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HYMN 294. L. M.
A Hymn for the Beginning of Worship.
HY presence, gracious God, afford,

Prepare us to receive thy word;
Now let thy voice engage our ear,
And faith be mixt with what we hear.
2 Distracting thoughts and cares remove,
And fix our hearts and hopes above;
With food divine may we be fed,
And satisfy'd with living bread.
3 To us thy sacred word apply,
With sov'reign power and energy ;
And may we in thy faith and fear,
Reduce to practice what we hear.
4 Father, in us thy Son reveal ;
Teach us to know and do thy will ;
Thy saving pow'r and love display,
And guide us to the realms of day. .

HYMN 295. L. M.

At Dismission.
D ISMISS us with thy blessing, Lord,

U Help us to feed upon thy word ;
All that has been amiss, forgive,
And let thy truth within iis live.
2 Though we are guilty, thou art good,
Wash all our works in Jesu's blood;
Give ev'ry fetter'd soul release,
And bid us all depart in peace.

HYMN 296. Eights, Sevens and Fours.

The same.
TORD, dismiss us with thy blessing,
La Fill our hearts with joy and peace ;
Let us each, thy love possessing,

Triumph in redeeming grace ;
Oh, refresh us!
Trav’ling through this wilderness.
2 Thanks we give, and adoration,

For thy gospel's joyful sound;
May the fruits of thy salvation

In our hearts and lives abound;
May thy presence
With us evermore, be found.
3 So, whene'er the signal's giv'n,

Us from earth to call away ;
Borne on angels' wings to heav'n,

Glad to leave our cumb'rous clay,
May we ready,
Nise and reign in endless day!

HYMN 297. C. M.
Seeking first the Kingdom of God, &c.

Matt. vi. 33.
N OW let a true ambition rise,
IV And ardor fire our breast,
To reign in worlds above the skies,

In heav'nly glories drest.
2 Behold Jehovah's royal hand

A radiant crown display,
Whose gems with vivid lustre shine,

While stars and sun decay.
3 Away, each grov'ling, anxious care,

Beneath a Christian's thought ;

I spring to seize immortal joys,

Which my Redeemer bought.
4 Ye hearts with youthful vigor warm,

The glorious prize pursue ;
Nor shall ye want the goods of earth,
While heav'n is kept in view.

'HYMN 298. L. M.

Parting with Carnal Joys. T SEND the joys of earth away, 1 Away ye tempters of the mind, False as the smooth, deceitful sea, And empty as the whist’ling wind. 2 Your streams were floating me along, Down to the gulf of black despair ; And whilst I listen'd to your song, Your streams had e'en convey'd me there. 3 Lord, I adore thy matchless grace, That warn'd me of that dark abyss; That drew me from those treach'rous séas, And bade me seek superior bliss. 4 Now to the shining realms above, I stretch my hands, and glance my eyes ; Oh, for the pinions of a dove, To bear me to the upper skies. 5 There, from the bosom of my God, Full streams of endless pleasure roll; There would I fix my last abode, And drown the sorrows of my soul.

HYMN 299. L. M.

The Vanity of Creatures.
MTAN has a soul of vast desires,
M He burns within with restless fires ;
Toss'd to and fro, his passions fiy,
From vanity to vanity.
2 In vain on earth we hope to find,
Some solid good to fill the mind;
We try new pleasures, but we feel
The inward thirst and torment still.
3 So when a raging fever burns,
We shift from side to side by turns,
And 'tis a poor relief we gain,
To change the place but keep the pain.
4 Great God! subdue this vicious thirst,
This love to vanity and dust;
Cure the vile fever of the mind,
And feed our souls with joys refin'd.

HYMN 300. L. M.
The Sovereignty of Grace. Luke x. 21,32.
IVHERE was an hour when Christ rejoic'd,

1 And spoke his joys in words of praise ; “ Father, I thank thee, mighty God, Lord of the earth, and heav'ns and seas. 2 “ I thank thy sov'reign pow'r and love, That crowns my doctrine with success ; And makes the babes in knowledge learn, The heights, and breadths, and lengths of grace. 3 “ But all this glory lies conceald, Froin men of prudence and of wit : The prince of darkness blinds their eyes, And their own pride resists the light.

4. Father, 'tis thus, because thy will, Chose and ordain'd it should be so ; 'Tis thy delight t'abase the proud, And lay the haughty scorner low. 5 « There's none can know the Father right, But those who learn him from the Son ; Nor can the Son be well receiv'd, But where the Father makes him known.” 6 Then let our souls adore our God, That deals his graces as he please ; Nor gives to mortals an account, Or of his actions or decrees,

HYMN 301. L. M.

Prayer for Grace.
THOU, to whose all-searching sight,

The darkness shineth as the light,
Search, prove my heart, and let it be
Freed from these bonds, and join'd to thee.
2 Wash out its stains, refine its dross,
Nail my affections to the cross !
Hallow each thought; let all within
Be clean, as thou, my Lord, art clean.
3 If in this darksome wild i stray,
Be thou my light, be thou my way;
No foes, no violence I fear,
No fraud, while thou, my God, art near.
4. When rising foods my soul o'erflow,
When sinking deep in waves of woe,
Jesus, thy timely aid impart,
And raise my head, and cheer my heart.

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