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7 In vain our haughty reason swells,

For nothing's found in Thee, But boundless inconceivables, And vast eternity.

HYMN 388. C. M.

The Nativity of Christ. " CHEPHERDS, rejoice, lift up your eyes,

D And send your fears away; News from the region of the skies,

Salvation's born to-day. 2 "Jesus, the God, whom angels fear, .

Comes down to dwell with you ; To-day he makes his entrance here,

But not as monarchs do. 3 “ No gold, nor purple swaddling bands,

Nor royal shining things ;
A manger for his cradle stands,

And holds the King of kings.
4 “Go, shepherds, where the infant lies,

And see his humble throne ; With tears of joy in all your eyes,

Go, shepherds, kiss the Son." 5 Thus Gabriel sang, and straight around,

The heav'nly armies throng;
They tune their harps to lofty sound,

And thus conclude the song :
6 “ Glory to God that reigns above,

Let peace surround the earth ; Mortals shall know their Maker's love,

At their Redeemer's birth.” 7 LORD! and shall angels have their songs,

And men no tunes to raises
Oh, may we lose these useless tongues,

When they forget to praise !

8 Glory to God that reigns above,

That pitied us forlorn,
We join to sing our Maker's love,
Por there's a Saviour born.
HYMN 389. Sixes and Tens.

THE Saviour to adore,

1 Join every tuneful pow'r,
In loudest, sweetest songs of solemn sound :

Let a peculiar joy

Attend the blest employ,
And glad hosannas echo all around.

2 Angels and seraphs, say,

On that auspicious day When the great God incarnate was made known,

What new, what glorious strains

Spread o'er the ethereal plains,
And rose harmonious to th' eternal throne ?

3 Say, with what ardent love,

The shining hosts above Tun'd all their golden harps to noblest praise ;

When ev'ry sounding lyre

Through the celestial choir,
Delighted, strove the highest notes to raise.

4. And shall not mortals join

This melody divine, And take their God and Saviour on their tongues,

His glories to display,

And hail his natal day,
In sweetest harmony of joyful songs?

5 Yes, let our shouts arise,

And reach the lofty skies,
And all the race of Adam, here below,

Dwell on the joyful theme,

A Gov, born to redeem
Unnumber'd millions from eternal woe!

6 To him, who from above,

In unexampled love, Thus stoop'd and join'd our nature to his own,

Eternal thanks be paid,

And praises crown his head,
Who lives and fills his high celestial throne.

7 Exalted there he reigns,

And o'er the heav'nly plains, Sheds in sweet beams, immortal glories round;

With him may we appear,

And join the triumph there, Where ceaseless songs of holy praise abound.

HYMN 390. Sapphic Ode.

The Day of Judgment. W HEN the fierce north-wind, with leis airy

forces Rears up the Baltic to a foaming fury; And the red lightning, with a storm of hail comes

Rushing amain down. 2 How the poor sailors stand amaz'd and tremble, While the hoarse thunder, like a bloody trumpet, Roars a loud onset in the gaping waters

Quick to devour them. 3 Such shall the noise be, and the wild disorder, (If things eternal may be like these earthly,) Such the dire terror, when the great archangel

Shakes the creation ; 4. Tears the strong pillars of the vault of heav'n, Breaks up old marble, the repose of princes; See the graves open, and the bones arising,

Flames all around 'em. 5 Hark, the shrill outcries of the guilty wretches! Lively, bright horror, and amazing anguish (lies Stare thro' their eye-lids, while the living worm

Gnawing within them. 6 Thoughts, like old vultures, prey upon their heart-strings,

(the And the smart twinges, when the eye beholds Lofty Judge frowning, and a flood of vengeance

Rolling before him. 7 Hopeless immortals! how they scream and shiver,

(ing While devils push them to the pit wide yawnHideous and gloomy to receive them headlong

Down to the centre. 8 Stop here, my fancy: (all away ye horrid, Doleful ideas,) come arise to JESUS, [him How he sits God-like, and the saints around

Thron’d, yet adoring. 9 Oh, may I sit there when he comes triumphant, Dooming the nations ! then ascend to glory, While our Hosannas, all along the passage

Shout the Redeemer.
HIYMN 391. L. M.

Bewailing my own Inconstancy.
T LOVE the Lord! but ah! how far
1 My thoughts from the dear object are!
This wanton heart, how wide it roves !
And fancy meets a thousand loves.
2 If my soul burn to see my God,
I tread the courts of his abode,
But troops of rivals throng the place,
And tempt me off before his face.

3 Would I enjoy my Lord alone,
I bid my passions all be gone;
All but my love, and charge my will
To bar the door against it still.
4 But cares, or trifles, make, or find,
Still new avenues to the mind ;
Till I with grief and wonder see,
Huge crowds betwixt the Lord and me.
5 This foolish heart can leave her God,
And shadows tempt her thoughts abroad;
How shall I fix this wand'ring mind ?
Or throw my fetters on the wind ?
6 Look gently down, Almighty Grace,
Prison me round in thine embrace ;
Pity the soul that would be thine,
And let thy pow'r my love confine.
7 Say, when shall the bright moment be,
That I shall live alone for Thee;
My heart no foreign lords adore,
And the wild muse prove false no more?

HYMN 392. L. M.

Forsaken, yet Hoping. APPY the hours, the golden days, 1 When I could call my Jesus mine; And sit and view his smiling face, And melt in pleasures all divine. 2 Near to my heart, within my arms He lay, till sin defil'd my breast; Till broken vows and earthly charms, Tir'd and provok'd my heav'nly guest. 3 And now he's gone, (O mighty woe!) Gone from my soul, and hides his love

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