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Page. O righteous God, thou Judge supreme, O sight of anguish, view it near, O tell me no more of this world's vain store, 7 O that I knew the secret place, O that my load of sin were gone,

93 O that the Lord would hear my cry,

131 O thou my God who from thy throne supreme, 132 O thou to whose all-searching sight,

241 Our great Redeemer's gone,

274 Onr life how short, a groan, a sigh,

288 Our Lord is ris'n from the dead,

60 Our wishes would our ruin prove, O wretched souls who strive in vain, 174 PATIENCE O what a grace divine,

127 Peace, 'tis the Lord Jehovah's hand,

151 Plung'd in a gulf of dark despair,

184 Poor sinners little do they think,

152 Praise to the Lord who bows his ear, 279 Prepare a thankful song,

189 Prepare me gracious God,

292 Prostrate, dear Jesus, at thy feet, RAISE, thoughtless sinner, raise thine eye, 137 Rejoice the Lord is King,

60 Religion is the chief concern,

144 Remember us we pray thee Lord,

236 Repent, the voice celestial cries,

54 Return, my roving heart, return,

150 kise my soul and stretch thy wings, 155 SALVATION what a glorious plan, Saviour I do feel thy merit, Saviour shine and cheer my soul, See Aaron, God's anointed priest, See, gracious God, before thy throne, 280 See how brown autumn spreads the field, 253 See how rude winter's icy hand,


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Page. See how the little toiling ant,

213 See how the worthless bramble stands, 122 See human nature sink in shame,

86 See the rash youth defild with sin,

199 See the victorious Jesus come,

268 Shepherd of Israel thou dost keep, 276 Shepherds rejoice lift up your eyes,

317 Should bounteous nature kindly pour,

126 Should the rising whirlwinds tear,

228 Sight, hearing, feeling, taste and smell, 103 Sing to the Lord a new melodious song, 267 Sin has undone our wretched race,

250 Sinner art thou still secuire,

297 Sinner behold i've heard thy groan, 139 Sinners obey the gospel word,

95 Sinners the voice of God regard, Smote by the law I'm justly slain, Sometimes a light surprises,

104 Sov'reign of life I own thy hand,

284 Stay thou insulted Spirit, stay, Stretch'd on the cross the Saviour dies, Sure the blest comforter is nigh,

89 Sure 'tis in vain to seek for bliss,

140 Sweeter sounds than music knows, Sweet glories rush upon my sight,

227 Sweet was the time when first I felt, 117 Swell the anthem raise the song,

307 THAT was a wonder working word, 180 The billows swell, the winds are high, 232 The book of nature open lies,

25 The dawn of morning veils her face, 304 The day is past and gone,

259 Thee will I love my Lord my tower, 147 The fountain of Christ Lord help us to sing, 41 The God of Abra'n praise,

311 The God who once to Israel spoke, 222

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Page. The grass and flow'rs which clothe the field, 252 The Lord my pasture shall prepare, 224 The Lord proclaims his grace abroad, The Lord receives his highest praise,

193 The Lord will happiness divine,

119 The mighty frame of glorious grace,

61 The moment a sinner believes,

102 The new born child of gospel grace, 190 The righteous souls that take their flight, 325 There is a fountain fill'd with blood,

42 There is a God that reigns above, There was an hour when Christ rejoic'd, 240 The Saviour to adore,

318 Thine earthly sabbaths Lord we love, 262 This God is the God we adore,

313 Though in the earthly church below, 153 Though troubles assail and dangers affright, 78 Thou great physician of the soul,

116 Through all the changing scenes of life, 144 Through all the various shifting scenes, 22 Thus far my God has led me on,

186 This saith the holy one and true,

178 Thy mercy my God is the theme of my song, 11 Thy names how infinite they be, Thy presence gracious God afford,

237 Thy ways O Lord with wise design, 'Tisa point I long to find,

120 'Tis from the treasures of his word, . 245 'Tis Jesus calls my soul away,

140 Tis the Lord thus far has brought me, 129 To break the chains of sin and death,

51 To God the only wise,

179 To love divine the eternal song,

147 'Twas on that night when doond to know, 269 'Twas the eternal word that spake,

255 TITAL spark of heavenly fame,


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Page. UNCLEAN, unclean, and full of sin, 146 Unveil thy bosom faithful tomb,

294 WAIT, O my soul thy Maker's will, Wealth is a blessing only lent,

121 Weary of struggling with my pain,

94 What jarring natures dwell within, What myst'ries Lord in thee combine, 273 What scenes of horror and of dread, 291 What various hindrances we meet,

161 What wisdom, majesty and grace,

35 What wretched fools are they who hear, 296 When once a black o'erspreading cloud, 300 When any turn froin Zion's way,

162 When converts first begin to sing,

112 When darkness long bas veil'd my mind, When death appears before my sight, 290 When e'er the angry passions rise,

83 When God the patriarch Abra'ın callid, 262 When I can read my title clear,

232 When Israel through the desert pass’d, 43 When I survey the wond'rous cross, 265 When I the blest Redeemer see,

266 When I the holy grave survey,

59 When on a summer's sultry day, When the fierce north wind with his airy

forces, When the poor leper's case I read,

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muu my righteous Judge shalt come. 328


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When with my mind devoutly pressid,
Where is my God, does he retire,
Where shall we sinners hide our heads,
Wherewith O Lord shall I draw near,
While I to grief my soul gave way,
While on the verge of life I stand,
Who shall condemn to endless flames,
Why do we mourn departing friends,

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Why should this earth delight us so,
Why sinks my weak desponding mind,
With dying want the sinner cries,
With fiery serpents greatly pain’d,
With holy zeal and Christian grace,
With humble heart and tongue,
With kind compassion hear my cry,
With thee great God the stores of light,
World adieu, thou real cheat,
YE glitt'ring toys of earth adieu,
Ye hearts with youthful vigour warm,
Ye sons of men with joy record,
Ye wretched, hungry starving poor,
Ye worlds of light that roll so near,
Yonder amazing sight I see,
ZEAL is that pure and heavenly flame,

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