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Depart, ye sins, that griev'd him so ; Ye sins that forc'd him to remove. 4 Break, break my heart; complain my tongue Hither, my friends, your sorrow bring : Angels, assist my doleful song, If you have e'er a mourning string. 5 But, ah! your joys are ever high, Ever his lovely face you see; While my poor spirits pant and die, And groan, for Thee, my God, for Thee. 6 Yet let my hope look thro'my tears, And spy afar his rolling throne ; His chariot thro' the cleaving spheres, Shall bring the bright Beloved down. 7 Swift as a roe flies o'er the hills, My soul springs out to meet him high ; Then the fair Conq'ror turns his wheels, And climbs the mansions of the sky. 8 There smiling joy for ever reigns, .No more the turtle leaves the dove ; Farewell to jealousies and pains, And all the ills of absent love.

HYMN 393. L. M.

Christ on the tree. MTOURN, mourn, ye saints, who once did see NI Our Saviour dear, nail'd to the tree : A bitter death he did endure, To save the souls of men secure. 2 Oh, how his purple streams did fow! His blood on man he did bestow; With hands and feet nail’u to the wood, And pierced side ran down with blood.

3 What wisdom can conceive or know,
What tongue or pen can truly show
The vast dimensions of his love,
Or show his pow'r in heav'n above ?
4 To God be praise and worship done,
For giving us his only Son :
Let's tune our souls, and him adore
In hallelujahs evermore.

. HYMN 394. C. M.

Christ's Death, Victory and Dominion. T SING my Saviour's wond'rous death ; I He conquer'd when he fell; 'Tis finishd, said his dying breath,

And shook the gates of hell.
2 'Tis finish'd, our Emmanuel cries,

The dreadful work is done ;
Hence shall his sov'reign throne arise,

His kingdom is begun,
3 His cross a siire foundation laid

For glory and renown,
When thro’ the regions of the dead

He pass'd to reach the crown. 4 Exalted at his Father's side

Sits our victorious Lord;
To heav'n and hell his hands divide

The vengeance or reward.
5 The saints from his propitious eye,

Await their sev'ral crowns : And all the suns otrkness fly

The terror of his frowns,

HYMN 395. Sevens.

Farewell to the World. W ORLD adieu! thou real cheat,

Oft have thy deceitful charms Fill'd my heart with fond conceit, Foolish hopes, and false alarms; Now I see as clear as day, How thy follies pass away. 2 Vain thy entertaining sights, False thy promises renew'd, All the pomp of thy delights Does but flatter and delude: Thee I quit for heav'n above, Object of the noblest love. 3 Farewell, honor's empty pride, Thy own nice, uncertain gust, If the least mischance betide, Lays thee lower than the dust : Worldly honors end in gall, Rise to-day-to-morrow fall. 4 Foolish vanity-farewell More inconstant than the waves; Where thy soothing fancies dwell, Purest tempers they deprave: He, to whom I fly from thee, Jesus Christ shall set me free. 5 Let not, Lord, my wand'ring mind Follow after ficeting toys, Since, in thee alone, I find Solid and substantial joys: Joys which never overpast, Through eternity shall last.

6 Lord! how happy is a heart
After thee while it aspires!
True and faithful as thou art,
Thou shalt answer its desires;
It shall see the glorious scene
Of thine everlasting rign.

HYMN 396. (Tune, New-York.)

The Dying Christian to his Soul.
VITAL spark of heav'nly flame ;

V Quit, Oh, quit this mortal frame;
Trembling, hoping, ling'ring, flying,
Oh, the pain, the bliss of dying!
Cease, fond nature, cease thy strife,
And let me languish into life.
2 Hark! they whisper, angels say,
Sister spirit, come away.
What is this absorbs me quite,
Steals my senses, shuts my sight,
Drowns my spirits, draws my breath?
Tell me, my soul, can this be death?
3 The world recedes; it disappears!
Heav'n opens on my eyes! my ears
With sounds seraphic ring :
Lend, lend your wings ! I mount ! I fly!
O grave! where is thy victory?
O death! where is thy sting!

HYMN 397. C. M.

A Funeral Piece. N UE righteous souls that take thcir flight

1 Far from this world of pain, In God's paternal bosom blest,

For ever shall remain.

2 To minds unwise they seem to die,

All joyful hope to cease ;
Whilst they, secur'd by faith, repose

In everlasting peace.
3 For at the great, the awful day,

When Christ descends from high; With myriads of angelic saints,

They'll meet him in the sky. 4 Their God, their Judge, their mighty Lord,

Shall pour redeeming grace ; And call them ever to behold, The brightness of his face.

HYMN 398. C. M. Christ the Fountain of Life. Rev. xxi. 6. nu, what amazing words of grace

Are in the gospel found! Suited to every sinner's case,

Who knows the joyful sound. 2 Here Jesus calls; and he's a true,

A kind, a faithful friend; He's Alpha and Omega too,

Beginning and the end. 3 Come then, with all your wants and wounds,

Your ev'ry burden bring;
Here love, eternal love abounds,

A deep celestial spring.
4. Whoever thirsts, O gracious word!

Shall of this stream partake ;
Come, thirsty souls, and bless the Lord,

And drink for Jesu's sake.
5 This spring with living water flows,

And living joy imparts;
Come, thirsty souls, your wants disclose,

And drink with thankful hearts.

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