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ground, stands in the same position, and gold of California is found insufficient to leaves the nation resting on the same politi- pay the cost of imported fabrics, whilst cal basis on which it rested before the battle American skill is idle and unproductive. It for the Union was fought. Nothing has matters not to the enervated Mexican that been accomplished; no new principles have his native mountains sparkle with precious been developed; no new policy has been ores. Whilst millions are dug from the marked out for the progress of the nation in earth, this nation is impoverished and bankits march to greatness.

rupt. And it matters not to the American The same results will naturally flow from that the California steamer discharges at his adopting as an article of party creed the sea-ports her freight of massive gold; for repeal of the Fugitive Slave Law. This the same gazette which announces her arwould give additional cause for dissatisfac- rival and comments upon the incalculable tion on the part of the disunionist of the wealth of the nation, heralds the departure South, and add more fuel to the flames of of the European steamer freighted with the disaffection and nullification which have same precious metal for the purchase of cotalready burnt with so much fury. It would ton, woollen, and iron fabrics. At the same give strength and consistency to their action, time American machinery is idle, her manuand add numbers to their ranks. Many facturing skill paralyzed, her factories many who have heretofore been silent in the dis- of them closed, and the rest tottering on the cussion of these exciting issues, or who have verge of bankruptcy, and the commercial manfully defended the Union, would be interests of the country threatened with a driven into the ranks of nullification by the revulsion unprecedented in American hisrepeal of a law which tended to guard their tory. private interests from infraction. Even In the tempest of discussion relative to the States distinguished for their high-souled “Fugitive Slave Law," the internal compatriotism would waver in their devotion to merce of the country is perishing from the å government which had failed to recognize accumulated obstructions to river navigation. their peculiar institutions, and afforded no Whilst sage politicians are gravely discusprotection to their distinctive rights. They sing the constitutionality and expediency of may even be tempted to desert the national a law in which the great majority of Ameribanner under whose protecting folds they can citizens have no direct or practical interhave won imperishable glory on many a est, the boatman on our western waters, unhard-fought field, and range themselves un- cared for by Congress, finds a deep grave der the flag of treason given to the winds by beneath the treacherous wave. Apply to the hands of nullification.

Democratic sages who control the action of All our experience proves that any issue that great party, and a portion of them will whatever made on the subject of slavery tell you that the “ noise and confusion” incimust tend to foster and strengthen those dent to the settlement of the “Union quessectional jealousies which may yet become tion” is so great that you cannot now be formidable to the harmony and perpetuity heard. Others, who unscrupulously voted of the Union. The feeling of enmity be- for the annexation of Texas and California, tween the hostile parties has never been bar- and are now encouraging the conquest of monized, but always increased, by a discus- Cuba, without inquiring or caring for the sion of their matters of difference.

constitutionality of any of these measures, In the mean time the nation has lost years will tell you that the improvement of such in this age of progress in raising new and a river as the Mississippi, rolling its mighty

, fruitless issues, whilst the practical interests waters from one extremity of the nation to of the nation—its commerce, its manufac- the other, bearing on its broad and ample tures and mechanical arts—are languishing bosom the products of half the confederated for want of adequate protection. Notwith- States of this Republic, is an object merely standing mines have been discovered in our local in its character, and that its improvewide domain unexampled in richness and ment was never contemplated by the Ameriextent, although millions may have rewarded can Constitution. Such counsels will conthe industry and enterprise of the pioneer to tinue to prevail so long as Congress continues the distant El Dorado, yet is the nation to be the centre of the agitation on the subdaily stripped of its vast resources, and the Iject of slavery. It will, then, be the height of folly and madness for the Whig party to the Union, and will continue to prevent the

1 admit into the coming Presidential contest triumph of any of those principles for which any of those unprofitable and exciting topics the party exists; and keep us under the iron that have been for the present professedly theories from which we are now suffering. settled. Any attempt to revive them should be "frowned down,” for they tend to weaken Nauvoo, Illinois, Sept. 24.

