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HYMN 230. L. M.

The Justice and Goodness of God. NREA'T God, my maker, and my king, U Of thee I'll speak, of thee I'll sing i All thou hast done, and all thou dost, Declare thee good, proclaim thee just: 2 Thy ancient thoughts and firm decrees, Thy threat'nings and thy promises, The joys of heav'n, the pains of hell, What angels taste, what devils feel : 3 Thy terrors and thine acts of grace, Thy threatning rod and smiling face, Thy wounding and thy healing word, A world undone, a world restord: 4 While these excite my fear and joy ; While these my tuneful lips employ ; Accept, O Lord, the humble song, The tribute of a trembling tongue. HYMN 231. Eights and Sevens.

Christ the Best of Friends. ONE there is, above all others,

Well deserves the name of friend ; His is love beyond a brother's, Costly, free, and knows no end :

They who once his kindness prove,

Find it everlasting love! 2 Which of all our friends to save us,

Could or would have shed his blood ? But this Saviour dy'd to have us Reconcil'd in him to God :

It was boundless love to bleed;
Josus is a friend indeed

3 When he liv'd on earth abased,

Friend of sinners was his name ;
Now, above all glory raised,
He rejoices in the same :

Still he calls them brethren, friends,

And to all their wants attends.
4 Oh! for grace our hearts to soften!

Teach us, Lord, at length to love;
We alas ! forget too often,
What a friend we have above :

When to heav'n our souls are brought,
We will love thee as we ought.

HYMN 232. L. M. Invitation to free Salvation. Isai. Iv. 1. U O ! ev'ry one that thirsts, draw nigh,

N ('Tis God invites the fallen race,)
Mercy and free salvation buy!
Buy wine, and milk, and gospel grace.
2 Come to the living waters, come,
Sinners, obey your Maker's voice ;
Return, ye weary wand'rers, home,'
And in Redeeming love rejoice.
3 See, from the rock, a fountain rise !
For you in healing streams it rolls ;
Money ye need not bring, nor price,
Ye lab'ring, burden'd, thirsting souls.
4 Ye nothing in exchange can give ;
Leave all you have, and are, behind ;
Frankly the gift of God receive ;
Pardon and peace in Jesus find.

HYMN 233. L. M. Man by Nature, Grace and Glory. TORD, what is man? Extremes how wide, LA In his mysterious nature join ! The flesh, to worms and dust ally'd, The soul immortal and divine. 2 Divine at first a holy flame, Kindled by the Almighty's breath ; Till staind by sin, it soon became The seat of darkness, strife and death. 3 But Jesus, O amazing grace! Assim'd our nature as his own, Obey'd and suffer'd in our place, Then took it with him to his throne. 4 Near to which throne, and high in song, Men shall their hallelujahs raise ; While wond'ring angels join the throng, And swell the chorus of his praise.

HYMN 234. S. M.

Praise to the Redeemer.
DREPARE a thankful song,

I To the Redeemer's name;
Let lus high praise employ each tongue,

And ev'ry heart inflame!
2 He laid his glory by,

And bitter pains endur'd ;
That sinners of the blackest die,

From wrath might be secur'd.
3 Stretch'd on the cross he dy'd,

Our debt of sin to pay,
The blood and water from his side,

Wash guilt and filth away.

4 Pleading for us he stands,

Before the Father's throne ;
And answers all the Law's demands

With what himself hath done.
5 The Holy Ghost he sends,

Our stubborn souls to move ;
To make his enemies his friends,

And conquer them by love.
6 Assur'd that Christ our King,

Will put our foes to flight;
We, on the field of battle, sing,
And triumph while we fight.

HYMN 235. L. M.

The new Convert humbled. The new born child of gospel grace,

1 Like some fair tree, when summer's nigh Beneath Emmanuel's shining face, Lifts up his blooming branch on high. 2 No fear he feels, he sees no foes, No conflict yet his faith employs, Nor has he learnt to whom he owes, The strength and peace his soul enjoys. 3 But sin soon darts its cruel sting, And comforts sink from day to day; What seem'd his own, a self-fed spring, Proves but a brook that glides away. 4 When Gideon arm’d his num'rous host, The Lord soon made his numbers less ; And said, lest Israel vainly boast, *** My arm procur'd me this success."

5 Thus will he bring our spirits down,
And draw our ebbing comforts low,
That, sav'd by grace, but not our own,
We may not claim the praise we owe:

HYMN 236. C. M.

True and False Comforts.
GOD, whose favorable eye
U The sin-sick soul revives;
Holy and heav'nly is the joy,

Thy shining presence gives.
2 This hypocrites have ne'er believ'd,

They judge with graceless hearts; Swell'd with their pride, they are deceiv'd,

By Satan's wily arts. 3 Unholy, selfish joys are theirs,

And while they boast their light, and seem to soar above the stars,

They're plunging into night.
4, Lull'd in a soft and formal sleep,

They sin and yet rejoice ;
Were they indeed the Saviour's sheep

They sure would hear his voice. 5 Be mine the comforts that reclaim

The soul from Satan's pow'r ;
That make me blush for what I am,

And hate my sin the inore.
6 'T'is joy enough, my All in all,

At thy dear feet to lie ;
Thou wilt not let me lower fall,

And none can higbør fly.

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