus, has erected this.

56. ****gogue of the Rhodians.

57. To her husband, Imerus, the well-deserving Mounna, or public trustee, Julia Alexandra has erected this.

58. Here lies Jocathinus, the young Archont.

59. Here lies Joses, the sweet infant, 2 years and 8 days old. Procopius, the father, and Crispina, the mother, ask the prayers of the passers-by for peace in his sleep.

60. To Irenetia, their daughter, who lived only 2 years, her parents, Fortunatia and Justa, have erected this.

61. Here lies Judas, a promising Grammateus, aged 25.

62. Here lies Judas, the child.

63. Here lies the child Judas, son of the Grammateus Salutius. 64. To her daughter, Julia, aged 34, Polla erected this.

65. To his mother, Julia, her son, Castricius, has erected this. 66. Console thyself, Julia Æmilia, only 40 years old. Well hast thou cared for thy loving husband, and he is grateful to thy soul for it.

67. Here lies Julianus, the Priest Archont, and son of the Archisynagogus, Julianus.

68. To Justus, the Grammateus, 37 years old-a loving son, father, and loving brother Maron, twice Archont, has erected this. 69.

Isodorus Eterus.

70. To his adopted one, Justus, Menandros has erected this. 71. Pure and spotless Klaudius Propinquius, of the Synagogue of **** and Epiphania, her son, who lived 23 years and 6 months. 72. Klaudius, son of Joses, Archont, lived 35 years.


**** lies Leontius, son of Leontius.

74. Lucilla, the blessed, the pride of Sophronius.

75. Lucinus.

76. Valerius, the Archont, has erected this to Lucretia, his wife. She was 23 years old.

77. Here lies Magna Petronia, wife of Oronatus, aged 45.

78. Here lies Maria; she fulfilled 55 years.

79. Marcellus and his wife, Successa, have erected this to their

dear daughter, Marcella.

80. Here lies the child, Marcellus.

81. Marcia, the good Jewess.

82. To Marcia, his dear wife, erected by Elianus.

83. The dear child, Maria, lies here; daughter of Procopius.

84. Marcus Quintus Alexus, Grammateus of the Augustines,

and afterwards Archont of the Synagogue of Augustus.

85. Here lies Mardeploos, 80 years of age.


86. Here lies Margarita, who lived 19 years, and with her hus

band 4 years.

87. To Maro, her husband, and Justus, to his father, he and Maria have erected this.

88. To the sweetest mother, Melition, age 29 years, her daughter, Dulcilia, has erected this.

89. Here lies Minaseas, pupil of the wise, and father of the Synagogue (Pater Synagoga).

90. Nepia Marosa; lived 4 years.

91. Here lies Nicodemus, Archont of the Siburesians, beloved by everybody; aged 30 years and 42 days.

92. Here lies the virgin, Nometora, aged 18 years.

93 To her adopted child, Notus, aged 27, Alexandra Severa has inscribed this. He assisted her with his works during his lifetime.

94. Numenius, the Grammateus.

95. Numenius, the child, lies here.

96. Here lies Onoratus, the young Grammateus, son of Rufus, the Archont; he lived 6 years and 28 days.

97. Here lies Onoratus, the blameless Grammateus, aged 70 years, 8 months, and 12 days. Rufus, the Archont, to his amiable father.

98. Oproman lies here.

99. Here lies Pancharius, father of the Velian Synagogue, aged 110 years. He led a good life, was a philanthropist, and a friend of all mankind.

100. Here lies Parthenos among the righteous.

101. Here lies Parthenicus, son of Clodius, brother of Quintus Claudius Synesius, father of the Synagogue of the Campensians in Rome.

102. To Petronius, the Grammateus, the pure one, aged 23 years, 4 months and 8 days, Onoratus, the father, a Grammateus, and Petronia, his mother, have inscribed this.

103. To Petronius, the Grammateus.

104. Here lies Poeminis, the blameless one; she lived 96 years,

1 month and 18 days.

