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197 2 The Son of God in tears,

Angels with wonder see!
Be thou astonish’d, O my soul,

He shed those tears for thee.
3 He wept, that we might weep,

Each sin demands a tear :
In heav'n alone no sin is found,

And there's no weeping there. 4 Joy beams in ev'ry eye,

And fills each holy heart ;
All join to sound the triumph high,.
In praise to bear their part.

HYMN 244. L. M.
Ezekiel's Vision of the dry bores. Ezek.

xxxvii. 3.
T OOK down, O Lord, with pitying eye,
L See Adam's race in ruin lie;
Sin spreads its trophies o’er the ground,
And scatters slaughter'd heaps around.
2 And can these mould'ring corpses live?
And can these perish'd bones revive ?
That, mighty God, to thee is known ;
That wond'rous work is all thy own.
3 Thy ministers are sent in vain,
To prophesy upon the slain ;
In vain they call, in vain they cry,
· Till thine almighty aid is nigh.

4 But if thy Spirit deign to breathe,
Jife spreads thro' all the realms of death :
Dry bones obey thy powerful voice;
They move, they waken, they rejoice.

5 So when thy trumpet's awful sound
Shall shake the hear'ns and rend the ground,
Dead saints shall from their tombs arise,
And spring to life beyond the skies.

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Thy kingdom come. Matt. vi. 10.
A SCEND thy throne, Almighty King,
A And spread the glories all abroad;
Let thine own arm salvation bring,
And be thou known, the gracious God.
2 Let millions bow before thy seat,
Let humble mourners seek thy face,
Bring daring rebels to thy feet,
Subdu'd by thy victorious grace.
3 Oh, let the kingdoms of the world
Become the kingdoms of the Lord ;
Let saints and angels praise thy name,
Be thou thro' heav'n and earth ador'd.

HYMN 246. L. M.

Acceptance through Christ alone. John xiv. 6.
UTOW shall the sons of men appear,

I Great God, before thine awful bar?
How may the guilty hope to find
Acceptance with th' eternal mind ?
2 Not vows, nor groans, nor broken cries,
Not the most costly sacrifice,
Not infant blood profusely spilt,
Will expiate a sinner's guilt.
3 The blood of Jesus Christ alone,
Hath soy'reign virtue to atone ;

Here we will rest our only plea,
When we approach, great God, to thee.
4. 'Tis through his merit we'll arise,
And learn to sing above the skies ;
We'll join the triumph round the throne,
And praise th' eternal Three in One.
HYMN 247. L. M. In three parts.

The Prodigal Son.

PART I. The Sinner departing from God. CEE the rash youth, defil'd with sin, D Hear how he claims with haughty voice, To have his portion, and begin, In vice and madness to rejoice. 2 His father gave with bounteous hands, Richly were all his wants supply'd; Thankless he took ; in foreign lands Wasted in pleasure, pomp, and pride. 3 In lust and wine he spent the whole, Forgot his father and his home; Nor thought nor felt he had a soul Expos’d to meet the wrath to come. 4 The giddy crowd that round him throng, In ev'ry sinful folly join ; Approve the mirth and chant the song, That casts contempt on things divine. 5 Thus lur'd by charms of flatt'ring vice, The rebel sees his substance Aed; His friends forsake, his wants arise, For sin has struck his comforts dead.

The Sinner under Conviction.
6 WITH dying want the sinner cries,
Nor thinks rebellion makes his pain ;
To strangers, far from home, applies,
Nor seeks his father's grace to gain.
7 See the poor wretch with hunger prest,
Sunk low with swine to have a share;
Alas ! how far from peaceful rest,
Tortur'd by conscience, guilt and fear.
8 'Tis thus the God of sov'reign grace
Begins to bring a rebel home;
The Spirit shews his wretched case,
And points a judgment still to come.
9 Now self condemn'd, to works he flies,
And thinks to cleanse a guilty mind ;
Still far from penitence, which cries
To God for help, and feels resign'd.
10 Blinded by sin, to duty lost,
He grasps the husks and hates the bread ;
Till all his expectations crost,
His hopes from self and means are fled.

The Sinner brought to true Repentance. *
11 NOW see the rebel raise his eyes,
From dreaming folly just awake ;
His soul relents with strange surprise,
And all his heart begins to break.
12 I starve, he cries, nor can I bear
This death I feel in sinful lands,
While servants of my father share
The lib'ral bounty of his hands,

13 With deep repentance op my tongue,
I'll go and seek my father's face;
Unworthy to be call’d a son,
I'll only ask a servant's place.
14 I'll tell him how I've griev'd his love,
And basely fled his holy sight,
How I've provok'd all heav'n above,
Nor thought nor done a thing that's right.
15 Far off his father saw him come,
And o'er him all his bowels yearn'd;
He rose to bless and greet his son,
And crown'd with grace his safe return.
16 The rebel's heart with sorrow fill'd,
Bled for the crimes which he had done,
Through all the courts the triumph smild,
And sang the father's grace alone.

HYMN 248. C. M.
Vanity of the World. Psal. iv. 6.
TN vain the giddy world inquires,
I Forgetful of their God,
“ Who will supply our vast desires,

Or shew us any good ?"
2 Thro' the wide circuit of the earth,

Their eager wishes rove,
In chase of honor, wealth, and mirth,

The phantoms of their love.
3 But oft these shadowy joys elude

Their most intense pursuit;
Or if they seize the fancied good,

There's poison in the fruit. 4 Lord, from this world call off my love,

Set my affections right;

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