R. W. M.



ENGLAND.-In England the closing of the Crys-, about to make remonstrances against it. London tal Palace was permitting the press and people to is, in fact, looked upon as the centre of the Eurodirect their attention obce niore to the affairs pean deinocrats. The object of these is a steady of the world in general. It was closed on the radical revolution in Europe, to be brought about 11th ult., after having proved me of the most by the union of the people and by their contribusuccessful and splendid speculations of the age.

tions. The German Committee propose that The structure will probably be removed, in spite shares shall be bought national loans, which of the popular desire to the contrary. Hyde the chief men of the morement shall guarantee, Park is an appanage of the Court and the aris- and which shall be repaid on the liberation of the tocracy, and it is thought a show-box or other nations. Mazzini has been trying to get up such property of the commonalty would be out of a loan for the particular behoof of Italy. Just place within its precincts.

now Professor Kinkel, the poet, is travelling The English were making great preparations through the United States for the purpose of exfor the reception of Kossuth, who was expected at pounding and furthering, particularly among our Southampton in the American ship of war. Up- German population, this grand liberating project. wards of a score mayors of towns and cities The prestige of our American republicanism is wrote to the Mayor of Southamptou to express a beginning to impress and agitate the United Kingdesire to join in the popular welcome. London dom in a very remarkable manner. The English and its municipality were prepared to give the press has become greatly occupied with these Hungarian exile a polite and kindly reception. States, and its tone has become vastly more reThe desire to do honor to him is very general: spectful and conciliatory: Latterly the Hon. Mr. for the Ministers are not disposed to curry favor Lawrence has been creating a sensation in Ireland, with the despotisms just now. Two of them, the far more deep and general than that caused by Secretary of War (Lord Palmerston) and M:. the visit of tlie Queen to that island. The Times Gladstone — have publicly denounced or con allows that he was every where received with demned the high-handed dojogs in Naples and else almost royal honors.” And indeed the sincerity where on the Continent. So that no government with which he was followed and fêted was the consideration seems to stand in the way of a more emphatically proved, that he did not go general English welcome. And it is a good and among the people to promise them any thing or to a cordial thing to see the two great and powerful flatter their passions or political leanings. His families of English tongue and name, forgetful of speeches, throughout, tended the other way, past differences, standing side by side and fore were full of calm advice to rely upon themselves most in the cause of humanity in the midst of and help themselves. Nevertheless, there he was such frowning and threatening despotisms. After -an American--from that great and rich land of all, there is no fear of the ultimate triumph of their dreams—the land in which millions of their free governments all over the world, when Eng- countrymen had a home and a refuge, and from land and America join bands in so noble a cause which within the last few years over two millions as this. Mr. Gladstone's pamphlet against the of pounds sterling had come from poor Irish laborKing of Naples bas called forth a wrathful reply ers to their poorer friends in the cabins at home; from his Majesty, implicating and taunting the so that, if Mr. Lawrence were really the grandson English Government; while the speech of Lord of Brien Boru himself, he could not have been rePalmerston at Tiverton has excited a general in-ceived with more cordial respect and enthusiasm. dignation among the continental rulers-Louis Furthermore, they identified him with that spirit Napoleon included; and it has been stated in a of American enterprise which, in the matter of German newspaper, (the Ober Post Amt Zeitung) steamships and railways, is making such wonderthat the toleration extended to the band of Teu- ful changes in the world, and hoped something tonic conspirators now in London is a breach of was about to be done for the country at last

. good faith towards the German rulers, who are some of the people actually had an idea that he VOL, VIII, NO, V. NEW SERIES.



was in secret the agent of some invading propa-element of Irish discord. All this may result, in ganda who came to spy out the nakedness of the time, in a sort of ecclesiastical independence in land and prepare the way for the descent of an Ireland, like the Gallican in France. army of Americans ! Sonie vague notions of Fergus O'Connor's great scheme of a “National Cuba and the flibustieros were running through Land Company" (under which the soil was to be their heads; and certainly such ideas were not apportioned in small lots, with houses, to those calculated to diminish the fervor of their welcome holding shares in the business) has fallen to pieces. on the occasion! Mr. Lawrence went from Dub They say near £100,000 has disappeared, and that lin to Galway to see the bay which it is proposed Fergus, the manager, “does not know where to to make a packet station, between Ireland and find it.” The whole affair is in Chancery. Daniel America. He afterwards visited Limerick, and O'Connell, with whom Fergus worked in the agithen proceeded to Cork. These localities and one tating line in Ireland some twenty years ago or or two others are respectively contending for the so, used to call the descendant of the last King of honor and profit of being the “station;" and it re- Ireland “ feather-headed Fergus."

