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2 'Tis not a cause of small import

The pastor's care demands ;
But what might fill an angel's heart,

And fill'd a Saviour's hands. 3 They watch for souls, for which the Lord

Did heav'nly bliss forego ;
For souls, which must for ever live,

In raptures or in woe.
4 All to the great tribunal haste,

Th’ account to render there ;
And shouldst thou strictly mark our faults,

Lord, how should we appear?
5 May they that Jesus whom they preach,

Their own Redeemer see ;
And watch thou daily o'er their souls,
That they may watch for thee.

HYMN 343. L. M.
On opening a new place for Worship. .

Psalm lxxxvii. 5.
AND will the great eternal God,
A On earth establish his abode?
And will he from his radiant throne,
Avow our temples for his own?
2 We bring the tribute of our praise,
And sing that condescending grace,
- Which to our notes will lend an ear,

And call us sinful mortals near.
3 Our Father's watchful care we bless,
Which guards our synagogues in peace,
That no tumultuous foes invade,
To fill our worshippers with dread.

4. These walls we to thy honor raise;
Long may they echo with thy praise ;
And Thou, descending, fill the place,
With choicest tokens of thy grace.
5 Here let the great Redeemer reign,
With all the graces of his train ;
While pow'r divine his word attends,
To conquer foes and cheer his friends.
6 And in the great decisive day,
When God the nations shall survey,
May it before the world appear,
That crowds were born to glory here.

HYMN 344. L. M.

A Thanksgiving Hymn. A LMIGHTY Sov'reign of the skies, A To thee let songs of gladness rise ; Each grateful heart its tribute bring, And ev'ry voice thy goodness sing. 2 'Twas thou that built the spacious earth, Thou gav'st to every creature birth ; E’en man was fashion'd by thy hand, And angels glow'd at thy command. 3 From thee our choicest blessings flow, Lite, health, and strength thy hands bestow; The daily goocl thy creatures share, Springs from thy providential care. 4. The rich profusion nature yields, The barvest waving o'er the fields, The cheering light, refreshing show'r, Are gifts from thy exhaustless store. 5 At thy command the vernal bloom Revives the world from winter's gloom,

The summer's heat, the fruit matures,
And autumn all her treasures pours.
6 From thee proceed domestic ties,
Connubial bliss, paternal joys;
On thy support the nations stand,
Obedient to thy high command.
7 But how shall frail, imperfect man,
Whose being reaches but a span,
Attempt in earth-born strains to prove,
The wonders of redeeming love!
8 Let ev'ry pow'r of heart and tongue,
Unite to swell the grateful song;
While age and youth in chorus join,
And praise the majesty divine.

HYMN 345. L. M. Thanksgiving for National Deliverance, and

Improvement of it. Luke i. 74, 75. DRAISE to the Lord, who bows his ear, J Propitious io his people's pray'r; And tho deliv'rance long delay, Answers in his well-chosen day. 2 Oh, may our tongues thy praise proclaim, Aud speak the glories of thy name; Lord, help us all thy love to sing, And thankful tribute to thee bring. 3 Our temples guarded from the flame, Shall echo thy triumphant name ; And every peaceful, private home, To thee a temple shall become. 4. Still be it our supreme delight To walk as in thy lionor'd sight; Still in thy precepts and thy fear, To life's last hour to persevere.

HYMN 346. C. M.

For a Public Fast. SEE, gracious God, before thy throne,

Thy mourning people bend ! 'Tis on thy sov’reign grace alone,

Our humble hopes depend. 2 Tremendous judgments from thy hand,

Thy dreadful pow'r display;
Yet mercy spares this guilty land,

And still we live to pray. 3 What num'rous crimes increasing rise,

Through this apostate land ! What land so favord of the skies,

Yet thoughtless of thy hand ? 4 How chang'd, alas! are truths divine,

For error, guilt, and shame! What impious numbers, bold in sin,

Disgrace the Christian name ! 5 Regardless of thy smile or frown,

Their pleasures they require; And sink with gay indiff'rence down

To everlasting fire.
6 Oh, turn us, turn us, mighty Lord,

By thy resistless grace:
Then shall our hearts obey thy word,

And humbly seek thy face.
7 [Then should insulting foes invade,

We shall not sink in fear; Secure of never-failing aid,

if God, our God is near. }

HYMN 347. L. M. Of Lamenting National Sins. Ezek. ix. 4-6.

For a Fast Day. N RIGHTEOUS GOD, thou Judge supreme, U We tremble at thy dreadful name, And all our trying guilt we own, In dust and tears before thy throne. 2 So manifold our crimes have been, Such crimson tincture dyes our sin, That, could we all its horrors know, Our streaming eyes with blood might flow. S Estrang'd from reverential awe, We trample on thy sacred law; And, tho' such wonders grace hath done, Anew we crucify thy Son. 4 Justly might this polluted land, Prove all the vengeance of thy hand ; And bath'd in heav'n, thy sword might come To drink our blood, and seal our doom. 5 Yet hast thou not a remnant here, Whose souls are fill'd with pious fear? Oh, bring thy wonted mercy nigh, While prostrate at thy feet they lie. 6 Behold their tears, attend their moan, Nor turn away their secret groan : With these we join our humble pray'r; Our nation shield, our country spare. 77 (But if the sentence be decreed, And our dear native land must bleed, By thy sure mark may we be known, And save in life or death thine own.

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