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6 To sinners poor, like me and you,

He saith, he'll freely give ;
Come, thirsty souls, and prove it true
Drink, and for ever live.
HYMN 399. Eights and Sevens.

The Close of the Year. ITEAVÄNLY Father, here we bless thee,

1 All thy goodness we adore ; And with humble songs address thee,

God of mercy, love and pow'r! Thou hast been our great salvation,

Through the world's deceitful maze; Through affliction and temptation,

Thou hast kept us all our days. 2 Having help from thee obtained,

Here before thee, Lord, we stand; Foes and fears thou hast restrained,

By thy gracious mighty hand; Ev'ry want bast thou supplied,

Life, and health, and needful food; Nothing has thy love denied

Which thou knew'st would do us good. 3 Put renewing love and favor,

In us wrought by sov’reign grace, Through a dear and precious Saviour,

Call for songs of loudest praise : llere our sins are all forgiven;

Here our mighty debt is paid; Here we've peace, and peace with Heaven,

Made in him our living Head. 4 lle, dear Shepherd, kindly sought us,

Strong to save us, he drew near; Hitherto his love has brought us,

And we close another year.

Pardon, Lord, our ev'ry failing;

Oh, forgive our follies past; Let thy grace be still prevailing,

Safe to bring us home at last. 5 If another year thou spare us,

Grace, and strength, and mercy give ; For thy holy will prepare us,

Whether we shall die or live.
Now to God, the great Jehovah,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Be the highest praise for ever,
Here, and by the heav'nly host.

HYMN 400. Eights and Sixes.
Longing for a place at the right hand of the

VHEN thou, iny righteous Judge, shall come

To fetch thy ransom'd people home,
Shall I among them stand-
Shall such a worthless worm as I,
Who sometimes am afraid to die,

Be found at thy right hand ?
2 I love to meet among them now,
Before thy gracious feet to bow,

Tho' vilest of them all;
But can I bear the piercing thought ?
What if my name should be left out,

When thou for them shalt call!
3 Prevent, prevent it by thy grace;
Be thou, dear Lord, my hiding place,

In this th' accepted day;
Thy pard’ning voice, Oh, let me hear,
To still my unbelieving fear ;

Nor let me fall, I pray.

4 Let me among thy saints be found, Whene'er th' archangel's trump shall sound,

To see thy smiling face;
Then loudest of the crowd I'll sing,
While heav'n's resounding mansions ring
With shouts of sov'reign grace.

HYMN 401. C. M.

The End of the World.
W HY should this earth delight us so ?

Why should we fix our eyes,
On these low grounds where sorrows grow,

And ev'ry pleasure dies ? 2 While time his sharpest teeth prepares

Our comforts to devour, There is a land above the stars,

And joys above his pow'r. 3 Nature shall be dissolv'd and die,

The sun must end his race; The earth and sea for ever fly

Before my Saviour's face. 4 When will that glorious morning rise ;

When the last trumpet sound ? And call the nations to the skies, From underneath the ground ?

HYMN 402. L. M.

A happy Resurrection.
N O, I'll repine at death no more,

N But with a cheerful gasp resign,
To the cold dungeon of the grave,
These dying, with’ring limbs of mine.

2 Let worms devour my wasting flesh,
And crumble all my bones to dust;
My God shall raise my frame anew,
At the revival of the just.
3 Break, sacred morning, thro' the skies,
Bring that delightful, dreadful day,
Cut short the hours, dear Lord, and come,
Thy ling'ring wheels how long they stay !
{4. Our weary spirits faint to see
The light of thy returning face,
And hear the language of those lips
Where God has shed his richest grace.]
[5 Haste then, upon the wings of love,
Rouse all the pious sleeping clay,

That we may join in heav'nly joys, · And sing the triumph of the day.]

HYMN 403. C. M.

The Last Judgment. E comes! he comes ! to judge the world, IT Aloud th' archangel cries ; While thunders roll from pole to pole

· And lightnings cleave the skies.
2 Th’affrighted nations hear the sound,

And upward lift their eyes;
The slumb’ring tenants of the ground,

In living armies rise.
3 Amid the shouts of num'rous friends,

Of hosts divinely bright,
The Judge in solemo pomp descends,

Array'd in robes of light.
4 His head and hairs are white as snow,

His eyes a fiery flame,
A radiant crown adorns his brow,

And Jesus is his name.

-5 Writ on his thigh his name appears,

And scars his vict'ries tell ;
Lo! in his hand the Conqʻror bears

The keys of death and hell.
6 Now he ascends the judgment-seat,

And at his dread cominand, Myriads of creatures round his feet

In solemn silence stand. 7 Princes, and peasants here expect

Their last, their righteous doom; The men who dar'd his grace reject,

And they who dar'd presume.
8 “ Depart, yé sons of death and sin,"

The injurd Jesus cries,
While the long kindling wrath within

Flashes from both his eyes
9 And now in words divinely sweet,

With rapture in his face, Aloud his sacred lips repeat

The sentence of his grace : 10 “ Well done, my good and faithful sons,

The children of my love, Receive the sceptres, crowns, and thrones,

Prepar'd for you above.”



Long Metre.
ITOSANNA to King David's Son,

Who reigns on a superior throne ;
We bless the Prince of heav'nly birth,
Who brings salvation down to earth.
2 Let ev'ry nation, ev'ry age,
In this delightful work engage;

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