Daniel was quired all the ingenious politeness which the Hon. Turkish in bis tastes, “ bearing no brother near the gentleman could command, to order his phrase throne;" and he managed to cast off his colleague, ology in the midst of such rival claims. But he who went to England and set up for himself as got through it admirably, and praising the locali- Chartist. His occupation, in any character, is now ties generally, disclaimed any desire to decide on gone, like Othello's. the most eligible place for the station. The hos- The Queen of England and her family are sopitality of the Irish seems to have overcome his journing at the royal seat, Balmoral, in the Highdiplomacy in a great measure, and though the lands of Scotland. fact is not stated, we strongly suspect that, while England is preparing to get up her steam in the at Cork, the Hon. gentleman must have kissed the world. The Royal West India Mail Steam Packet celebrated Blarney stone. However this may be, Company is about to place five new leviathan it is very certain that his visit produced a salutary steamers on the line between Southampton and agitation in the Irish mind, and made a strong im- the Isthmus of Panama—the Amazon, Orovoco, pression on the English press. The Times says Parana, Magdalena and Demarara. These huge that Mr. Lawrence, in visiting Ireland, went to sea-horses will be churning the great Atlantic way take a look over what was shortly to become his in the beginning of next year, and turn a vast own—that is, bis country's ; for "every Celt will amount of the trade between the Eastern and one day renounce the sceptres and coronets of the Western hemispheres into a central channel. A old word.” This great exponent of English senti company has been also formed in Liverpool for ment seems to acknowledge, frankly, that the the purpose of increasing the trade and intercourse Irish are justified by circumstances in running of England with the Brazilian empire. Three new away from the place of their birth to America; steamships of large size, and on the screw princiand prophesies that they will “fulfil the great law ple, are to be put upon the line as a begivning. of Providence which seems to enjoin and reward They will be of 300 horse-power each, with an the union of races. They will mix with the average speed of ten knots an hour. It is calculated Anglo-Americans, and be known no more as a that the distance will be run in twenty-five days. jealous and separate people." Strange sentiments In this connection we may observe that the English these, coming from the grand organ of British su- are just now trembling for the continuance of the premacy.

trade with Brazil. For some time past, in their The submarine telegraph between France and efforts to put down the slave trade, the British England bas been laid down in the English Chan. have been domineering somewhat over the various nel, from South Foreland to Sanngate, near Calais. ships trading to the ports of Brazil-a proceeding The line consists of four copper wires, like bell which has caused some discontent on ihe part of wires, cased in gutta percha, and twined with the Brazilian Government, which feeling bas been hen pen strands into the size of a rope an inch in aggravated by the support which England is afdiameter. More hempen strands and wires of fording Rosas, Dictator of Buenos Ayres, against galvanized iron are twined round this, and all form whom Brazil bas been making some hostile dea flexible casing 4 inches thick. Messages bave monstrations. The Emperor now threatens to been flashed through very satisfactorily, and the demand the interference of other powers; and the communication with Paris will doubtless be shortly merchants of Manchester, being among those most completed.

deeply interested in the trade with Brazil, have In Ireland the Catholic Association, which was requested Lord Palmerston to interfere and preabout to be got up in opposition to the late Anti- vent any rupture of the relations between the two Popish Bill, has been a failure. The Catholic countries. people and hierarchy are not agreed upon the mat- The London Morning Post contemplates a ter. Many of the Irish bishops are in favor of the larger steam project than the foregoing--to wit, Queen's Colleges ard the government system of regular communication with Australia; giving as education. But Dr. Cullen, Primate of all Ireland, a chief reason the rapid advances of the Ameriis bent on an exclusively Roman system-sepa cans in the Pacific, and the advantages offered to rating, in all things, the sheep from the goats the their commercial marine by the repeal of the Catbolics from the Protestants, with whom do Navigation Laws. The Post says that if England terms, no faith, is to be kept. All the Irish priests will not place efficient ships upon that eastem and bishops are not prepared to go these very Ca- line, the steamers of America will anticipate them, tholic and consistent lengths, and hence one more and manage the trade and intercourse of the Pa. be found in perfect harmony with the constitution Coquerico cocquerico,


cific. The peaceful rivalry of England and Ame. As for M. Auguste Vacquerie, he has hit upon a rica is apparently destined to basten the progress plan by which he probably hopes to touch the of civilization in a very rapid and unexampled hearts of the tyrants. He sits down to a leading

art cle and begins :

“ Two and two are four ; France. With all the elements of society in a

“ The elephant is one of the largest of quadrustate of ferment and omirous fluctuation all about peds; what a flexible trunk and what sharp tusks him, Louis Napoleon holds right on, without he has ! abating a jot of heart or hope. He lately assisted “It is generally considered that his late Main laying i he foundation of a great central market jesty, King Henry IV., was killed by the stroke of in Paris, and told the people on the occasion that an assassin, in the Rue de la Ferronerie. Political he was only carrying out the old imperial inten- causes were certainly connected with this bloody tion; that, forty years ago, the French Govern- act, so grievously to be deplored by the nation. ment was about to do what he had now such sat- “The Queen of England has seven children.” isfaction in performing; thus linking himself wiib

