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Bid me aspire to joys above,

And walk no more by sight. 5 Oh, let the glories of thy face

Upon my bosom shine : Assurd of thy forgiving grace, My joys will be divine.

HYMN 249. C. M. The whole World no compensation for the loss of

one Soul. Mark viii. 36. TORD, shall we part with gold for dross,

1 With solid good for show? Outlive our bliss, and mourn our loss,

In everlasting woe? 2 Let us not lose the living God,

For one short dream of joy : With fond embrace cling to a clod,

And Aling all heav'n away.
3 Vain world, thy weak attempts forbear,

We all thy charms defy;
And rate our precious souls too dear,
For all thy wealth to buy.

HYMN 250. L. M.

The Farewell.
DEAD be my heart to all below,

U To mortal joys and mortal cares;
To sensual bliss that charms us so,
Be dark mine eyes and deaf mine ears.
2 Lord, I renounce my carnal taste
Of the fair fruit that sinners prize;
Their paraclise shall never waste
One thought of mine, but to despise.

3 All earthly joys are overweigh'd
With mountains of vexatious care :
And where's the sweet that is not laid,
A bait to some destructive snare?
4 Come, heav'n, and fill my vast desires,
My soul pursues the sov’reign good :
She was all made of heav'nly fires,
Nor can she live on meaner food.

HYMN 251. C. M.
The Future Increase of the Church Promised.

Psalm ii. 8.
TYATHER, is not thy promise pledg'd

T To thine exalted Son,
That through the nations of the earth

Thy word of life shall run?
2 - Ask, and I'll give the heathen lands,

For thine inheritance ;
And to the world's remotest ends

Thine empire shall advance."
3 Hast thou not said, the blinded Jews

Shall their Redeemer own;
Wbile Gentiles to his standard crowd,

And bow before his throne ? 4 Are not all kingdoms, tribes, and tongues,

Under th' expanse of heav'n, To the dominion of thy Son,

Without exception giv’n ?
5 From east to west, from north to south,

Then be his name ador'd!
Let earth, with all its millions, shout

Hosannas to the Lord !

HYMN 252. L. M.

Prayer for the Millennium. LTOW many years has man been drivin

1 Far off from happiness and heav'n? When wilt thou, gracious Lord, restore Thy wand'ring church, to roam no more? 2 Six thousand years are nearly past, Since Adam from thy sight was cast; And ever since, his fallen race, From age to age, are void of grace. 3 When will the happy trump proclaim The judgment of the martyr'd Lamb ? When shall the captive troops be free, And keep th' eternal jubilee ! 4 Hasten it, Lord, in ev'ry land, Send thou thine angels, and command, “Go, sound deliv'rance, loudly blow Salvation to the saints below!" 5 We long to have the day appear, The promis'd great sabbatic year ; When, far from grief, and sin and hell, Israel in ceaseless peace shall dwell. 6 Till then, we will not let thee rest, Thou still shalt hear our strong request; And this our daily pray’r shall be, Lord, sound the trump of jubilee.

HYMN 253. Eights.

Christians Praying for Jews. LATHER of faithful Abra'm, hear,

T Our earnest suit for Abra'm's seed : Justly they claim the softest prayer

From us, adopted in their stead; Who mercy through their fall obtain, And Christ by their rejection gain.

2 Outcast from thee, and scatter'd wide,

Through ev'ry nation under heav'n,
Blaspheming whom they crucify’d,

Unsav'd, unpity'd, unforgiv'n:
Branded like Cain, they bear their load,
Abhor'd of men, and curs'd of God.
3 But hast thou finally forsook,

For ever cast thine own away?
Wilt thou not bid the murd'rers look

On him they pierc'd, and weep and pray? Yes, gracious Lord, thy word is past; “ All Israel shall be sav'd at last.” 4. Come then, thou great Deliv’rer, come,

The veil from Jacob's heart remove; Receive thine ancient people home,

That, quicken'd by thy dying love,
The world may their reception view,
And shout to God the glory due.

HYMN 254. L. M.
A Prayer for the Opposers of Experimental

PLEST Lord, behold the guilty scorn

D Of those who hate and mock our praise,
Pity their státe, and make them turn,
No more to walk in sinful ways.
2 Anxious we see their wretched state,
Who never think of heav'n or hell;
They laugh and sport, and court the gate,
Which opes where endless terrors dwell.
3 If pray'r and faith did e'er prevail,
Now help us, Lord, to raise our hands;
Prepare our hearts thy grace to hail,
Then break their soul-destroying bands.

4 Lead them to view a sinful heart,
A soul all enmity to thee,
Destroy'd, defild in every part,
Too proud to bow, too blind to see.
5 Lead them to view a holy law,
Which justly dooms to endless death,
To feel that guilt which Jesus saw,
And pray'd, forgive, with dying breath.
6 Open their eyes, unstop their ears,
To hear condemning justice sound;
Lord, change their hearts, and then their tears
Will witness grief to all around.
7 Once we were blind, like them we strove,
Till sov’reign mercy chang'd our ways;
Lord, bow their wills, and make them love,
Then they will join our songs of praise.

HYMN 255. L. M.
A Prayer for Success to Missions. :
CREAT God of glory, show thy face,

And crown our efforts with thy grace ; In heathen lands thy gospel bless, And here secure its large increase. 2 Let Jews and Gentiles, bond and free, Embrace salvation, Lord, by thee; While those who now in darkness dwell, Deliv'rance sing from guilt and hell. 3 Millions there are on heathen ground, Who never heard the gospel's sound; Oh, send it forth, and let it run, Swift and reviving as the sun. 4 Oh, look on those, who stand to tell Sinners the way that leads from hell :

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