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4 He breaks the pow'r of reigning sin,

He sets the pris'ner free ;
His blood can piake the foulest clean;

His blood avail'd for me.
5 Let us obey, we then shall know,

Shall feel our sins forgiv'n;
Anticipate our heav'n below,
And own that love is heav'n.

HYMN 337. S. M.
The Spirit, the Water, and the Blood.

1 John v. 6.
T ET all our tongues be one,
1 To praise our God on high,
Who from his bosom sent his Son

To bring us strangers nigh. 2 Nor let our voices cease

To sing the Saviour's name; Jesus, th' Ambassador of peace,

How cheerfully he came! 3 It cost him cries and tears

To bring us near to God;
Great was our debt, and he appear's

To make the payment good. 4 My Saviour's pierced side

Pour'd down a double flood; By water we are purify'd,

And pardon'd by the blood. 5 Infinite was our guilt,

But he, our Priest, atones;
On the cold ground his life was spilt,

And offer'd with his groans. 6 Look up, my soul, to him,

Whose death was thy desert,

And humbly view the living stream,

Flow from his breaking heart. 7 There, on the cursed tree,

In dying pangs he lies;
Fulfils his Father's great decree,

And all our wants supplies. 8 Thus the Redeemer came,

By water and by blood;
And when the Spirit speaks the same,

We feel his witness good. 9 While the eternal Three

Their record bear above, Here I believe He dy'd for me,

And seald my Saviour's love. 10 Lord, cleanse my soul from sin,

Nor let thy grace depart; Great Comforter' abide within, And witness to my heart.

HYMN 338. L. M. Christ the first and the last, humbled to Death, and exalted to an eternal triumph over it.

Revelation i. 17, 18.
W HAT mystries, Lord, in thee combine!

V Jesus, once mortal, yet divine ;
The first, the last, the end, the head,
The source of life among the dead!
2 O love beyond the stretch of thought !
What matchless wonders hath it wrought!
Faith trembles when she sees the load
Borne by the suff’ring Son of God.
3 Hail, royal Conq’ror o'er the grave,
Tender to pity, strong to save!

For ever live, for ever reign,
And prosp'rous may thy throne remain.
4 Thy saints, obedient to thy word,
With humble joy, surround thy board;
And, long as time pursues its race,
Proclaim thy death, and shout thy grace.
5 In the full choir, where angels join
Their harps of melody divine;
Thy death inspires a song of praise,
New thro' thy life's eternal days.

HYMN 339. S. M.

Christ's Intercession.
NUR great Redeemer's gone

U To plead before our Cod;
To sprinkle o'er the flaming throne,

With his atoning blood.
2 No fiery vengeance now,

No burning wrath comes down ; If justice calls for sinner's blood,

The Saviour shows his own. 3 Before his Father's eye

Our humble suit he moves; The Father lays his thunder by

And looks, and smiles, and loves. 4. Now may our joyful tongues

Our Maker's honor sing;
Jesus, the Priest, receives our songs,

And bears them to the King. 5 We bow before his face,

And sound his glories high ; « Hosanna to the God of grace,

That lays his thunder by.

6 On earth thy mercy reigns,

And triumphs all above ;"
But, Lord, how weak are mortal strains
To speak immortal love.

HYMN 340. C. M.
Godly Sorrow arising from the Sufferings of

A LAS! and did my Saviour bleed!
A And did my sov’reign die ?
Would he devote that sacred head

For such a worm as I ?
2 Thy body slain, sweet Jesus, thine,

And bath'd in its own blood, While all expos'd to wrath divine,

The glorious Suff'rer stood. 3 Was it for crimes that I had done,

He groan'd upon the tree? Amazing pity! grace unknown!

And love beyond degree!
4 Well might the sun in darkness hide,

And shut his glories in,
When God, the mighty Maker, dy'd

For man, the creature's sin.
5 Thus might I hide my blushing face,

While his dear cross appears; Dissolve my heart in thankfulness,

And melt my eyes to tears.
6 But drops of tears can ne'er repay

The debt of love I owe;
Here, Lord, I give myself away,

"Tis all that I can do.

HYMN 341. L. M. The Goodness of God acknowledged, in giving Pastors after his own Heart. Jer. ii. 15.

At the Settlement of a Minister.
SHEPHERD of Isr'el, thou dost keep,

With constant care thy humble sheep;
By thee inferior pastors rise,
To feed our souls, and bless our eyes.
2 To all thy churches, such impart,
Modell’d by thy own gracious heart;
Whose courage, watchfulness, and love,
Men may attest, and God approve.
3 Fed by their active, tender care,
Healthful may all thy sheep appear,
And, by their fair example led,
The way to Zion's pastures tread.
4. Here hast tho'ı listen'd to our vows,
And scatter'd blessings on thy house;
Thy saints are succour'd, and no more,
As sheep without a guide deplore.
5 Completely heal each former stroke,
And bless the shepherd and the flock;
Confirm the hopes thy mercies raise,
And own this tribute of our praise.

HYMN 342. C. M.
Watching for Souls in the view of the great Ac-

count. Heb. xiii. 17.

For the Ordination of a Minister. TET Zion's watchmen all awake,

And take th' alarm they give; Now let them from the mouth of God

Their solemn charge receive.

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