And so on! Other unfortunate editors, who the popular associations of his uncle's time. He write as Damocles feasted, with a sword susthen said that, as he then laid the foundation of a pended over their heads, leave the leading columns building which would shelter the market people blank -- to remind the President of his old enemy, from the inclemencies of the seasons, so he hoped Louis Blanc, we suppose. Vacquerie has appealto be able to lay the foundations of a social edifice ed to the Court of Cassation against his sentence which would afford sufficient shelter from the vio- of six months' imprisonment and 1000 francs fine, lence and fickleness of the passions. He then in being doubtless ready to exclaim with Béranvited a deputation of the market-women to visit ger :

" Mille francs! mille francs d'amende! him at the Elysée, and they visited him accord

Dieu, quel loger pour six mois de prison !" ingly,

"A thousand francs ! what a rent for six months' " These daughters of the Halle, stronger than men,

Huge women, blowzed with health, and wind, and rain, lodging in jail!". Rouy, the editor of the Presse, And labor,''

has also appealed against his sentence; and Barwhen he most gallantly kissed half a dozen of reste, the editor of the République, was to be tried them, and so made the fair descendants of the for libel on the 14th ult. Altogether, the lawyers famous old poissardes all over Paris his fast ad- of Paris were in high feather. It bas been stăted herents for life! The Prince-President affects to by the Marquis de Jouffroy, a legitimist, and treat the French people as his uncle treated them editor of the Europe Monarchique at Brussels

, that before-as a light, unreasoning race, full of en- all negotiations for the fusion of the two Bourbon thusiams, and liable to be easily impressed. A houses have failed. The Ordre continues its canvass little time will tell if he has made a correct esti- for the Prince de Joinville as next President. The mate of the national mind.

same paper published a long list of fires that One huudred and seventy-eight persons were have lately blazed in the neighborhood of Paris, arrested for the Paris plot. After being regularly giving the Government no little uneasiness. interrogated, seventy-two foreigners and four Several of the Paris journals hint that Louis Frenchmen were set at liberty'; eleven others Napoleon meditates against the red-republicans of were afterwards let go. The Department of the the National Assembly such another measure as Ardèche was put under martial law. This is a that by which Napoleon purged the Tribupate, broken and rugged district, containing a great and sent a body of his enemies to exile at Cayenne. many secret societies; and, on a recent occasion, The red-republicans oppose the revision of the the soldiers and gendarmerie had been attacked Constitution, and it is asserted the lawyers of the by mobs, in two or three places.

Elysée have advised the President they may be Prosecutions of the press continue. Five or six removed" at one full swoop,” seeing they have editors of the Evénement—a bold republican subscribed to the democratic loan which Mazzini paper-were knocked off, one after the other, by has set on foot to liberate Italy. This, it is rethe angry mace of the law. Among these coura- ported, can be tortured into a matter of impeachgeous children of the pen were two sons of the ment; and if it can, we think Louis Napoleon will celebrated poet Victor Hugo, Charles and Victor, certainly impeach, and thus remove the Mountain. who were sentenced to several months' imprisonment. The old gentleman, like Torquil of the Oak, in the Fair Maid of Perth, encouraged his

GERMANY.— The thirty or forty powers and sons to throw themselves forward in the fight, and principalities of Germany are all busily engaged in when the last was carried off, wrote a letter to bringing that multifarious nation to its previous the succeeding editor, Vacquerie, which brought The Frankfort Diet is leading the way in this busi

condition, and obliterating every trace of 1848. down one more prosecution. The old man says ness of recalcitration. A little time ago it passed that the earth still moved, though the Italian inquisitors tried to make Galileo and the world be

a resolution to demand of the several federal govlieve it did not; and that, in the same way, the ernments of the fatherland that they examine their cause of liberty still moved and would move, in several constitutions granted since 1848, and to spite of all the tyrants of the globe. A hearty old alter the same in all cases where they may not cock this !.

of the despotic Bund, represented by the Diet. If France ! met ton schako 1"

it should so happen that the people of any federal

State will not quietly go“ back again,” the Bund | He made a grand entry into Milan on the 21st of will appoint a commission to investigate the mat- September. Surrounded by soldiers he rode along. ter, and settle it, when called upon. This central while the people preserved a calm demeanor which power has also determined to draw up a general has been called respectful. He held a military federal law of the press, to oppose and correct the review, and heard high mass in the cathedral existing abuses of the press, and thus help the Several houses in the city were illuminated in the grand scheme of arrangement it las in view. This evening, but more as a matter of fear or policy Frankfort Diet, of course, expresses and sustains than loyalty. The Emperor took up his quarters the policy of the rulers of Germany who have at Monza, the country palace of Radetsky, twelve thus agreed to nullily all their late concessions, on miles from the city. During his absence, his uncle's the plea, doubtless, that they were frightened into old minister, the Nestor of politicians, Prince the granting of them, which was indeed the case. Metternich, (who also ran away with such celerity

