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3 Farewell this flesh, these ears, these eyes,
These snares and fetters of the mind,
My God! Nor let this frame arise,
Till ev'ry dust be well refin'd.
4 Blest Jesus ! make my nature whole,
Mould me a body like thine own,
Then shall it better serve my soul,
In works of praise, and worlds unknown.

The departing moment, or absent from the

9 ABSENT from flesh ! O blissful thought!
What unknown joys this moment brings !
Freed from the mischief sin hath wrought
From pain and tears and all their springs.
6 Absent from flesh ! illustrious day !
Surprising scene ! triumphant stroke !
That rends the prison of my clay,
And I can feel my fetters broke.
7 Absent from flesh ! then rise my soul !
Where feet or wings could never climb,
Beyond the heav'ns where planets roll,
Meas’ring the cares and joys of time.
8 I go where God and glory shine!
His presence makes eternal day ;
My all that's mortal I resign,
For Jesus waits and points the way.

Entrance into Paradise, or present with the.

9 AND is this heav'n ? and am I there?
How short the road, how swift the flight ?
I am all life, all eye, all ear ;
Jesus is here--my soul's deligbt.

10 Is this the heav’nly friend, who hung
In blood and anguish on the tree,
Whom Paul proclaim’d, whom David sung,
Who dy'd for them, who dy'd for me?
11 Lo! he presents me at the throne,
All spotless ; there the Godhead reigns,
Sublime and peaceful through the Son;
Awake, my voice, in heavenly strains.
12 How fair, thou blest, eternal Word,
Full Godhead shines through all thy face,
Thy death procur'd this blest abode,
Thy vital beams adorn the place !


The sight of God in Ileavett. 13 CREATOR GOD, eternal light, Fountain of good, tremendous pow'r. Ocean of wonders, blissful sight, Beauty and love unknown before ! 14 Thy grace, thy nature all unknown, In yon dark region whence I came, Where languid glimpses from thy throne, And feeble whispers taught thy name. 15 I'm in a world where all is new; Myself, my God; ( blest amaze! Not my best hopes or wishes knew, To form a shadow of this grace. 16 Fix'd on my God, my heart, adore, My restless thoughts, forbear to rove; Ye meaner passions, stir no more, But all my pow'rs be joy and lore.

HYMN 174. C. M.
Spiritual Mindedness ; or inward Religion.

ELIGION is the chief concern
May 1 its great importance learn,

It's sov’reign virtue know !
2 More needful this, than glitt'ring wealth,

Or aught the world bestows; Nor reputation, food, or health,

Can give us such repose. 3 Religion should our thoughts engage,

Amidst our youthful bloom ; 'Twill fit us for declining age,

And for the awful tomb.
4 Oh, may my heart, by grace renew'd,

Be my Redeemer's throne;
And be my stubborn will subdu'd,

His government to own.
5 Let deep repentance, faith, and love,

Be join'd with godly fear ;
And all my conversation prove
My heart to be sincere.

HYMN 175. C. M.
Encouragement to Trust and Love God.

Psalm xxxiv.
THRO' all the changing scenes of life,

In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my God shall still

My heart and tongue employ. 2 Of his deliv'rance I will boast,

Till all who are distrest, From my example comfort take,

And charm their griefs to rest.


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3 The hosts of God encamp

around The dwellings of the just ; Protection he affords to all,

Who make his name their trust. 4 Oh, make but trial of his love,

Experience will decide,
How blest are they, and only they,

Who in his rust confide.
5 Fear him, ye saints, and you will then

Have nothing else to fear :
Come, make his service your delight;

He'll make your wants his care.

HYMN 176. L. M.

Trust and confidence ; or Looking beyond present

appearances. flab. iii. 17, 18.
WAY, my unbelieving fear,
Tho' Jesus doth not yet appear ;
But hides the brightness of his face.
2 Still I will never let him

Nor basely to the tempter yield :
His strength will lead triumphing thro',
I never will give up the field.
3 Altho’the vine its fruit deny,
Altho' the olive yield no oil,
The with’ring fig-tree droop and die,
The field illude the tiller's toil:
4 The empty stall no herd afford,
And perish all the bleating race;
Yet I will triumph in the Lord,
The God of my salvation praise.

HYMN 177. L. M.
Despair prevented by Trust in God.

La sotu,

From trust in thee to dark despair? Who has survey'd the sacred roll, And found my name not written there? 2 Presumptuous thought; to fix the bound! To limit mercy's sov’reign reign ! What other happy souls have found, Oh, may I seek, nor seek in vain ! 3 I own my guilt, my sins confess ; Can men or devils make them more ? Of crimes already pumberless, Vain the attempt to swell the score. 4. Were the black list before my sight, While I remember thou hast dy d, 'Twill only urge my speedier fight, To seek salvation ay thy side 5 Low at thy feet I'll cast me down, To thee reveal: my guilt and fear; And--if thou spori me froin thy throne, I'll be the first whio perish'd there.

HYMN 178. Eights and Sixes.
Fears reméved-It is I, be not afraid:

John vi. 20.
TNCLEAN! unclean! and full of sin,

From first to last, alas, l've been !
Deceitful is my heart :
Guilt presses down my burden'd soul,
But Jesus can the waves control,

And bid my fears depart.
2 When first I heard his word of grace,
Ungratefully I hid my face,

Ungratefully delay'd ;

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