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As my Guide, my Guard, my friend,
Lead me to my journey's end.
6 Shew me what I have to do,
Ev'ery hour my strength renew ;
Let me live a life of faith,
Let me die thy people's death.

HYMN 111. L. M.

Prayer for Quickening Grace. OUR wishes would our ruin prove, U Could we our wretched choice obtaiv; Before we feel the Saviour's love, Kindling our love to him again.. 2 But when our hearts perceive his worth, Desires, till then unknown, take place ; Our spirits cleave no more to earth, But pant for holiness and grace. 3 And dost thou say, “ Ask what thou wilt ?" Lord, I will seize the golden hour ; I pray to be releas'd from guilt, And freed from sin and Satan's pow'r. 4 More of thy presence, Lord, impart, More of thine image let me bear; Erect thy throne within my heart, And reign without a rival there.

HYMN 112. C. M.

Faith's Review and Expectation. A MAZING grace! (how sweet the sound) A That sav'd a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found

Was blind, but now I see.

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,

And grace my fears reliev'd;
How precious did that grace appear,

The hour I first believ'd!
3 Thro' many dangers, toils, and snares,

I have already come ;
'Tis grace has brought me safe thus far,

And grace will lead me home.
4 The Lord has promis'd good to me,

His word iny hope secures;
He will my shield and portion be,

As long as life endures.
5 Yes, when this fiesh and heart shall fail,

And mortal life shall cease;
I shall possess within the viel,

A Lfe of joy and peace.
6 The earth shall soon dissolve like snow,

The sun forbear to shine ;
But Cod who calld me here below,
Will be for ever mine.

HYMN 113. L. M.

The Pressure of Sin.
nu, that my load of sin were gone,

Oh, that I could at last submit,
At Jesu's feet to lay me down,

To lay my soul at Jesu's feet. 1 2 When sball mine eyes behold the Lamb,

The God of my salvation see Weary, O Lord, thou know'st I am, 0 Yet still I cannot come to thee.

Rest for my soul I long to find ;
Saviour, if mine indeed thou art;

Give me thy meek and lowly mind,

And stamp thine image on my heart. 4 I would (but thou must give the pow'r)

My heart were from its sins releas'd : Oh, let me see that happy hour,

"Twill fill my soul with heav'nly peace. 4 Come, Lord, the drooping sinner cheer,

Let not my Jesus long delay,
Appear in my poor heart, appear,
My God, my Saviour, come, I pray,

HYMN 114. L. M.

A Sinner submitting to God. W EARY of struggling with my pain,

Vy Hopeless to burst this sinful chain, At length I give the contest o'er, And seek to free myself no more. 2 From my own works at last I cease God that creates must seal my peace ; Fruitless my toil, and vain my care, Unless thy sov'reign grace I share. 3 Lord, I despair myself to heal ; I see my sin but cannot feel ; I cannot, till thy Spirit blow, And bid th’ obedient waters flow. 4. 'Tis thine a heart of Aesh to give, ... Thy gifts, I only can receive; Here then to thee I all resign, To draw, redeem, and seal is thine. 5 With simple truth to thee I call, My light, my life, my Lord, my all : I wait the moving of the poolI wait the word that speaks me whole.

6 Speak, gracious Lord, my sickness cure,
Make my infected nature pure;
Peace, righteousness, and joy impart,
And pour thyself into my heart.

HYMN 115. L. M.

Invitation to Sinners. SINNERS, obey the gospel word,

Haste to the supper of your Lord ; Be wise to know your gracious day, All things are ready, come away. 2 Ready the Father is to own, And kiss his late returning Son: Ready the gracious Saviour stands, And spreads for you his bleeding hands." 3 Ready the Spirit from above, To fill the sinful heart with love; T' apply and witness Jesu's blood; And wash and seal you sons of God, 4 Ready for you the angels wait, To triumph in your blest estate ; Tuning their harps, by which they praise, The wonders of redeeming grace. 5 Come then, ye sinners, to the Lord, To happiness in Christ restor'd; His proffer'd benefits embrace, The plenitude of gospel grace. 6 Oh, quit this world's delusive charms, And quickly fly to Jesu's arms; Wrestle, until your God is known, Till you can call the Lord your own.

HYMN 116 C. M.

Fortitude under Reproaches. TID'ST thou, dear Jesus, suffer shame,

U and bear the cross for me? And shall I fear to own thy name,

Or shall I basely flee?
2 Forbid it, Lord, that I should dread,

To suffer shame or loss;
Oh, let me in thy footsteps tread,

And glory in thy cross.
3 Inspire my soul with life divine,

And holy courage bold; Let knowledge, faith, and meekness shine,

Nor love, nor zeal grow cold.
4 Say to my soul, why dost thou fear

The face of feeble man ?
Behold, thy heav'nly Captain's here,

Before thee in the van.
5 Oh, how my soul would rise and run,

At this reviving word;
Nor any painful sufl'rings shun,

To follow thee, my Lord.
6 Let sinful men reproach, defame,

And call me what they will, If I may glorify thy name, And be thy servant still.

HYMN 117. C. M.
The Gospel suited to the wants of all.
TESUS, thy blessings are not few,

Nor is thy gospel weak;
Thy grace can melt the stubborn Jew,

And heal the dying Greek.

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