The King of Prussia-always considered to be in 1848,) came back to Vienna. He entered it on one of the mildest and most liberal of the German the 2Sd September, and was received by Prince governors—(we recollect the bonhomie of his man- Esterhazy and other members of his family. The ners when he visited London a few years ago, crowd are said to have received him with respect, and went with Mrs. Fry to see the prisoners in that is, they did not pelt him with any thing, and Newgate, where, with that good lady, he knelt said nothing. The Prince, who is very old, will not, down and said his prayers among them)--this King, it is stated, meddle with statesman-craft any more. we say,

shows himself as anxious as any of them On the 22d Pesth was the scene of a horribly to get back to the old ground. Cologne, that city ridiculous spectacle. Louis Kossuth and thirty“ of three and seventy stenches,” according to six of his brave companions were hanged upon Coleridge, is at present in very bad odor with his the public gallows--in effigy. As they could not Majesty, who finds the political airs of the people strangle them literally, the Austrian officials rethe worst of all. He first put down the Cologne solved to do execution upon them by strong effort Gazette, and he lately directed a prosecution to be of imagination. And so while our good ship Miscommenced against six of the municipal council- sissippi was bearing the rescued Magyars out lors, who, in a debate concerning an address to the through the Pillars of Hercules into the Atlantic, King, were considered to bave cast reflections upon the soldiers of Francis Joseph were drawn up is the government. The poor Burgomaster who pre- square about the gallows in the public place of sided at the meeting of the town-councillors was Pesth, and the sentence of each of the contuma. severely reprimanded for allowing them to go on cious Hungarians (to the number of thirty-six,) barspeaking. On the 24th of September, the Diet ing been read, the bangman took thirty-six black of the province of Brandenburg were suddenly wooden simulacra, and launched them into eterprorogued because some of the members on the nity, according to the forins in such cases made day before ventured to allude to old guaranteed and provided. To each wooden traitor was atrights and such things. On the same day the es- tached his name and brief biography, Kossuth's tablishment of the Constitutional newspaper of cartel was as follows :Berlin was confiscated and put to silence, and the “ Ludwig Kossuth, born in Monok, county of editor and all hands left to join the nearest club Remplin, Hungary, forty-seven years old, of the of secret conspirators for want of something to Protestant religion, married, father of three childo. These clubs, which are scattered all over dren, advocate, and newspaper editor, Hungarian Germany, and called Communities of Free Reli- Finance Minister, and deputy of the city of Pesth gion, have lately fallen under the suspicion of the at the Hungarian Diet, has from the beginning to governments, in consequence of information trans- the end of the Hungarian revolution played the mitted from aris by the agents of Louis Napo principal part, and this preëminence was particuleon, to the effect that the Paris plot comprehend. | larly shown in October, 1848, when he prevailed ed some designs against the rulers of Germany. upon the Diet to remain together and not obey the The consequence has been that the houses of the Imperial mandate dissolving it; further, that he leaders of these “communities” bave undergone a took upon himself the presidency of the Prorigeneral search, and every thing suspicious has been sional Government, or so-called Committee of Naseized by the authorities.

tional Safety, and issued paper money, in order to A commercial treaty has been made between furnish means for an armed resistance to the ImHanover and Prussia, by which the former virtu- perial Government, which he developed in a dan ally enters the Zollverein, or Customs Union of gerous manner, by recruitings, organization of a Germany--the objects of which are protection National Guard, and 'Landsturm; that he himand equal tariffs among the States of the Union. self joined the army in its invasion of the Austrian

The finances of Austria are in a very debili- archduchy, declared the succession of Francis Jotated condition. The Government lately called on seph a usurpation, transferred the seat of the all Europe for a loan; but the money has come Diet from Pesth to Debrecsin on the approach of but slowly in, and there is a chance that the the royal forces under Windischgrätz; that by amount will not be forthcoming. The Emperor means of exhortations and proclamations, by rerelied very much upon the Londoners; but the wards and martial courts, he raised the enthusirecent sentiments of Gladstone and Palmerston, asm of the army and the people, and excited them and the excitement about Kossuth, have done to go on with the revolution, and tried to gain the away with his chances in that quarter. In the sympathy of foreign countries through his agents mean time Francis Joseph has been to visit his abroad ; that he, finally, on the 13th of April, in Italian dominions, lately pacificated by Radetsky. a private conference, and on the 14th in a public

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