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3 Seraphs, with elevated strains,

Circle the throne around ;
And move, and charm the starry plains,

With an immortal sound.
4 Jesus, the Lord, their harps employs ;

Jesus, my love, they sing; Jesus, the life of both our joys,

Sounds sweet from ev'ry string.
5 Now let me mount and join their song,

And be an angel too ;
My heart, my hand, my ear, my tongue,

Here's joyful work for you.
6 I would begin the music here,

And so my soul should rise :
Oh, for some heav'nly notes to bear

My passions to the skies!
7 There, ye that love my Saviour, sit ;

There I would have a place, Among your thrones, or at your feet,

So I might see his face.

HYMN 378. Sevens.
Thanksgiving Hymn. (Tune Ascension.)
WELL the anthem, raise the song ;

Praises to our God belong ;
Saints and angels join to sing,
Praise to heav'n's Almighty King.
2 Blessings from his lib’ral hand,
Pour around this happy land ;
Let our hearts beneath his sway,
Hail the bright, triumphant day.

3 Lo! the trembling nations stand,
Smote by thy avenging hand
O'er their wide extended plains,
Awful desolation reigns.
4 Yet to thee our joys ascend,
Thou hast been our heav'nly friend :
Guarded by thy mighty pow'r,
Peace and freedom bless our shore.
5 Here, beneath a virtuous sway,
Subjects cheerfully obey;
Here, we feel no tyrant's rod,
Here, we own and worship God.
6 Hark! the voice of nature sings,
Praises to the King of kings ;
Letnis join the choral song,
And the heav'nly notes prolong.

Containing a number of Hymns not in the

first Edition ; principally particular metres, inserted to accommodate sundry tunes in various Collections of Music, now in use.

HYMN 379. L. M.
There the Wicked cease from Troubling, &c.

Job ii. 17.
DEATH and the grave are doleful themes
U For sinful, mortal worms to sing,
Unless a Saviour's sweeter beams
Dispel the gloom, and touch the string.
2 Death, awful sound! the fruit of sin,
Curse and dishonor of our race ;
If Jesus fail to smile within,
No one can look him in the face.
3 Yet, dearest Lord, when view'd in thee,
Hell and the grave lose all their dread;
There all his frightful horrors flee,
And joy surrounds a dying bed.
4 Jesus, the mighty Saviour, lives,
And he has conquer'd death and hell;
This truth substantial comfort gives,
And dying saints can sing, “ 'tis well.”
5 This makes the grave a favor'd spot,
To saints its deepest gloom is bless'd;
For there the wicked trouble not,
And there the weary are at rest.
6 At rest in Jesu's faithful arms ;
At rest as in a peaceful bed ;
Secure from all the dreadful storms,
Which round this sinful world are spread.

7 Thrice happy souls who're gone before,
To that inheritance divine ;
They labor, sorrow, sigh no more,
But bright in endless glory shine.
8 Then let our mournful tears be dry,
Or in a gentle measure flow;
We hail them happy in the sky,
And joyful wait our call to go.

HYMN 380. C. M.
For if we believe that Jesus died, and rose again,

even so them also who sleep in Jesus will God

bring with him. 1 Thess. iv. 14.
N o, never let us mourn for those,

W Who sleep in Jesu's arms;
There they are freed from sin and woes,

And all life's fears and storms. ? They've reach'd their bright and bless'd abode,

And sing for ever there :
And, in the presence of their God,

Triumphant they appear.
3 What tho their bodies, now entomb'd,

Are mould'ring into dust, A dying Jesus has perfum'd

The graves of all the just. 4 Ere long the tomb shall yield its prey,

When each believer there With Jesus, on that joyful day,

All glorious shall appear.
5 Then with his saints, Oh, may we stand

Before his face with joy;
And, when in heav'n, at his right hand,

His praise be our employ.

HYMN 381. Sixes, Eights and Fours.

The Covenant of God.
THE God of Abra’m praise,
1 Who reigns enthron'd above;
Ancient of everlasting days,

And God of love!
Jehovah, great I AM!

By earth and heav'n confest,
I bow and praise the sacred name,

For ever bless'd.
2 The God of Abra'm praise,

At whose supreme command,
From earth I rise, and seek the joys

At his right hand.
I'd all on earth forsake,

Its wisdom, fame, and pow'r ;
And him my only portion make,

My shield and tow'r.
3 The God of Abra'm praise,

Whose all-sufficient grace
Shall guide me all my happy days,

In all his ways:
He calls a worm his friend!

He calls himself my God!
And he shall save me to the end,

Through Jesu's blood.
4 He by himself hath sworn;

I on his oath depend ;
I shall on eagle's wings up-borne,

To heav'n ascend :
I shall behold his face,

I shall his pow'r adore ;
And sing the wonders of his grace

For ever more!

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