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HYMN 104. L. M. Seeking to God for the communication of his Spirit,

Ezek. xxxvi. 37.
L EAR, gracious Sov'reign, from thy throne,
11 And send thy various blessings down;
While by thine Israel thou art sought,
Oh, hear the pray’r thy word hath taught.
2 Come, sacred Spirit, from above,
And fill the coldest heart with love ;
Soften to flesh the rugged stone,
And let thy godlike pow'r be known.
3 Speak thou, and from the haughtiest eyes,
Shall floods of pious sorrow rise ;
While all their glowing souls are borne,
To seek that grace which now they scorn.
4. Oh, let a holy fuck await,
Num'rous around thy temple gate,
Each pressing on with zeal to be,
A living sacrifice to thee.
5 In answer to our fervent cries,
Give us to see thy church arise;
Or, if that blessing seem too great,
Give us to mourn its low estate.

HYMN 105. L. M.
The leadings of the Spirit. Rom. viii. 14.
MOME, gracious Spirit, heavenly dove,

With light and comfort from above;
Be thou our guardian, thou our guide,
O'er ev'ry thought and step preside.
2 Conduct us safe, conduct us far
From ev'ry sin and hurtful snare ;
Lead to thy word that rules must give,
And teach us lessons low to live.

3 The light of truth to us display, And make us know and choose thy way; Plant holy fear in ev'ry heart, That we from God may ne'er depart. 4. Lead us to holiness, the road That we must take to dwell with God; Lead us to Christ, the living way, Nor let us from his pastures stray. 5 Lead us to God, our final rest, In his enjoyment to be bless'd ; Lead us to heaven, the seat of bliss, Where pleasure in perfection is.

HYMN 106. Eights. The Influences of the Spirit desired. LA TERNAL Spirit, source of light,

A Enliv'ning consecrating fire, Descend, and, with celestial heat,

Our dull, our frozen hearis inspire : Our souls refine, our dross consume ! Come, condescending Spirit, come! 2 In our cold breasts, Oh, strike a spark

Of the pure fiame which seraphs feel, Nor let us wander in the dark,

Or lie benumb’d and stupid still: Come, vivifying Spirit, come, And make our hearts thy constant bome! 3 Let pure devotion's fervours rise;

Let ev'ry pious passion glow; Oh, let the raptures of the skies,

Kindle in our cold hearts below! Come, condescending Spirit, come, And make our souls thy constant home!

HYMN 107. L. M.
The Influences of the Spirit experienced.

John xiv. 16, 17.
CURE the blest Comforter is nigh,
D 'Tis he sustains my fainting heart ;
Else would my hope for ever die,
And ev'ry cheering ray depart.
2 When some kind promise glads my soul,
Do I not find his healing voice ;
The tempest of my fear's control,
And bid my drooping pow'rs rejoice ?
3 Whene'er to call the Saviour mine,
With ardent wish my heart aspires ;
Can it be less than pow'r divine,
Which animates these strong desires ?
4 What less than thine Almighty word
Can raise my heart from earth and dust,
And bid me cleave to thee, my Lord,
My life, my treasure, and my trust?
5 And when my cheerful hope can say,
I love my God, and taste his grace ;
Lord, is it not thy bissful ray,
Which brings this dawn of sacred peace ?
6 Let thy kind Spirit in my heart
For ever dwell, O God of love,
And light and heav'nly peace impart,
Sweet earnest of the joys above.

HYMN 108. L. M.
The grieved Spirit entreated not to depart.

Psalm li. 11.
TAY, thou instuted Spirit, stay,
Tho'l have done thee such despite,

Cast not a sinner quite away,
Nor take thine everlasting flight ;
2 Tho’I have most unfaithful been
Of all, whoe'er thy grace receiv'd,
Ten thousand times thy goodness seen,
Ten thousand times thy goodness griev'd.
3 But Oh ! the chief of sinners spare,
In honor of my great high-priest ;
Nor in thy righteous anger swear,
I shall not see thy people's rest.
4 If yet thou canst my sips forgive,
E'en now, O Lord, relieve my woes ;
Into thy rest of love receive,
And bless me with a calm repose.
5 E'en now my weary soul release,
And raise me by thy gracious hand!
Guide me into thy perfect peace,
And bring me to the promis'd land.

HYMN 109. C. M.
The Spirit of God insensibly withdrawn.

Judges xvi. 20.
A PRESENT God is all our strength,
A And all our joy and hope ;
When he withdraws, our comforts die,

And every grace must droop.
2 But flattering trifles charm our heart

To court their false embrace, Till justly this neglected friend

Averts his angry face.
3 He leaves us, and we miss him not,

But go presumptuous on;
Till baffled, wounded, and enslav'd,
We learn, that God is gone

4 And what, my soul, can then remain,

One ray of light to give ?
Sever'd from him, their better life,

How can his children live?
5 Hence, all ye painted forms of joy,

And leave my heart to mourn ;
I would devote these eyes to tears,

Till cheer'd by his return. 6 Look back, my Lord, and own the place,

Where once thy temple stood ;
For lo ! its ruins bear the mark
Of rich atoning blood.

HYMN 110. Sevens.

Sin bewailed. COME, my soul, thy suit prepare,

Jesus loves to answer pray'r;
He himself has bid thee pray,
Rise and ask without delay.
2 With my burden I begin,
Lord! remove this load of sin !
Let thy blood for sinners spilt,
Set my conscience free from guilt.
3 Lord ! I come to thee for rest,
Take possession of my breast ;
There thy blood-bought right maintain,
And widelout a rival reign.
4. As the image in the glass
* Answers the beholder's face ;

Thus unto my heart appear,
Print thine own resemblance there.
5 While I am a pilgrim here,
Let thy love my spirit cheer ;

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