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HYMN 198. S. M.
Waiting at the Pool. John v. 24.
ESIDE the gospel pool,

Appointed for the poor;
From year to year my helpless soul

Has waited for a cure.
2 When will the Lord appear,

My malady to heal ? He knows how long I've languish'd here,

And what distress I feel. 3 How often have I thought

Why should I longer lie? Surely the mercy I have sought

Is not for such as I. 4 But whither can


There is no other pool,
Where streams of sov’reign virtue flow,

To make a sinner whole. 5 Here then, from day to day,

I'll wait, and hope, and cry; Will Jesus hear a sinner pray,

Yet suffer him to die?
6 No! he is full of grace ;

He never will permit
A soul, that fain would see his face,
To perish at bis feet.

HYMN 199. C. M.
Bternal Life in Christ. John vi. 67-69.
HEN any turn from Zion's way,

(As numbers often do,) Methinks I hear my Saviour say, 6 Wilt thou forsake me too '


2 Ah, Lord' with such a heart as mine,

Unless thou hold me fast, My faith will fail

, I shall decline,
And prove like them at last,
3 'Tis thou alone hast pow'r and grace,

To save a wretch like me ;
To whom then shall I turn my face,

If i depart from thee?
4 Beyond a doubt I rest assur'd

Thou art the Christ of God; Who hast eternal life secur'd,

By promise and by blood. 5 The help of men and angels join'd,

Could never reach my case ! Nor can I hope relief to find,

But in thy boundless grace. 6 No voice but thine can give me rest,

And bid my fears depart ;
No love but thine can make me blest,
And satisfy my heart.

HYMN 200. Eights and Sixes.

Power of Divine Love. Acte ix. 6. F God had bid his thunders roll,

I and

lightningstash to blast my soul,

I still had stubborn been :
But mercy has my heart subdu'd,
A bleeding Saviour I have view'de

And now I hate my sin.

Now, Lord, I would be thine alone, Come, take possession of thine own,

For thou hast set me free; Releas'd from Satan's hard command, See all my pow'rs in waiting stand,

To be employ'd by thee.

3 My will conform’d to thine would move; On thee my hope, desire, and love,

In fix'd attention join : My hands, my eyes, my ears, my tongue Have Satan's servants been too long,

But now they shall be thine.
4 And can I be the very same,
Who lately durst blaspheme thy name,

And on thy gospel tread ?
Surely each one who hears my case,
Will praise thee, and confess thy grace

Invincible indeed!


HYMN 201. C. M.

Joy in the Holy Ghost.
soul doth magnify the Lords

My spirit doth rejoice
In God, my Saviour and my God;

I hear his joyful voice.
2 I need not go abroad for joy,

Who have a feast at home :
My sighs are turned into songs,

The Comforter is come. 3 Down from on high the blessed Dove,

Is come into my breast;
To witness God's eternal love :

This is my heav'nly feast.
4 This makes me, Abba Father, cry,

With confidence of soul;
It makes me cry, my Lord, my God,

And that without control.
5 There is a stream that issues forth

From God's eternal throne,

And from the Lamb, a living stream,

Clear as the chrystal stone.
8 The stream doth water Paradise,

It makes the angels sing ;
One cordial drop revives my heart ;

Hence all my joys do spring.
Such joys as are unspeakable,

And full of glory too ;
Such hidden manna, hidden pearls,

As worldlings do not know.
8 Eye hath not seen, nor ear hath heard,

From fancy 'tis conceal'd ,
What thou, Lord, hast laid up for thine,

And hast to me reveal d.
9 I see thy face, I hear thy voice,

I taste thy sweetest love' ;
My soul doth leap : but oh ! for wings,

The wings of Noah's dove ! 10.Then should I Ay far hence away,

Leaving this world of sin ;
Then should my Lord put forth his hand,

And kindly take me in.
11 Then should my soul with angels feast,

On joys that always last :
Bless'd be my God, the God of joy,

Who gives nie here a taste.

HYMN 202. C. M. Rejoicing in a Revival of Religion. HARRY buadelier sound on earth ’tis founch, Of dying love that's from above,

Of pardon bought most dear,

2 God's ministers, a flaming fire,

Are passing through the land,
Their voice is, “ hear, repent, and fear,

King Jesus is at hand.” 3 Young converts sing, and praise their king,

And bless God's holy name ;
Whilst older saints, leave their complaints,

And joy to join the theme.
4 Convinc'd of sin, men now begin

To call upon the Lord,
Trembling they pray, and mourn the day

In which they scorn’d his word.
5 God's chariot rolls, and frights the souls

Of those who hate the truth ;
And saints in pray'r, cry, Lord, draw near,

Have mercy on the youth.
6 Pour down a shower of thy great pow'r,

On ev'ry aching heart ;
On all who try and humbly cry,

That they may have a part.
7 Come, sinners, all, hear now God's call,

And pray with one accord ; Saints, raise your songs--with joyful tongues, To hail th' approaching Lord.

HYMN 203. L. M. An awakened Sinner lamenting his past security.

How little of myself i've seen!

, Sportive I sail'd the sensual tide, Thoughtless of God whom I defy’d. 2 I heard of heav'n, I heard of hell, Where bliss and woe eternal dwell

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