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6 Oh, grant me then this one request,

And I'll be satisfy'd,
That love divine may rule my breast,
And all my actions guide.

HYMN 154. L. M.
Christian Patience. Luke xxi. 19.
DATIENCE' Oh, what a grace divine!

Giv'n by the God of love and pow'r;
That leans upon a Father's hand,
In ev'ry dark, afflicting hour.
2 By patience we serenely bear
The troubles of our mortal state;
And wait contented our discharge,
Nor think our glory comes too late.
2. Though we in full sensation feel.
The weight, the wounds our God ordains,
We smile amid our heaviest woes,
And triumph in our sharpest pains.
4 Oh, for this grace to aid us on,
And arm with fortitude the breast,
Till life's tumultuous voyage is o'er,
We reach the shores of endless rest!
5 Faith into vision shall resign,
Hope shall in full fruition die ;
And patience in possession end,
In the bright worlds of bliss on h gh.

HYMN 155. L. M.
Patience from an assurance of Divine Love,
D EAR Lord, though bitter is the cur,
1 Thy gracious hand pours out to me,
I cheerfully will drink it up,
That cannot hurt which comes from thee.

2 'Tis fill'd with thine unchanging love,
And not a drop of wrath is there ;
The saints for ever bless'd above,
Were often most afflicted here.
3 From Jesus, thine incarnate Son,
I'll learn obedience to thy will;
And humbly kiss the chast’ning rod,
When its severest strokes I feel.

HYMN 156. Eights.
A Prayer for the promised rest in Christ:
D EAR friend of guilty sinners, hear,

And magnify thy grace divine ;
Pardon a worm that would draw near,

And make his heart to thee resign;
A worm, by guilt and sin distrest,
That pants to reach the promis'd rest.
2 With holy fear and rev'rend love,

I long to lie beneath tly throne ; m thee to live, in thee to move,

And stay myself on thee alone :
Teach me to lean upon thy breast,
To find in thee the promis'd rest.
3 Sure, Lord, thou wilt thy servants keeps

And bless them with thy gracious smiles, .. A gentle shepherd of thy sheep,

To guard them from the tempter's wiles ; How calm their s:ate, how truly blest, Who trust in thee for promis'd rest! 4 Take me, dear Saviour, for thine own,

And make me love thy righteous cause ; Be thou my portion, Lord, alone,

And bend me to obey thy laws : Let me in thy dear arms be blest, And find in thee the promis'd rest !

HYMN 157. C. M. Rejoice with trembling in hope of Heaven. I WAS a grov'ling creature once, 1 And basely cleav'd to earth; I wanted wisdom to renounce

The clod that gave me birth. 2 But God hath spoke from heav'n above,

And blest a guilty worm ;
Hath giv’n the wings of joy and love

To seek an angel's form.
3 With these to Pisgah's top I fly,

And there delighted stand ; hear the promise from on high,

And view the glorious land. 4 Blest Lord of all the vast domain,

This promise is to me ; The length, the breadth, and all the plain,

And more than faith can see. 5 Though comforting this gracious pledge,

To thee for help I call,
For still I stand on Pisgah's edge;

Uphold me lest I fall!
6 Though much exalted by the Lord,

My strength is not my own; Oh, let me tremble at his word, Then none shall cast me down.

HYMN 158. Eights and Sevens.

Trusting in the Grace of Christ. TIS the Lord thus far hath brought me,

1 By his watchful, tender care; Sure'tis he himself hath taught me

How to seek his face by pray’r :

After so much mercy past,

Will he give me up at last? 2 True I've been a guilty creature, And have sinn'd against his grace ; But forgiveness is his nature, 'Though he justly hides his face ;

Ere he call'd me, well he knew

What a heart like mine would do.
3 In the Saviour's intercession,
Therefore still will I confide ;
Lord, accept my free confession ;
Though I've sinn'd, yet thou hast dy'd ;

This is all I have to plead,
This is all the plea I need.

HYMN 159. C. M.
1 Prayer for the Restoration of the Divine

DLEST Saviour, by thy pow'rful word,

D Once night was turn'd to day;
And thy salvation joy restor’d,

Which I had sinn'd away.
2 'Twas then I wonder'd and ador'd

To See thy grace divine ;
I felt thy love, I prais'd the Lord,

Who made such blessings mine.
3 Wilt thou not still vouchsafe to own,

A wretch so vile as [..
May I not still approach thy throne,

And, Abba Father, cry?
4 Lord, speak a gracious word again,

And cheer my drooping heart;
No voice but thine can soothe my pain,

Or bid my fears depart.

HYMN 160. L. M. The Burthened Soul praying for Relief. VITH kind compassion hear my cry, VV O Jesus, Lord of life, on high! And on thy servant's drooping head, The dews of blessing sweetly shed. 2 Change all my sad complaints to ease, To chcerful notes of endless praise ; A sense of pard'ning favor give, And raise my mind and bid me live. 3 My fears of danger while I breathe, My dread of endless heil beneath, My sense of sorrow for my sin, To springing comfort change within. 4 Be not to me a Judge severe, For so thy presence, who can bear? But Oh, regard prý mournful cry, And look with percy's gracious eye. 5 Then grant, o Lord, that I may burn, To make my Saviour some return; And be my heart inspir'd to rise, On wings of love to yonder skies. 6 Lead me with joy to bear my cross, Despising ev'ry grief and loss, Since thou, despising shame and pain, Stretch'd on the bloody cross, was slain.

HYMN 161. L. M. Prayer of a Penitent. Psa. vi. Paraphraseus OH, that the Lord would hear my cry,

U And stay his anger, lest I die ! Thy wrath is just-yet oh, forgive! And let a mourning sinner live.

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