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2 The wondrous methods of thy grace

Evade the human eye ;
The nearer we attempt t approach,

The farther off they fly.
3 But in the world of bliss above,

Where thou dost ever reign, These mystries shall be all unveil'd,

And not a doubt remain. 4 The Sun of Righteousness shall there

His brightest beams display, And not a hov'ring cloud obscure That never ending day.

HYMN 25. S. M. Exhortation to trust in Providence. YIVE to the winds thy fears, U Hope and be undismay'd, God hears thy sighs, and counts thy tears;

He shall lift up thy head.
2. Thro’ waves, and clouds, and storms,

He gently clears the way ;
Wait thou his time, so shall this night

Soon end in joyous day. 3 Still heavy is thy heart?

Still sink thy spirits down?
Cast off the weight, let fear depart,

And every care be gone.
4 What tho' thou rulest not!

Yet heaven and earth and hell, Proclaim, God sitteth on the throne,

And ruleth all things well.

5 Leave to his sov'reign sway

To choose and to command ; So thou shalt, wond'ring, own his way,

How wise, how strong his hand! 6 Far, far above thy thought

His counsel shall appear, When fully he the work hath wrought,

That caus'd thy needless fear. 7 Thou se'est our weakness, Lord,

Our hearts are known to thee; O lift thou up the sinking heart,

Confirm the feeble knee. 8 Let us in life, in death,

Thy stedfast truth declare ;
And publish with our latest breath
Thy love and guardian care.

HYMN 26. C. M.

Divine Knowledge from Creation. D HE book of nature open lies,

1 With much instruction stor'd; But till the Lord anoints our eyes,

We cannot read a word. 2 The knowledge of the saints excels

The wisdoin of the schools ;
To them his secrets God reveals,

Tho' men account them fools.
3 To them the sun and stars on high,

The flow'rs that paint the field, And all the artless birds that fly,

Divine instruction yield. 4 The creatures on their senses press,

As witnesses to prove

Their Saviour's pow'r and faithfulness,

His providence and love. 5 Thus may we study nature's book,

To make us wise indeed! And pity those who only look

At what they cannot read.

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The Fall of Nan. Genesis, chap. iii. ON man, in his own image made, U How much did God bestow ! The whole creation homage paid,

And own'd him Lord below. 2 But Oh! by sin how quickly chang'd!

His peace and honor fled,
His heart from God and truth estrang'd,

His conscience fill'd with dread.
3 Now from his Maker's voice he fled,

Which was before his joy ;
And thought to hide his guilty head,

From an all-seeing eye.
4 Compellid to answer to his name,

With stubboroness and pride, He cast on God himself the blame,

Nor once for mercy cry'd.
5 But grace, unask'd, his heart subdu'd;

And all his guilt forgave;
By faith the promis'd seed he view'd,

and felt its power to save.

HYMN 28. L. M. Original Sin ; or, The first and second Adam. A DAM, our father and our head, A Transgress’d, and justice doom'd us dead ; The fi'ry law speaks all despair, There's no reprieve nor pardon there, 2 Call a bright council in the skies ; Seraphs, ye mighty and ye wise, Speak; are ye strong to bear the load, The weighty vengeance of a God ? 3 In vain we ask; for all around Stand silent thro’ the heav'nly ground; There's not a glorious mind above Has half the strength, or half the love. 4 But Oh! unmeasurable grace! The eternal Son takes Adam's place; Down to our world the Saviour Aies, Stretches his arms, and bleeds, and dies. 5 Amazing work! look down, ye skies, Wonder and gaze with all your eyes; Ye saints below, and saints above, All bow to this mysterious love.

HYMN 29. S. M. The Evil Heart. Jer. xvii. 9. Matt. xv. 19. A STONISH'D and distress'd, A I turn mine eyes within ; My heart with loads of guilt opprest,

The seat of every sin. 2 What crowds of evil thoughts,

What vile affections there! Distrust, presumption, ariful guileg

Pride, envy, slavish fear.

3 Almighty King of Saints,

These tyrant lusts subdue; Expel the darkness of my mind,

And all my powers renew.
4 This done, my cheerful voice

Shall loud hosannas raise ;
My soul shall glow with gratitude,
My lips proclaim thy praise.

HYMN 30. L. M.

Sin and Holiness.
* W HAT jarring natures dwell within,

V Imperfect grace, remaining sin !
Nor this can reign, nor that prevail,
Tho' each by turns my heart assail.
2 Now I complain, and groan and die
Now raise my songs of triumph high,
Sing a rebellious passion slain,
Or mourn to feel it live again.
3 One happy hour beholds me rise,
Borne upwards to my native skies ;
While faith assists my soaring flight
To realms of joy, and worlds of light.
4 Great God' assist me thro' the fight,
Make me triumphant in thy might;
Thou the desponding heart canst raise,
The vict’ry mine, and thine the praise.

HYMN 31. L. M.
The Law and Gospel ; or, Christ a Refuge.
DREAD Sinai roars, “ the man be curst,

D “ That doth one wilful sin commit; “ Death and damnation for the first, “ Without relief, and infinite."

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