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nicle of the Times.) France-Kossuth in Eng. Education--His Youth and Professional Educaland - Germany and Russia

- Italy-England, tion-- The Universities— The Inns of Court, 494. Ireland—California-Home Items - Mexico and more Annexation, 536.


The Rival Painters, (concluded,) 17.

Thomas Gray, 30. Portrait of Benjamin Silliman, M. D., LL. D. The Moral and the Artistic in Prose Fiction, 105. “ Hon. D. A. Bokee, of N. Y.

The Approachinç Presidential Canvass, 176. Seargent S. Prentiss, of Mi.

The Anglo-Saxons and the Anglo-Americans : “ Professor Morse.

European Races in the United States, 187. “ General Leslie Combs.

Touching the Lightning Genius of the Age, 227. “ Louis Kossuth.

The Republic of Colombia, and the External Policy Poetry—To Stella, 29.

of England, 258. Poetry-June, 47.

The Influence of Manufactures, and the Protective Philosophical Chit-Chat, 48.

System, 269. Poetry-Hope, 67.

The Early English Dramatists : John Ford, 285. Political Responsibilities: Illustrations thereof, The Trenchard Property. Chapters i., ii. iii., 293.

Tariff-Commerce-Foreign Relations--Duties Table Talk: A rainy Day with the Poets- Picof Individuals to the Nation-Political Uses to turesque at Home--Suggestions to the Reflectbe made of the Cuban Expedition-Perversion ive-Sailors' and Kitchen Libraries--Chess, of Public Sympathy in favor of Liberty to Party 306. Purposes-Necessity of Action to the Safety of The Trenchard Property. Chapters iv., V., 400. the Nation, 359.

The Presidential Election of 1852, 434. Poetry-Last Song. By Alice Carey, 535. The Dallas Letter, 451.

The Trenchard Property, (concluded.) Chaps. vi.,

vii., viii., 474.

Theories of Evil. “Festus," " Faust," " Manfred," Stray Lenves from the Unpublished History of the New World, 1.

"Paradise Lost,” “Book of Job,” 516. Sir Amelot De Vere-A Fragment. By H. W.

Herbert, 13. Stray Leaves from the Unpublished History of Unwritten Music, 170. the New World, (concluded.) 89.

Unity of the Whigs: Their l'rinciples and MeasSeargent S. Prentiss: Reminiscences of. By T. ures, 179.

B. Thorpe, Esq. of Louisiana, Author of "Tom
Owen, the Bee Hunter," &c., &c., 236.

Santa Rosa, Lise of: Letter of M. C.jusin, 338. William Wordsworth, 68.
Santa Rosa, Life of: Letter of M. Cousin, (con William S. Mount, a sketch of the life and charac-
tinued,) 368.

ter of, 122. Santa Rosa, Life of: Letter of M. Cuusio, (con- Winterslow: Essays and characters written there cluded,) 467.

by William Hazlitt. Collected by his Son. Songs and Song Writers, 323.

London: David Bogue. 1851, 138. Some Shakspearian and Spenserian MSS. Shak: Wood Fall, (imitated from the “Bugle Song.")

speare's Parentage-His Schoolboy Days and 322.


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