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3 It lies not in a single part,

But through my frame is spread ;
A burning fever in my heart,

palsy in my head.
s It makes me deaf, and dumb, and blind,

And impotent and lame;
It overclouds, and fills my mind,

With folly, fear and shame.
5 A thousand evil thoughts intrude,

Tumultuous in my breast ;
Which indispose me for my food,

And rob me of my rest.
6 Lord, I am sick, regard my cry, .

And set my spirit free;
Say, canst thou let a sinner die,
Who longs to live to thee ?

HYMN 142 C. M.
O that I were as in months past. Job, xxix. 2.
WEET was the time when first I felt

The Saviour's pard’ning blood,
Apply'd to cleanse my soul from guilt,

And bring me home to God.
2 Soon as the morn the light revealid.

His praises tun'd my tongue;
And when the ev'ning shades prevail'd,

His love was all my song:
3 In pray'r my soul drew near the Lord,

And saw his glory shine :
And when I read his holy word,

I calld each promise mine.
4. But now when ev'ning shade prevails;

My soul in darkness mourns ;

And when the morn the light reveals,

No light to me returns. 5 My pray’rs are now a chatt'ring noise,

For Jesus hides his face ;
I read, the promise meets my eyes,

But will not reach my case. 6 Rise, Lord, now help me to prevail,

And make my soul thy care ; I know thy mercy cannot fail, Let me that mercy share.

HYMN 143. Sevens.

The Christian in Darkness. SAVIOUR, shine and cheer my soul,

Bid my dying hopes revive ; Make my wounded spirit whole,

Far away the tempter drive; Speak the word, and set me free, Let me live alone to thee. 2 Once I thought my mountain strong,

Firmly fix'd no more to move ;
Then thy grace was all my song,

Then my soul was fill'd with love ;
Those were happy golden days,
Sweetly spent in pray’r and praise.
3 Little, then, myself I knew,

Little thought of Satan's pow'r ;
Now I feel my sins anew,

Now I feel the stormy hour!
Sin has put my joys to fight,
Sin has chang'd my day to night.
4 Satan asks, and mocks my woe,

“ Boaster, where is now your God ?"

Silence, Lord, this cruel foe,

Let him know I'm bought with blood : Tell him, since I know thy name, Though I change, thou art the same.

HYMN 144. C. M.

The Contrite Heart. THE Lord will happiness divine

1 On contrite hearts bestow : Then tell me, gracious GOD, is mine

A contrite heart or no ?
2 I hear, but seem to hear in vain,

Insensible as steel ;
If ought is felt, 'tis only pai

To find I cannot feel.
3 I sometimes think myself inclina

To love thee if I could ; But often feel another mind,

Averse to all that's good. 4. My best desires are faint and few,

I fain would strive for more ; But when I cry, “ My strength renew,"?

Seem weaker than before. 5 I see thy saints with comfort fill'd,

When in thy house of pray'r ; But still in bondage I am held,

And find no comfort there. & 6 Oh, make this heart rejoice or ache ;

Decide this doubt for me ; And if it be not broken, break,

And heal it, if it be.

HYMN 145. Sevens.

Self-Examination. is a point I long to find, 1 Oft it causes anxious thought ; Am I to the Lord inclin'd! Am [ his, or am I not! 2 If I love, why am I thus ? Why this dull and lifeless frame? Hardly, sure, can they be worse, Who have never heard his name? 3 Could my heart so hard remain, Prayer a task and burden prove ? Ev'ry trifle give me pain, If I knew a Saviour's love? 4. When I turn my eyes within, All is dark, and vain, and wild ; Fill'd wish unbelief and sin, Can I deem myself a child ? 5 If I pray, or hear, or read, Sin is mix'd with all I do ; You that love the Lord indeed, Tell me, is it thus with you ? 6 Yet I mourn my stubborn will, Find my sin a grief and thrall ; Should I grieve for what I feel, If I did not love at all ? 7 Could I joy his saints to meet, Choose the ways I once abhor'd, Find at times, the promise sweet, If I did not love the Lord ? 8 Lord, decide the doubtful case ! Thou who art thy people's sun ;

Shine upon thy work of grace,
If it be indeed begun.
9 Let me love thee more and more,
Help me rise to praise and pray ;
Guide me to the heav'nly shore.
There to see eternal day!

HYMN 146. L. M.

Vanity of the World. VEALTH is a blessing only lent, VV To be repaid by deeds of love ; God gives his bounties to be spent; To hoard them will his anger move. 2 The world's esteem is but a bribe ; To buy its peace we sell our own; Enslav'd by an applauding tribe, Who hate us while they make us known. 3 The joy that vain amusements give, To him who thoughtless sports and sings, Is like the honey of a hive, When guarded by a thousand stings. 4. 'Tis thus the world rewards the fools That live upon her treach'rous smiles; She leads tiern, blindfold, by her rules, And ruins all whom she beguiles. 5 'Tis thus that thousands hasten down From pleasure, into endless woe ; And with a long despairing groan, Blaspheme their Maker as they go. 6 Warn’d by their woes, may we be wise, Delighting in a Saviour's charms ;

Then God will take us to the skies, Embrac'd in everlasting arms.

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