The Chemical News : and Journal of Physical Science: (with which is Incorporated the "Chemical Gazette") a Journal of Practical Chemistry in All Its Applications to Pharmacy, Arts, and Manufactures, Volumes 47-48

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Griffin, Bohn and Company, 1883 - Chemistry

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Page 169 - FELKIN, HM— Technical Education in a Saxon Town. Published for the City and Guilds of London Institute for the Advancement of Technical Education.
Page 50 - A TREATISE ON THE METALLURGY OF IRON : containing Outlines of the History of Iron Manufacture, Methods of Assay, and Analyses of Iron Ores, Processes of Manufacture of Iron and Steel, &c. By H. BAUERMAN, FGS, Associate of the Royal School of Mines.
Page 89 - NEW STAR ATLAS for the Library, the School, and the Observatory, in 12 Circular Maps (with 2 Index Plates).
Page 89 - Other Worlds than Ours ; The Plurality of Worlds Studied under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches.
Page 89 - Light Science for Leisure Hours ; Familiar Essays on Scientific Subjects, Natural Phenomena, &c. By RA PROCTOR, BA 2 vols.
Page 188 - The escape of electricity cannot be detected by the sense of smell, as can gas, but it can be detected by apparatus far more certain and delicate. Leakage not only means waste, but in the presence of moisture it means destruction of the conductor and its insulating covering, by electric action.
Page 188 - as part of the circuit. Moisture leads to loss of current and to the destruction of the conductor by electrolytic corrosion, and the injudicious use of " earth " as a part of the circuit tends to magnify every other source of difficulty and danger. The chief element of safety is the employment of skilled and experienced electricians to supervise the work.
Page 188 - The difficulties that beset the electrical engineer are chiefly internal and invisible, and they can only be effectually guarded against by "testing" or probing with electric currents. They depend chiefly on leakage, undue resistance in the conductor, and bad joints, which lead to waste of energy and the production of heat.
Page 188 - The greatest element of safety is therefore the employment of skilled and experienced electricians to supervise the work. I. THE DYNAMO MACHINE. 1. The dynamo machine should be fixed in a dry place. 2. It should not be exposed to dust or flyings. 3. It should be kept perfectly clean and its bearings well oiled. 4. The insulation of its coils and conductors should be practically perfect. 5. All conductors in the Dynamo Room should be firmly supported, well insulated, conveniently arranged for inspection,...
Page 131 - The author's view of the formation of these rings is as follows :—A fungus is developed on a single spot of ground, sheds its seed and dies : on the spot where it grew it leaves a valuable manuring of phosphoric acid and alkalies, some magnesia, and a little sulphate of lime. Another fungus might undoubtedly grow on the same spot again ; but upon the death of the first the ground becomes occupied by a vigorous crop of grass, rising like a Phoenix on the ashes of its predecessors.

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