105. Here lies Probus, a child that loved his father and mother, age 2 years, 1 month, 13 days.

106. Here lies Primitiva and her grandchild Euphrenon.

107. Here lies Quintianus, Gerusiarch of the Synagogue of Augustus, age 54.

108. Here lies Quintiane, age 26.

109. Here lies Quirinus Judæus, age 44.

110. To her brother, Renatus, Sabbatia has erected this.

111, 111A. Here lies Roman Amen, a pious child, and Rufilla Pietas, who, together with Celerina, lived 3 years, 4 months and 15 days.

112. To Sabbatius, his son, Gaius has erected this.

113. To Sabbatis, daughter of Vibea, 13 years old.

114. Sabbatis, the wife of Leo, lies here; 27 years old.

115. To his dear daughter, Sabbatis, only 3 years old, her father, Lucius ****.

115A. Here lies Sabbatis, twice Archont, age 35.

116. To his daughter, Sabina, age 16, Pardus has erected this. 117. Here lies Sabina. She loved her husband, and was a friend to all.

118. To his well-deserving wife, Sabine, age 18 years and 3 days, Germanus has inscribed this to his most perfect wife, who lived 8 years and 3 days in a blissful union.

119. To the Archont and Archisynagogus Safulus, who worthily filled every honorable post, Restitua has erected this to her welldeserving husband.

120. Salbius, a child, aged 7 years.

121. Here lies Salome, age 10 years and 1 month, daughter of Gadia, father of the Synagogue of the Hebrews.

Here lies Semoel, a

122, 122A. Salpingius, a tender child. young child, 1 year and 2 months old. Be comforted, Samuel; no one is immortal.


123. Here lies Sarra, with her son.

124. To his sweet mother, Severa, her son Severus has erected

125. Simon ***icus, *** son.

126. Here lies Simplicea, mater Synagoga. She dearly loved her husband, who was also pater Synagogæ.

127. Here lies Synelice, daughter of Ursacius.

128. Here lies Theophilus, the Gerusiarch, after an exemplary life and beautiful reputation, his sons, Theophilus and Eusebius. have perpetuated the memory of their very dear father.

129. Here lie Tobias Barzaarona; also Pareiorius, son of Tobias Barzaarona. (Repeated both in Latin and Greek).

130. Throphina, a most agreeable daughter, age 1 year and 10 months-Throphinus has beautifully inscribed this.

131. To Tullius Irenæus, her well-beloved husband, Elia Patricia, has erected this. He is gone to everlasting life.


132. *te, the incomparable Tyresia, Profutura has erected

133. To the well-deserving Ulpia Marina, age 32.


Here lies Ursacia, daughter of the Gerusiarch, Ursacius,

of Aquilega.

135. Here lies Ursus, the Grammateus, age 22 years years and 3 months-to the memory of a bridegroom.

and Two

136. To their dear daughter, Valeria, aged 5 years, 10 months, and 4 days. Valerius and Simonis, parents, have erected this. 137. Veneroso, aged 17; married only 15 months.

138. Verecundus, the darling child, lies here.

139. Vitalius, the Grammateus, lies here, aged 8 years and 14 days.

140. Zabuttas, son of the Archont Zabuttas.

141. Grave of Vesala (locus). She departed this life aged 25. 142. Here lies Zozimus, and gone to everlasting life; Archont of the Synagogue of the Agrippans. Also Eullis, Archont; years.

143. Zoticus, the Archont, lies here, after a beautiful life; dear to all and friend to all; known to everyone for his virtue, his manliness, and his ability.

144. *******, the philanthropist. He loved righteousness and the poor.

145. Eusebius Nev***, pious and steadfast lawyer; aged ** years.

146. Cattia Ammias, daughter of Menophilos, pater Synagogæ of the Carcaresians; lived as a faithful Jewess with her husband for 34 years, and of his children she saw the grandchildren. Here lies Cattia Ammia (presumably her husband was a non-Jew, and may have been one of the so-called Phoboumenoi ton Theon).*

*I have invariably made use of Dr. Berliner's versions of the Roman Jewish epitaphs.

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