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Hark, from the gospel's cheering sound,

What joyful tidings spread ! 6 Ye sinners, seek his grace,

Whose wrath ye cannot bear ; Fly to the shelter of his cross,

And find salvation there. trong So shall that curse remove,

By which the Saviour bled ; And the last awful day shall pour His blessings on your head.

HYMN 374. C. M.
The final Sentence, and Happiness of the Right-

eous. Matt. xxv. 34.
A TTEND, my ear, my heart rejoice,
A While Jesus from his throne,
Before the bright angelic hosts,

Makes his last sentence known.
2 When sinners, cursed from his face,

To raging flames are driv'n ; His voice, with melody divine,

Thus calls his saints to heav'n : 3 “ Bless'd of my Father, all diaw near,

Receive the great reward ;, And rise, with raptures, to possess

The kingdom love prepar'd. 4. “Ere earth's foundations first were laid,

Ilis sov'rcign purpose wrought, And rear'! those palaces divine,

To which you how are brought. 5 " There shall you reign unnumber'd years,

Protected by my pow'r ;
While sin and death, and pains, and cares,

Shall rex your souls no inore,

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6 Come, dear majestic Saviour, come,

This Jubilee proclaim ;
And teach us language fit to praise
So great, so dear a name.
HYMN 375. Eights and Sevens.

Day of Judgment.
TO! he cometh ! countless trumpets
1A Blow, to raise the sleeping dead;
'Midst ten thousand saints and angels,

See their great exalted Head ;
Welcome, welcome, Son of God.
2 Ev'ry eye shall now behold him,

Rob'd in dreadful-majesty :
Those who set at nought and sold him,

Pierc'd and nailid him to the tree,
Deeply wailing
Shall the great Messiah see.
3 Ev'ry island, sea, and mountain,

Heav'n and earth shall fee away ;
All who hate him must, confounded,

Hear the trump proclaim the day ;
Come to judgment!
Come to judgment! come away!
4 At his call, the dead awaken,

Rise to life from earth and sea;
All the pow'rs of nature shaken

By his looks prepare to flee;
Careless sinner,
What will then become of thee?
5 Horrors past imagination,

Will surprise thy trembling heart;
When thou hear'st thy condemnation,

“Hence, accursed wretch, depart Thou with Satan, And his angels, have thy part !" 6 But to those who have confessed,

Lov'd and serv'd the Lord below;
He will say, “ Come near, ye blessed,

See the kingdom 1 bestow!
You for ever
Shall my love and glory know.”

HYMN 376. L. M.
The Song of Heaven desired by Saints on Karth.
THE dawn of morning veils her face,

When the bright sun ascends the space; So glad will grace resign her room To glory in the heav'nly home. 2 Happy the company that's gone, From cross to crown, from thrall to throne; How loud they sing upon the shore, To which they saild in heart before ! 3 Bless'd are the dead, yea, saith the word, That die in Christ the living Lord, And on the other side of death Thus joyful spend their praising breath. 4. “Death from all death has set us free, And will our gain for ever be ; Death loos’d the massy chains of woe, To let the mournful captive go.. 5 “Death is to us a sweet repose, The bud was op'd to shew the rose; The cage was broke let us fly, And build our happy nests on high. 6 “Lo, here we do triumphant reign, And joyful sing in lofty strain;

Lo, here we rest, and love to be, Enjoying more than faith could see. 7 “ The thousandth part we now behold, By mortal tongues was never told ; We got a taste, but now above, We forage in the fields of love. 8 " Faith once beheld a distant joy, Now love drinks deep without alloy ; Beyond the fears of more mishap, We gladly rest in glory's lap. 9 “ Earth was to us a seat of war, In thrones of triumph now we are; We long'd to see our Jesus dear, And sought him there, but find him here. 10 - We walk in white without annoy, In glorious galleries of joy : And crown'd through everlasting days, We rival cherubs in their praise. 11 “No longer we complain of wants, We see the glorious King of saints, * Amidst his joyful hosts around, With all his heav'nly glory crown'd. 12 “ We see him at his table head, With living water, living bread, His cheerful griests incessant load, With all the plenitude of God. 13 “ We see the holy flaming fires, Cherubic and seraphic choirs ; And gladly join with those on high, To warble praise eternally. 14 “Glory to God, that here we came, And glory to the glorious Lamb ; Our light, our life, our joy, our all, We now embrace, secure from fall.

15 “Our Lord is ours, and we are his;
Yea, now we see him as he is ;
And hence we like unto him are,
And full his glorious image share. .
16 “No darkness now, no dismal night,
No vapour intercepts the light ;
We see for ever face to face,
The highest Prince in highest place.
17 “ This does heav'n enough afford,
We are for ever with the Lord :
We want no more, for all is giv'n ;
His presence is the bliss of heav'n.”
18 While thus I laid my list’ning ear
Close to the door of heav'n to hear ;
And then the sacred page did view,
Which told me all I heard was true :

19 Yet shew'd me that the heav'nly song · Surpasses ev'ry mortal tongue,

With such unutterable strains
As none in fettring flesh attains :
20 Then said I, “Oh, to mount away,
And leave this clog of heavy clay !
Let wings of time more hasty fly,
That I may join the songs on high.”

HYMN 377. C. M.
Desiring to join in the Song of Angels.
DARTH has engross'd my love too long,

V 'Tis time I lift mine eyes Upward, dear Father, to thy throne,

And to my native skies. 2 There the blest man, my Saviour, sits ;

The God, how bright he shines! And scatters infinite delights,

On all the happy minds.

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